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At Aerospace Buying, an ASAP Semiconductor website, we offer a comprehensive Omron electronic parts list, featuring essential parts like RELAY PWR SPST-NO 5A 5VDC PCB with the part numbers G2A-432A-US-AC100 110, G7L-1A-BUB-J-CB-AC24, 3G2A5-CT001, MKS2XTN11DC24, EESY313. At ASAP, we inspect and certify every single part that we sell, to ensure that they meet the highest possible quality and integrity standards possible. We match this with dedicated account managers that work exclusively with their assigned customers to offer them the best service possible, such as expediting shipping and sourcing hard-to-find or obsolete parts. Whenever you’d like to get a quote for parts of reliable electronic manufacturer Omron, fill out and submit an Instant RFQ from this page.

Part No Description QTY RFQ
G5NB-1A-E DC5 relay pwr spst-no 5a 5vdc pcb Avl RFQ
G6C-2117P-FD-US-DC24 power pcb relay Avl RFQ
G6Z1PDC3 low signal relays - pcb nl 3vdc 75 ohm y terminal 2.6ghz Avl RFQ
PYCP2 relay sockets & hardware hold down clip Avl RFQ
G2A-432A-US-AC100 110 relay Avl RFQ
G7L-1A-BUB-J-CB-AC24 general purpose relay; contacts:spst-no; contact carry current:30a; coil voltage ac max:24v; relay m Avl RFQ
3G2A5-CT001 NA Avl RFQ
MKS2XTN11DC24 general purpose / industrial relays spst-no/spst-nc dc24 built-in op indctr Avl RFQ
E2E-X10E1-9 2M omron electronics inc-ia divsens prox m30 10mm dc3w-no 2m Avl RFQ
A16-JYA-2 NA Avl RFQ
MJN2C-N-AC24 g.p. relay Avl RFQ
A8A-223-2 rocker switch Avl RFQ
MY2KDC24 general purpose / industrial relays 3a 24vdc dpdt Avl RFQ
M165-AA-24D NA Avl RFQ
G6ZK-1P DC4.5 latching hf through hole 75 relay, 2.6 ghz high frequency spdt relay, isolation: 60-65 db @ 900 mhz Avl RFQ
LY4F-AC200220 NA Avl RFQ
H3CR-A8-AC100240 DC100125 relay analog set dpdt 8pin Avl RFQ
LY2Z-D-DC24 gp relay Avl RFQ
G6A-234P-ST6-US-DC48 NA Avl RFQ
G2RVSL700DC24DC21 general purpose / industrial relays 6a 24vdc relay and socket Avl RFQ
G6E-134P-L-ST-US-DC24 low signal relays - pcb lo sens spdt 24vdc Avl RFQ
G8P1A4PDC15BYOMZ general purpose / industrial relays 30a 250vac 185ma 15vdc spst-no Avl RFQ
A22LTAT111M pushbutton switches spst-no+nc rn 110 bl ip65 led ext act Avl RFQ
G7L-2A-TUB-CB-DC12 relay pwr dpst 30a 12vdc Avl RFQ
G3TC-ODC5 DC5 solid state relay rohs compliant: yes Avl RFQ
V3B-4K swipe card reader + cover Avl RFQ
G2R-1Z4-AC120 relay Avl RFQ
A165ARM2 pushbutton switches dpdt mom square red ip65 Avl RFQ
A22L-01M-T2 NA Avl RFQ
D4E-1C20N switches Avl RFQ
MJN2C-AC24 relay pwr dpdt 10a 24vac plugin Avl RFQ
A3AA-91L1-00B assy.l.p.b.incld.flange/spring Avl RFQ
E3Z-R81 omron electronics inc-ia divsensor opto refl 4m prewired mod Avl RFQ
G2RL1ATP5EDC24 general purpose / industrial relays spst-no 16a 24vdc 16.7ma 5mm pitch Avl RFQ
E2F-C10MF1-E1 omron electronics inc-ia divproximity sensor Avl RFQ
A16L-JRM-24-1 switch pb illum rct mom spdt red Avl RFQ
D2MQ1TL basic / snap action / limit switches switch Avl RFQ
ES100CT023202 NA Avl RFQ
G8VL1A4TRLDC12 automotive relay Avl RFQ
C500SP002 NA Avl RFQ
A22S-2M-20 switch knob alt 2pos dpst black Avl RFQ
G5LE-1A DC5 power pcb relay pcb relay; contacts:spst-no; contact carry current:10a; coil voltage dc max:5v; relay terminals:thru Avl RFQ
E39-C1 5M omron electronics inc-ia divcable connector 5m for e3mc Avl RFQ
G3M-205P-4DC12 solid state relay, trigger output solid state relay, 2500 v isolation-max, sip-4 Avl RFQ
3G2S6-IA221 NA Avl RFQ
E3MC-Y11 omron electronics inc-ia divcolor 1-channel gp fiber npn Avl RFQ
XG4E-1631 flat cable connector Avl RFQ
XS3P-M421-2 NA Avl RFQ
G2A-432A-DC24 pcb relay; contacts:4pdt; contact carry current:3a; coil voltage dc max:24v; relay terminals:thru ho... general purpose / industrial relays 24vdc 4pdt Avl RFQ
G7J-3A1B-B-KM-W1 DC48 general purpose power relay, multi-pole, high-dielectric strength, mini contactor relay, switches 25 Avl RFQ
MJN1Z-E-RP-AC24 g.p. relay Avl RFQ
TL-W5F2 omron electronics inc-ia divsensor prox nc 12-24vdc 5mm Avl RFQ
Z-01HW25-B basic switch Avl RFQ
E3X-DA8AT-S omron electronics inc-ia divatc amp pnp conn Avl RFQ
A3PA-5736-12E lighted pushbutton Avl RFQ
A22-DB-10M switch pb sq mom spst-no black Avl RFQ
G6RN-1A DC48 power pcb relay Avl RFQ
G3PA-210B-VDDC5-24 solid state relay, trigger output solid state relay, 4000 v isolation-max Avl RFQ
C500PS221E NA Avl RFQ
G6A-234P-BS-DC12 low signal relay, 1-2 amp, dpdt relay, rated load: 1a @ 30vdc / 2a @30vdc, contact form: dpdt (2 for Avl RFQ
2138SA30FA NA Avl RFQ
A16L-AAA-5D-1 NA Avl RFQ
M165-TW-12 NA Avl RFQ
XS5F-D421-G80-A NA Avl RFQ
G6C-114P NA Avl RFQ
E6C3-CWZ3EH 800P R 2M omron electronics inc-ia divencoder rotary 5-12v 800resol 2m Avl RFQ
G2RL24DC12 relay, dpdt, 8a, 440vac contacts, 12vdc coil Avl RFQ
A3AA-91K1-00G assy.l.p.b.incld.flange/spring Avl RFQ
S8VM-03024C NA Avl RFQ
A22L-DW-T2-01A switch pb illum sqr alt spst wht Avl RFQ
MKS1XTN10AC120 general purpose / industrial relays built-in op indctr spst-no, ac120 Avl RFQ
XF12J-2824-11 NA Avl RFQ
TL-W5E2 omron electronics inc-ia divsensor prox nc 12-24vdc 5mm Avl RFQ
V-16G-1C25-K(R miniature basic switch Avl RFQ
A165L-JRA-5D-1 switch pb illum rct alt spdt red Avl RFQ
E6C3-CWZ5GH 720P R 1M omron electronics inc-ia divencoder rotary 12-24v 7200res 1m Avl RFQ
D2F-01L-D3 subminiature basic switch Avl RFQ
E6B2CWZ6C2000PR05M inc5-24vdcopenabz phase Avl RFQ
3G2C4-SI021 NA Avl RFQ
MK2PN-I-DC6 super mk relay Avl RFQ

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