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Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, Aerospace Buying is proud to offer a comprehensive electronic parts catalog, including Cable Assemblies, Buffer Amplifier Ics, Ceramic Composition Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Passive Components Resistor Fixed Single Surface Mount. As a leading supplier of electronic components, ASAP is an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company. We are also the only independent distributor with a No China Sourcing policy to guarantee the quality and integrity of the electronic parts that we sell. By sending us an Instant RFQ from this web-page, we can give you a competitive quote for parts within fifteen minutes.

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cable assemblies buffer amplifier ics ceramic composition resistors current sense resistors
passive components resistor fixed single surface mount data acquisition systems and equipment io relay modules output teapo
input output modules miscellaneous electronic components isolators temperature dependent resistor
hardware fasteners accessories analog to digital converter ics adcs sample kits thin film leaded resistors
thin film resistors through hole eswitch relays and io modules thin film precision resistor capacitor rc networks
relays multi contact adjustable power resistors electromechanical encoders
dc dc power supplies tape reel prototyping products led replacement lenses
miscellaneous interconnect memory cards modules io relay modules input socket accessories
trimmer resistors through hole miscellaneous semiconductors and integrated circuits miscellaneous tools and production supplies heat sinks
tapes adhesives trimmer potentiometers ultra rf telecom and datacom modular connectors
reels voltage dependent resistor industrial control accessories wirewound resistors chassis mount
circuit breakers wire and cable clips sensor accessories battery products
peripheral driver and actuator ics motor starters ir led power supplies board mount
metal film resistors through hole diode arrays logic ics specialty functions signal relays
laube thick film resistor networks phototrans microprocessors mpus
lcd displays and modules potentiometer tuning tools and accessories board to board and card edge connectors current dc
power relays metal strip wire resistor transformers reel
capacitors fuse resistor carbon film resistors through hole fusing resistors
tape thick film resistor arrays telecom specific ics io relay modules analog
dynamics diode pci extensions for instrumentation pxi products chip
optoelectronics optical inspection equipment logic ics buffers rectangular connectors
fixed value inductors crystals and oscillators tssop led driver ics
fans thermal management ic and semiconductor sockets and mounting kits thin film resistors smd array network resistor
miscellaneous sensors rf relay miscellaneous hardware transistors
undefined category circuit protection logic ics receivers inductors coils chokes
hall effect relay accessories dinkle long pin
discrete semiconductor products audio products custom application specific ics tarnish
rf and coaxial connectors passive components resistor trimmers potentiometer and zero ohm jumpers wire and cable tape
tele tech resistor capacitor network dip switch relay driver ics
ptc resettable fuses soldering desoldering rework products reel cap optocouplers and optoisolators
power unkown power entry modules input output
resistor diotec optical metal strip resistors
relay electromechanical switches cable mtrs fiber optic ics
miscellaneous connectors thick film capacitor networks passive components resistor general potentiometers
esd and transient voltage suppression tvs varistors signetics connector adapters io relay module racks
signal conditioning equipment electromechanical relays digital to analog converter ics dacs widerstand
logic ics flip flops terminal blocks part reel development kits and boards
leaded digital power control ics audio speakers thin film precision surface mount resistors
cables wires photo transistors line protection distribution backups fiberware
switch components transpower crystals light emitting diodes leds
thick film leaded resistors light to voltage ltv converters power connectors screws
power supplies external internal off board logic ics comparators metal oxide resistors power signal relay
linear voltage and ldo regulator ics reel res trimmer resistors smd static control esd clean room products
solid state relays thin film precision resistor networks trim esd and transient voltage suppression tvs diodes and ar
networking solutions microcontrollers mcus dual commo automotive ics and semiconductors
header connectors cable thick film surface mount resistors comm con connectors
board stacking connectors squires transohm cut tape
relay sockets motors solenoids driver boards modules reed relay temperature sensors
cables wires management wirewound resistors through hole led accessories accessories
terminals integrated circuits ics d subminiature connectors carbon film resistors

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