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Aerospace Buying is an industry-leading distributor providing a selection of over 3 billion new and obsolete aircraft parts to the industries we serve. We are frequently sought out top cabin crew safety parts including 10009322, 62772-201, OHC-6084-20, D17997-103, P0723E105 by manufacturers SCOTT, AIR CRUISERS, EAM, HTL, EROS. Type wise these parts are Miscellaneous, Evacuation Slide, O2 Cylinder, Lifevest, Adult/Child, Fire Extinguisher. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we proudly provide 24/7 responsive service, expedited shipping, and next-generation solutions to meet your requirements. Additionally, we maintain the fastest lead times in the industry. Ready for a quote? Simply complete the RFQ form provided to get started.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
10009322 SCOTT miscellaneous RFQ
62772-201 AIR CRUISERS evacuation slide RFQ
OHC-6084-20 SCOTT o2 cylinder RFQ
D17997-103 AIR CRUISERS evacuation slide RFQ
P0723E105 EAM lifevest, adult/child RFQ
30400037- HTL fire extinguisher RFQ
GLF312 EROS oxygen assembly RFQ
7A1239-30 GOODRICH evacuation slide/raft RFQ
1015FASL-7J0-1-301 WINSLOW liferaft, 10 man RFQ
P0723A105PA EAM lifevest, adult/child RFQ
H21507-02 AVOX / HRD o2 cylinder RFQ
172170-00 BE AEROSPACE o2 regulator RFQ
101655-306 GOODRICH evacuation slide RFQ
803213-06 SCOTT o2 regulator RFQ
1015FASA-692-1-105 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
176500-15 BE AEROSPACE oxygen assembly RFQ
32700038-1 HTL fire extinguisher RFQ
1015FAUL-030-1-100 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
6084-7 SCOTT o2 cylinder RFQ
801293-10 SCOTT o2 assembly RFQ
D21343-117 AIR CRUISERS lifevest, adult/child RFQ
7A1448-4 GOODRICH evacuation slide RFQ
A06210155-2 Aerazure liferaft RFQ
3500-133C HOOVER lifevest, adult/child RFQ
27660-23 SCOTT o2 regulator RFQ
46FASA-330-3-304 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
5500-M6W-FF23AP SCOTT oxygen assembly RFQ
MF10-08-01 EROS o2 mask RFQ
5600-2C1A-E20A SCOTT/AVOX oxygen assembly RFQ
472630-4 WALTER KIDDE AEROSPACE fire extinguisher RFQ
S-12850-1410 SWITLIK lifevest, adult/child RFQ
40005385-1 HTL n2 assembly RFQ
46FASA-031-3-304 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
R0297A123RB10 EAM liferaft, t12 RFQ
6084-4 SCOTT o2 cylinder RFQ
5500-C1A-BF23D SCOTT oxygen assembly RFQ
20329-300 DART float bag RFQ
474154-1 WALTER KIDDE AEROSPACE fire extinguisher RFQ
472073-2 WALTER KIDDE AEROSPACE fire extinguisher RFQ
R0425A105RB6 EAM liferaft, t6a RFQ
245212- Aerazure liferaft RFQ
R0101A109 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
H21507-04 HRD AERO SYSTEMS o2 cylinder RFQ
ECGA870 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
10000411 RFD lifevest, adult/child RFQ
D29984-213 AIR CRUISERS evacuation slide RFQ
1270152-3 SCI o2 cylinder RFQ
5500-CIA-BF23B SCOTT oxygen assembly RFQ
2978-0001-1 Cobham float system RFQ
176700-115 BE AEROSPACE oxygen assembly RFQ
R1400-111RB7 EAM liferaft, t14as RFQ
AL-682-540 MOUNTAIN HIGH E&S oxygen assembly RFQ
20D22485-109 AIR CRUISERS evacuation slide RFQ
D29982-121 AIR CRUISERS evacuation slide RFQ
KF-115 MOUNTAIN HIGH E&S oxygen assembly RFQ
R1200-125 EAM liferaft, t4as RFQ
176521-64 BE AEROSPACE oxygen assembly RFQ
02C64-34GB ADAMS RITE oxygen assembly RFQ
172082-13 BE AEROSPACE o2 regulator RFQ
P0723-123 EAM lifevest, adult/child RFQ
27660-20 AVOX o2 regulator RFQ
46FASA-332-1-323 WINSLOW liferaft, 4 man RFQ
46FASA-631-1-318 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
PO1190-101R EAM lifevest, adult/child RFQ
63600-169 AIR CRUISERS lifevest, adult/child RFQ
MC10-22-100 EROS o2 mask RFQ
100102-500 GOODRICH liferaft RFQ
R0101A109RB3 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
1218FASL-330-1-100 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
AN6011-1B ARO OF CANADA o2 regulator RFQ
1320FASA-6J2-1-127 WINSLOW liferaft RFQ
894-30330 SCOTT oxygen assembly RFQ
27660-6 AVOX o2 regulator RFQ
801308-20 SCOTT o2 regulator RFQ
176124-49 BE AEROSPACE oxygen assembly RFQ
5A3204-10114 GOODRICH liferaft, 4 man RFQ
9914099-4 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
213968-1 Aerazure liferaft RFQ
806371-130 SCOTT oxygen assembly RFQ
27660-1 AVOX o2 regulator RFQ
333700101-2 HTL fire extinguisher RFQ
270165-102 GOODRICH float bag RFQ
R1900-105 EAM liferaf t36 man RFQ
472931-3 WALTER KIDDE AEROSPACE fire extinguisher RFQ
100102-601 GOODRICH liferaft RFQ

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