CAGE Code Index for NSN Manufacturers by Page 14

Utilize Aerospace Buying, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, to make your procurement process as simple as possible. Our streamlined processes allow you to browse a database of over 2 billion new and obsolete CAGE code items from trusted manufacturers and verified PMAs. Our stock includes top CAGE code products such as 19217, 19220, 19226, 19232, 19237. Ready for a quote? We provide an instant RFQ form, allowing you to submit unlimited RFQs 24/7.

Additionally, as a customer-centric distributor, you can expect Aerospace Buying to provide the most responsive account management and the fastest lead times on the market. A CAGE code is a unique 5-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned by the Defense Logistics Intelligence Agency (DLA) to suppliers of government bodies, military forces, and the like.

19217 19220 19226 19232 19237 19239 19243 19250
19253 19258 19266 19267 19270 19272 19278 19291
19315 19324 19326 19328 19332 19333 1933A 19340
19352 1935A 19362 19372 19373 19377 19378 19380
19382 19383 19386 19387 1938A 19393 19396 19397
19400 19410 19419 19420 19422 19423 19424 19428
19449 19451 19459 19463 19476 19477 19478 19481
19482 19484 19494 19497 19499 19505 19524 19526
19527 19541 19548 19554 19561 19562 19564 19565
19580 19585 19587 19591 19605 19609 19612 19615
19623 19631 19644 19645 19647 19648 19654 19672
19677 19679 19683 19691 19695 19699 19701 19704
19709 19710 19728 19731 19738 19740 19743 19756
19764 19767 19790 19804 19810 19816 19834 19836
19857 19863 19864 19879 19880 19899 19901 19904
19905 19909 19911 19915 19919 19920 19923 19925
19936 19939 19944 19952 19953 19954 19956 19975
19976 19986 19994 19998 19D4G 1A177 1A228 1A249
1A360 1A406 1A407 1A408 1A424 1A453 1A487 1A489
1A490 1A491 1A494 1A508 1A512 1A529 1A582 1A679
1A699 1A714 1A737 1A862 1A863 1A864 1A872 1A907
1A920 1A9E1 1A9T3 1A9X5 1A9Z8 1AA44 1AA96 1AD15
1AE98 1AG66 1AH59 1AH64 1AH92 1AK01 1AP75 1AR68
1AR81 1AS28 1AT81 1AU07 1AU44 1AU87 1AV54 1AV65
1AW67 1AZ23 1AZ58 1B058 1B0A6 1B0C5 1B0K1 1B0U8
1B0W7 1B114 1B1F6 1B1F9 1B1H6 1B1P0 1B211 1B238
1B239 1B240 1B241 1B243 1B247 1B298 1B2Q8 1B2W4
1B302 1B304 1B306 1B308 1B318 1B351 1B354 1B3F8
1B3L6 1B3U3 1B410 1B462 1B464 1B467 1B4F8 1B4N1
1B4X1 1B557 1B573 1B574 1B575 1B589 1B5K2 1B5X6
1B658 1B6H7 1B6R3 1B6R9 1B6W5 1B6W6 1B6X2 1B6X4
1B790 1B791 1B7G3 1B7J8 1B7L5 1B7R3 1B7X1 1B7X9
1B822 1B8B8 1B8L3 1B8R2 1B8V8 1B905 1B927 1B934
1B948 1B951 1B9P8 1B9W1 1BA45 1BA54 1BA58 1BA63
1BA88 1BAG3 1BAS4 1BB25 1BB84 1BBP4 1BCH3 1BCK1
1BCN7 1BCP9 1BCS2 1BCU4 1BCV9 1BD15 1BD59 1BDA3
1BDK5 1BE09 1BE28 1BE77 1BEK6 1BES9 1BET8 1BF08
1BF09 1BFD4 1BFL4 1BFL5 1BFV4 1BFW0 1BG25 1BG90
1BGK4 1BHR1 1BJ62 1BJ79 1BJU4 1BK05 1BL01 1BL81
1BM02 1BM19 1BM63 1BM94 1BND5 1BNE8 1BNL4 1BNR4
1BNS1 1BNT9 1BPK0 1BQ03 1BQ04 1BQD4 1BQM6 1BQU7
1BR13 1BR51 1BR65 1BRA6 1BRC1 1BRC5 1BS14 1BS40
1BS42 1BS93 1BSP7 1BT62 1BT92 1BT94 1BTB0 1BTB5
1BTR5 1BTW7 1BU04 1BU23 1BU99 1BUD5 1BVE0 1BVQ2
1BVV8 1BW06 1BW31 1BW74 1BWB9 1BWN1 1BX22 1BX36
1BX85 1BX86 1BXJ2 1BXZ2 1BY04 1BY21 1BY43 1BY77
1BY85 1BYN4 1BYY0 1BZ02 1BZ19 1BZD4 1BZH4 1BZJ1
1BZT9 1C0L5 1C155 1C1F4 1C1V1 1C268 1C2F8 1C2N9
1C378 1C381 1C3M1 1C4B7 1C4E9 1C4F6 1C561 1C56L
1C597 1C599 1C5D9 1C5J1 1C5J7 1C641 1C645 1C694
1C6N6 1C762 1C7K4 1C7R0 1C834 1C850 1C852 1C8D4
1C8Q7 1C923 1C960 1C9F9 1C9K5 1C9W9 1CA14 1CA37
1CA39 1CA75 1CAA2 1CAB9 1CAK9 1CAY9 1CB26 1CB46
1CB74 1CB77 1CC11 1CC45 1CC55 1CC85 1CC97 1CCR4
1CCR5 1CD10 1CD26 1CD87 1CD96 1CDC6 1CDC8 1CDU7
1CE25 1CE49 1CE84 1CEE5 1CEG4 1CER8 1CEX6 1CF13
1CF22 1CF24 1CF67 1CF91 1CFC2 1CFF7 1CG17 1CG36
1CG79 1CG98 1CH37 1CH66 1CH83 1CHB0 1CHW9 1CHX5
1CJ20 1CJ56 1CJ76 1CJ86 1CJ91 1CJX2 1CK98 1CL58
1CM57 1CM63 1CMT8 1CMY2 1CN60 1CN71 1CN74 1CN88
1CNC5 1CNU4 1CNW4 1CP98 1CPB0 1CPM8 1CR33 1CR56
1CR65 1CS27 1CS43 1CS58 1CSB1 1CSL0 1CSX7 1CSX9
1CT03 1CT47 1CU08 1CU48 1CU83 1CUB5 1CV05 1CVM1
1CVR1 1CVR8 1CVX9 1CW14 1CW22 1CW50 1CW78 1CWA3
1CWK9 1CWY1 1CX37 1CX88 1CXA9 1CXC2 1CXC3 1CXL4
1CXV5 1CXX6 1CY01 1CY13 1CY19 1CY28 1CY63 1CY66
1CYM8 1CYQ9 1CZH6 1CZP2 1D093 1D1P7 1D1Q0 1D1T4
1D1T5 1D2F6 1D2P7 1D2Q2 1D2U1 1D2W5 1D2Y8 1D309
1D371 1D3A0 1D3P6 1D3Q0 1D507 1D522 1D568 1D571
1D5E4 1D5Z2 1D7Z1 1D835 1D858 1D8S5 1D907 1D914
1D918 1D924 1D927 1D991 1D9T5 1D9T9 1D9Z9 1DA37
1DA45 1DA54 1DA66 1DA92 1DAF9 1DAG1 1DAG2 1DAT2
1DAU7 1DAY5 1DB24 1DB30 1DB40 1DB58 1DBZ2 1DC28
1DC33 1DD39 1DD64 1DD72 1DD73 1DDD8 1DDJ5 1DDX0
1DE16 1DE19 1DE79 1DE81 1DF03 1DF57 1DF73 1DFD9
1DFG9 1DFQ0 1DFY8 1DG36 1DG72 1DGQ2 1DGW1 1DH69
1DH76 1DHJ9 1DJ40 1DJ61 1DJ82 1DJB3 1DJG0 1DJL3
1DJM3 1DK54 1DK67 1DK80 1DKB5 1DKC6 1DL35 1DL83
1DL90 1DL97 1DL99 1DLA8 1DM34 1DML5 1DMV5 1DN70
1DN71 1DN91 1DNB7 1DP86 1DPP6 1DQC6 1DQP2 1DR13
1DR30 1DR48 1DR67 1DRL0 1DRT7 1DRY9 1DS07 1DS10
1DS29 1DS32 1DS44 1DS92 1DTD7 1DTD9 1DTQ4 1DTR7
1DU26 1DU52 1DUG2 1DUN1 1DUQ5 1DV47 1DV76 1DW08
1DW45 1DW77 1DW88 1DW91 1DWF9 1DWK1 1DWR0 1DWR5
1DWV4 1DWY1 1DY18 1DY25 1DYG2 1DYV7 1DZB2 1DZM1
1E045 1E0F1 1E0R3 1E248 1E251 1E255 1E258 1E384
1E3B2 1E3E7 1E3M6 1E3P6 1E3U6 1E408 1E494 1E497
1E4B5 1E4C5 1E4D6 1E4K4

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