CAGE Code Index for NSN Manufacturers by Page 26

Utilize Aerospace Buying, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, to make your procurement process as simple as possible. Our streamlined processes allow you to browse a database of over 2 billion new and obsolete CAGE code items from trusted manufacturers and verified PMAs. Our stock includes top CAGE code products such as 47914, 47916, 47917, 47955, 47966. Ready for a quote? We provide an instant RFQ form, allowing you to submit unlimited RFQs 24/7.

Additionally, as a customer-centric distributor, you can expect Aerospace Buying to provide the most responsive account management and the fastest lead times on the market. A CAGE code is a unique 5-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned by the Defense Logistics Intelligence Agency (DLA) to suppliers of government bodies, military forces, and the like.

47914 47916 47917 47955 47966 47DZ5 47KE9 47L74
47NR0 47P61 47T36 47UL6 47WD5 47WD8 47WU2 48000
48018 48027 48037 48040 48066 48120 48140 48151
48170 48240 48246 48249 48294 48307 48313 48319
48345 48348 48370 48384 483C0 48422 48431 48436
48453 48482 48487 48500 48502 48512 48518 48521
48531 48572 48588 48610 48615 48619 48620 48657
48668 48672 48691 48707 48714 48726 48745 48795
487G2 487L6 487N4 48804 48817 48827 48845 48849
48873 48884 48899 48915 48920 48928 48934 48978
48998 489A2 48AV3 48BM4 48D66 48E70 48FT6 48H81
48JZ3 48KA3 48LF5 48NV8 48T42 48TV1 48UU8 48UZ3
48VW0 48WA4 48XY0 48Y29 48ZY0 49005 49012 49021
49033 49035 49040 49048 49094 49097 49098 49101
49120 49134 49141 49149 49165 49180 49181 49185
49200 49234 49257 49267 49268 49269 49315 49349
49352 49367 49374 49376 49380 493W9 49424 49425
49434 49461 49481 49524 49525 49537 49540 49555
49556 49569 49576 49577 49583 49588 49596 49632
49639 49652 49673 49675 49686 49695 49713 49714
49741 49742 49752 49803 49851 49870 49880 49889
49928 49937 49942 49944 49946 49950 49952 49956
49EQ3 49FJ0 49FP3 49FX4 49L85 49MC4 49MM9 49PK2
49SX9 49UC5 49VG4 49WX1 49X62 49ZJ1 4A011 4A014
4A035 4A093 4A1K3 4A213 4A300 4A351 4A407 4A408
4A425 4A439 4A457 4A467 4A481 4A4R6 4A517 4A552
4A634 4A657 4A6D1 4A6D4 4A721 4A725 4A8N1 4A927
4A966 4A9H0 4AAF4 4AAQ0 4ACA7 4AER7 4AEV7 4AF44
4AWQ2 4AY10 4AYB1 4B014 4B046 4B100 4B131 4B140
4B147 4B151 4B152 4B175 4B241 4B2W0 4B302 4B3Q0
4B419 4B507 4B5J4 4B616 4B628 4B707 4B735 4B899
4B8D1 4B9X1 4BA62 4BDY7 4BFE6 4BKJ9 4BMA3 4BQ07
4BQB0 4C0L5 4C436 4C4S3 4C784 4C7B1 4C7P7 4C8A9
4C8S5 4C9Q7 4CAB5 4CHA9 4CLL1 4CLM8 4CMC1 4CMC2
4CQ37 4CQW7 4CSG0 4CTD4 4CVM0 4CXR4 4D008 4D1R2
4D2Q4 4D3B0 4D5V7 4D784 4D7P9 4D7V8 4D864 4DB19
4DE37 4DJE9 4DKY8 4DL36 4DMT2 4DP67 4DSJ9 4DVJ5
4E051 4E0Z0 4E104 4E128 4E524 4E670 4E769 4E851
4E8P4 4E935 4E942 4EHK5 4END5 4EQG2 4EQS8 4ES36
4ES51 4ET09 4ET10 4EX47 4EXW5 4EYA1 4F032 4F039
4F040 4F044 4F053 4F061 4F131 4F154 4F186 4F1M0
4F288 4F289 4F299 4F303 4F312 4F326 4F3V5 4F416
4F464 4F488 4F549 4F558 4F597 4F5N8 4F631 4F651
4F708 4F725 4F733 4F744 4F797 4F7L1 4F861 4F871
4F910 4F946 4F992 4FDC0 4FF31 4FJL5 4FLA5 4FMD4
4FV82 4FYH2 4FYR4 4FZ40 4G075 4G0R1 4G0W8 4G181
4G187 4G200 4G213 4G363 4G389 4G413 4G491 4G580
4G843 4G8J3 4G971 4G977 4GC39 4GC40 4GDH5 4GEU7
4GH29 4GHA7 4GHZ9 4GJA3 4GN39 4GP55 4GPA1 4GPE5
4GPS8 4GQC2 4GXV0 4GY40 4H047 4H0B3 4H123 4H150
4H205 4H216 4H242 4H303 4H3W9 4H417 4H4N4 4H4W8
4H538 4H540 4H549 4H565 4H595 4H5D6 4H607 4H618
4H662 4H712 4H858 4H882 4H976 4H978 4HCY8 4HFW6
4HJZ3 4HKZ9 4HL54 4HLG4 4HLS6 4HNB7 4HP20 4HU11
4HUC2 4HUG4 4HVV0 4HZW0 4J007 4J0A3 4J0T9 4J197
4J2G1 4J376 4J433 4J459 4J515 4J532 4J701 4J714
4J749 4J762 4J829 4J831 4J850 4J871 4J876 4J910
4J920 4J937 4J944 4J945 4J947 4J976 4J977 4J981
4J995 4J9B5 4JE36 4JEE1 4JEL0 4JGH1 4JKF8 4JKJ9
4JM21 4JMM9 4JMQ9 4JQL4 4JTJ8 4JTM5 4JTW5 4JUL4
4JYL9 4JZS5 4K066 4K098 4K0V2 4K105 4K123 4K147
4K174 4K193 4K227 4K245 4K2D9 4K393 4K400 4K430
4K448 4K480 4K4Q5 4K504 4K538 4K539 4K566 4K605
4K628 4K739 4K744 4K7C9 4K7L5 4K830 4K860 4K869
4K904 4K920 4K950 4K982 4K990 4K997 4KAB7 4KBD7
4KD14 4KFX2 4KGK3 4KHJ3 4KHN8 4KNS7 4KS24 4KT68
4KV65 4KV99 4KVE4 4KYA9 4KYR2 4KZN3 4L133 4L139
4L221 4L279 4L2Z9 4L324 4L333 4L344 4L516 4L550
4L568 4L680 4L762 4L768 4L7R2 4L828 4L975 4L9R6
4LAH2 4LDD8 4LE72 4LFV2 4LL78 4LPM8 4LQT5 4LRZ9
4LSH0 4LUE0 4LYB6 4LYN8 4M009 4M074 4M087 4M089
4M0Z0 4M107 4M180 4M1J2 4M229 4M241 4M256 4M266
4M310 4M333 4M357 4M372 4M3C6 4M411 4M420 4M523
4M560 4M564 4M588 4M5H2 4M5K0 4M666 4M671 4M725
4M732 4M743 4M786 4M874 4M876 4M8Y2 4M910 4M941
4M9X9 4MAG2 4MAP5 4MB36 4MBT9 4MCA8 4MFL1 4MFZ9
4MHN3 4MJ17 4MJR3 4MQF3 4MQL9 4MY97 4MYT2 4MZY7
4N0D3 4N0X9 4N133 4N134 4N153 4N206 4N240 4N2N6
4N300 4N361 4N410 4N422 4N427 4N501 4N506 4N530
4N544 4N625 4N674 4N727 4N754 4N862 4N908 4N915
4N985 4NCQ6 4NG46 4NG64 4NGZ0 4NLU0 4NN85 4NR73
4NTM5 4NUE9 4NUL7 4NUM0 4NWG5 4NXD8 4NZT5 4P012
4P061 4P070 4P183 4P205 4P253 4P263 4P269 4P287
4P366 4P410 4P412 4P423 4P452 4P457 4P498 4P575
4P5G1 4P611 4P735 4P759 4P866 4P981 4P9C5 4PAQ1
4PCA2 4PCY6 4PF93 4PFC1 4PG41 4PHJ6 4PP99 4PRJ2
4PS57 4PSQ9 4PTF3 4PTQ7

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