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Aerospace Buying maintains an inventory of over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including Gyromotor by Aero International Incorporated, Allen R C Co Inc, Allen R C Instruments Inc, Atlantic Inertial Systems Inc, Boeing Company The. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we are dedicated to providing high-quality parts 796940-1, T4038-01, T4038-01, 22306-1, NA5-16088-2 come under NSN 6615006567160, 6615009064880, 6615000772954, 6615004601440, 6615000961714 that you can trust, at the turn-around rates you need. We don’t sacrifice quality for speed, and with our quality control practices, we don’t have to. We maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING pledge for all parts we distribute. Additionally, we ensure that each part retains the required certs and meet warrantied fit, form, and functionality. See what ASAP can do for you today!

Part Number's List for Gyromotor

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
796940-1 6615-00-656-7160 gyromotor Avl RFQ
T4038-01 6615-00-906-4880 gyromotor Avl RFQ
T4038-01 6615-00-906-4880 gyromotor Avl RFQ
22306-1 6615-00-077-2954 gyromotor Avl RFQ
NA5-16088-2 6615-00-460-1440 gyromotor Avl RFQ
78046-303 6615-00-460-1440 gyromotor Avl RFQ
67862-302-1 6615-00-096-1714 gyromotor Avl RFQ
PC14934 6615-00-349-6805 gyromotor Avl RFQ
22306-1 6615-00-077-2954 gyromotor Avl RFQ
41596 6615-00-077-2919 gyromotor Avl RFQ
42730 6615-00-834-3220 gyromotor Avl RFQ
TSP-022 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
ISP-022 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
554290-1 6615-00-066-7731 gyromotor Avl RFQ
142128-02 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
157092-01-04 6615-01-080-0137 gyromotor Avl RFQ
157092-01-01 6615-01-080-0137 gyromotor Avl RFQ
157091-01-01 6615-01-010-3163 gyromotor Avl RFQ
138499-01-01 6615-00-065-2219 gyromotor Avl RFQ
137988-01 6615-00-066-7731 gyromotor Avl RFQ
AP113A1 6105-00-891-6351 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1836900-1 6105-00-891-6351 gyromotor Avl RFQ
AP86A1 6615-00-832-3196 gyromotor Avl RFQ
AP88A1 6615-00-870-0607 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1836286-1 6615-00-870-0607 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1319536-1 6615-00-870-0607 gyromotor Avl RFQ
AP90A1 6615-00-715-3305 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1319324-1 6615-00-715-3305 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1314512-1 6615-00-832-3196 gyromotor Avl RFQ
AP102D1 6615-00-250-7030 gyromotor Avl RFQ
796940-1 6615-00-656-7160 gyromotor Avl RFQ
1783923-1 6615-00-250-7030 gyromotor Avl RFQ
968714-2 6615-00-411-3367 gyromotor Avl RFQ
TSP-022 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
ISP-022 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
142128-02 6615-00-069-4528 gyromotor Avl RFQ
415300 6615-00-342-3871 gyromotor Avl RFQ
T4038-01 6615-00-906-4880 gyromotor Avl RFQ
554290-1 6615-00-066-7731 gyromotor Avl RFQ
137988-01 6615-00-066-7731 gyromotor Avl RFQ

Relevant Components for Gyromotor

abrasive unit gyros accelerometer gyro accelerometer gyros actuator gyroscope
adapter bearing gyr adapter gyro adapter gyro compas adapter gyro rotor
adapter gyro spin a adapter gyrocompass adapter plate gyro alignment tool gyro
ammeter gyro test s amplifier gyro amplifier gyro com amplifier gyro comp
amplifier gyro sett analyzer gyro drift analyzer gyroscope arm fork gyro
attitude gyro pack back up ring gyro baffle assembly gyr balancer gyro
ball gyro band gyro heater band gyroscope rate base a is rate gyro
base and gyroscope base assembly gyros base assy gyro base assy gyroscope
base gyro base gyro a is rate base gyro mounting base gyroscope
base gyroscope moun base mounting gyro base plate gyro base roll rate gyro
base yaw gyro baseplate gyroscope bearing roll gyro h bezel gyro compass
block gyro run in block gyroscope block pivot gyro block support gyro
block support gyros block vertical gyro blower assembly gyr board assy gyro amp
board gyro speed se body sub assy gyro bolt gyro adjusting bottom gimbal gyros
bracket balance gyr bracket gyro bracket gyro a ix r bracket gyro assemb
bracket gyro balanc bracket gyro contro bracket gyro mounti bracket gyro plate
bracket gyro rool r bracket gyroscope bracket gyroscope d bracket hull gyrd
bracket pointer gyr bracket stop gyro bracket stop gyrosc bracket turret gyro
bracketassy gyro ra brake assembly gyro brake magnetic gyro brush block gyrosco
brush gyro gimbal bumper assy gyro as bumper gyro bushing gimbal gyro
cable assembly gyr cable assy gyro con cable gyro flex cables test gyrosco
caging unit gyro co cam disc gyro can assy gyroscope can gyro test
cap assembly gyro cap assembly gyros cap assy gyro cap assy gyro ampli
cap end gyroscope cap frame gyroscope cap gyro cap gyro magnetic c
cap gyro spin up ac cap gyroscope displ cap housing gyro co capacitor gyro comp
card gyro compass case assembly gyro case assy gyro hori case carrying gyros
case gyroscope case gyroscope vert case module gyrocom cell assy gyro
clamp gyro clamp gyro a is rat clamp gyro mount clamp gyro sight
clamp gyroscope clamping tool gyro clampx gyro mount clip assembly gyros
clip vertical gyro coil seat gyroscope compass gyro compass gyrosyn
compass system gyro compensator gyro compensator gyro co compensator gyro di
cone and roller gyr contact assy gyrosw contact gyro control cabinet gyr
control gyro and am control gyro direct control gyroscope a control gyroscope l
control set gyrosco control unit gyro controller gyro controller gyro cag
controller gyro caging induction compass controller gyro temperature converter gyrogenic core section gyro
coupling gyro magne cover a is rate gyr cover adapter gyro cover assembly gyro
cover assy gyro cover assy gyroscop cover assy gyroswit cover direction gyr
cover end gyro cover gyro cover gyro a is rat cover gyro assembly
cover gyro assy cover gyro compass cover gyro directio cover gyro rate
cover gyroscope cover gyroscope ass cover gyroscope gim cover plate gyrosco
cover plate panel gyro horizon cover rate gyro aut cover roll rate gyr cover vertical gyro
cover wheel gyro dampener gyroscope damper gyro directional gyro
disc braking gyro disc indicator gyro disk gyro dome assembly gyros
dome gyro drill adapter gyro drum gyro biasing s dual gyro assembly
dummy case rate gyr eccentric gyro moun end bell gyro end bell gyroscope
end cap gyroscope endcap gyroscope extension gyroscope filter control gyro
fitting gyro adjust fixture gyro fixture gyro assemb fixture gyroscope t
fixture gyroscope v fixture holding gyr fixture test gyrosc fixture testing vertical reference gyroscope indic
flange gyro flapper control gyr flexure gyroscope float assembly gyro
float gyroscope flywheel gyroscope frame assembly gyro frame assy gyro

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