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Aerospace Buying maintains an inventory of over 3 billion new and obsolete items, including Integrated Circuit by Digital Development Corp, Magnetic Peripherals Inc, Syntegra Usa Inc, Ampex Systems Corp, Agilent Technologies Inc. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we are dedicated to providing high-quality parts 00-837-547-00, 00-837-548-00, 00-837-551-00, 00005060, 00005060 come under NSN 5962011266456, 5962011266394, 5962011266376, 5962010921351, 5962010921349 that you can trust, at the turn-around rates you need. We don’t sacrifice quality for speed, and with our quality control practices, we don’t have to. We maintain a NO CHINA SOURCING pledge for all parts we distribute. Additionally, we ensure that each part retains the required certs and meet warrantied fit, form, and functionality. See what ASAP can do for you today!

Part Number's List for Integrated Circuit

Part No RFQ
00-837-547-00 RFQ
00-837-548-00 RFQ
00-837-551-00 RFQ
00005060 RFQ
00005060 RFQ
00005070 RFQ
00005070 RFQ
0000587 505 RFQ
0000587-416 RFQ
0000587-543 RFQ
00197-66508 RFQ
00197-66508 RFQ
003509-13 RFQ
003509-13 RFQ
00458 RFQ
004691 RFQ
005596 RFQ
0066312528 RFQ
01 29614A01 RFQ
01 29614A01 RFQ
015273XBER RFQ
01A239185-21-11 RFQ
021-000949 RFQ
021-0010 RFQ
03 034 110 01 RFQ
03-034-109-01 RFQ
0301 8288 RFQ
0301-8288 RFQ
0302-7174 RFQ
0302-74174 RFQ
0302-74174 RFQ
03582-60312 RFQ
03582-60312 RFQ
044181 RFQ
044181 RFQ
044186-002 RFQ
044186-002 RFQ
0501700 RFQ
05354 80004 RFQ
05354 80004 RFQ
06-900087 RFQ
06-900087 RFQ
06-900087 RFQ
061795 RFQ
0650 0008 RFQ
0650 008 RFQ
1 0007 0061 11 RFQ
1 0007 0509 11 RFQ
1 025 0114 RFQ
1 112060 RFQ
1-0006-0033-10 RFQ
1-0007-0004-11 RFQ
1-025-0116 RFQ
1-025-0128 RFQ
1-112060 RFQ
100 000160 RFQ
100 000445 RFQ
100 000455 RFQ
100 455 RFQ
100-000-160 RFQ
100-000-638 RFQ
100-000638 RFQ
1000-12 RFQ
100000160 RFQ
100000638 RFQ
100000640 RFQ
100001074 RFQ
100148 RFQ
1001861-1 RFQ
1001861-1 RFQ
1003802 95 RFQ
1003802 95 RFQ
1003802-30 RFQ
1003802-30 RFQ
1003802-36 RFQ
1003802-36 RFQ
1003802-38 RFQ
1003802-39 RFQ
1003802-39 RFQ
1009895 1 RFQ
1009895-1 RFQ
10123 RFQ
101496 20 RFQ
101882 RFQ
101882 RFQ
101882 RFQ
10190 RFQ
101988 RFQ
101988 RFQ
101988 RFQ
101989 RFQ
101989 RFQ
101989 RFQ
10620-315-1 RFQ
10620-315-11 RFQ
10620-315-21 RFQ
106947 1 RFQ
1089-57 RFQ
111839-001 RFQ

Relevant Components for Integrated Circuit

100 dollar interloc 12 ch aud intf cca 1553 interface cca 3 point strap
absorber paint vapo ac maint sling airc access point access point antenn
access point kit access point wlan accessory kit inter accessory kit print
accessory set inter accessory set interface device acft int unit assy actuator assy inter
actuator body inter actuator interstage actuator pin paint actuator pointer re
adapter air intake adapter assembly interface devic adapter assembly interface device adapter assembly internal
adapter assy interf adapter ball joint adapter box interfa adapter brake maint
adapter drive joint adapter drum mainte adapter duct intake adapter dummy inter
adapter etexairinta adapter flap interlock adapter fuel interf adapter ground inte
adapter harness int adapter he agon int adapter hor mainten adapter intake
adapter intake air adapter intake filter adapter intake mani adapter intake manifold diesel
adapter intercommun adapter interconnec adapter interface adapter interface a
adapter interface l adapter interface p adapter interface s adapter interface t
adapter interferenc adapter interlock a adapter intermediat adapter internal dr
adapter internal wr adapter jackpoint adapter kit usb int adapter maint stand
adapter maintenance adapter maintence s adapter paint gun adapter pintle
adapter pintle hook adapter pintle moun adapter plate maint adapter pointer
adapter power inter adapter printed ci adapter printed cir adapter printed wir
adapter printer adapter restraint adapter set aircraft maintenance adapter set maint s
adapter splined int adapter stand maint adapter swing joint adapter tank interc
adapter test interm adapter test point adapter tow point adapter transport joint
adapter unit inter adapter unit interf adapter weapons int adaptor intake mani
adaptor intermediat adder integrator as adjustable interbloc reference master adjuster internally
adjuster meter pointer adjuster restraint aft ctr fuse integ aft restraint pin a
agitator paint shak ah 64d integrated p ah 64d maintenance air cap paint spray
air cleaner intake air clnr assy intak air duct intermedia air hose paint gun
air hose paint tank air intake assembly air intake assy air intake detector
air intake duct air intake engine air intake gri spec air intake pipe di6
air intake piping air intake pneumati air intake rudder air intake sound re
air intake spec air intake turbine air intake turbine engine air scoop intercool
air scoop ram intak air suction intake airplane painted mi alarm building inte
alarm dew point alarm intrusion alarm set anti intr alarm set anti intrusion restricted area
alarm setxanti intr alclometasone dipropionate ointment usp aligment tool print alignment set maint
amcinonide ointment usp amplifier integrato amplifier integrator amplifier intensity
amplifier intercom amplifier intercomm amplifier intercomu amplifier interface
amplifier interlock amplifier intermed amplifier intermedi amplifier intermediate frequency
amplifier interphon amplifier log inter amplifier operational printed circuit board amplifier printed
amplifier printed c amplifier printer analog interface analog interface mo
analyzer integrated analyzer intelligen analyzer intensity noise and field analyzer video inte
anchor intermediate anchor point assy anchor point spacer ancillary items int
angle integrated tr angle intercostal angle intercostal a aniline point appar
aniline point apparatus anteena integrated antenna interface u antenna interfance
antenna interferome anti intrusion set arbor checking inte arbor intake and e
arinc 429 interface arinc429 interface arm air interconnec arm and pointer fue
arm assembly interm arm assy intergrate arm assy interlock arm brake interconn
arm flap restraint arm flap switch int arm flight cintrol arm fuel interconne
arm intake rocker arm interlock arm pedal interconn arm printer
arm printing pressu arm restraint arm restraint relea arm selector pointe
arm steering axle interconnect no1 armature interlace actuator articulated joint assay intact pth
assembly gear inter assembly interpole assembly mech print assembly printed ci

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