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Aerospace Buying is an industry-leading distributor providing a selection of over 3 billion new and obsolete aircraft parts to the industries we serve. We are frequently sought out top cabin crew safety parts including 6336-V3-C1-FG-LXW-BX, B13269-1, B42085-1, B42365-1, FR149-A2-114 by manufacturers CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES, CATALINA CYL, CESSNA, CHEMETRON, Cobham. Type wise these parts are Oxygen Assembly, Float Bottle Assembly, O2 Regulator, N2 Assembly, Fire Extinguisher. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we proudly provide 24/7 responsive service, expedited shipping, and next-generation solutions to meet your requirements. Additionally, we maintain the fastest lead times in the industry. Ready for a quote? Simply complete the RFQ form provided to get started.

Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
B13269-1 CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES float bottle assembly RFQ
B42085-1 CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES o2 regulator RFQ
B42365-1 CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES oxygen assembly RFQ
FR149-A2-114 CARLTON TECHNOLOGIES oxygen assembly RFQ
M9 CATALINA CYL oxygen assembly RFQ
9912048-3 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
9910154-2 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
9910154-3 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
9912103-3 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
9914099-4 CESSNA n2 assembly RFQ
FIREX CHEMETRON fire extinguisher RFQ
2978-0001-1 Cobham float system RFQ
2978-0001-2 Cobham float system RFQ
2978-0001-3 Cobham float system RFQ
B13268-1 Cobham float system RFQ
2-T540MM CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
ECGA870 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
I90TV540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
K870DJGH CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
K870M-9 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
M60TV540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
M60TV-540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
MM TV 540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
MMTV540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
MMTV-540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
N/A CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
N088TV540 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
T540M60 CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
T540MM CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
TV540-3AA CPI oxygen assembly RFQ
20328-300 DART float bag RFQ
20329-300 DART float bag RFQ
20330-1 DART float bottle cylinder RFQ
20545-1 DART float bottle assembly RFQ
206-337-010 DART float bottle cylinder RFQ
206-369-001 DART float bag RFQ
206-369-002 DART float bag RFQ
206-369-003 DART float bag RFQ
601.1104 DART float bottle assembly RFQ
614.5704 DART float bag RFQ
20077-113 DART float bag RFQ
20077-117 DART float bag RFQ
20327-300 DART float bag RFQ
P3-03-0041-101 DME 406 mhz elt RFQ
S3031-101 EAM liferaft RFQ
R0070-101 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0070-103 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0070-107 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0070-107RB EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R007097-104 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0074-103RB7 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0074-105 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0074-107 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0097-103 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0097-104 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0097-105 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0097-107 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0098-101 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0098-103 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0098-104 EAM liferaft, non tso RFQ
R0100A101RB7 EAM liferaft, t2 RFQ
R0100A103 EAM liferaft, t2 RFQ
R0100A103RB7 EAM liferaft, t2 RFQ
R0100A105 EAM liferaft, t2 RFQ
R0101-102 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101-103RB EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101-104 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101-104RB EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A102RB EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A102RB10 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A102RB3 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A102RB7 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A103 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A103RB3 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A103RB7 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A104 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A105BR7 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A105RB EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A105RB3 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A105rb5 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A105RB7 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A109RB7 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A111 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A111RB3 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0101A113 EAM liferaft, t4 RFQ
R0102-101 EAM liferaft, t6 RFQ
R0102-103 EAM liferaft, t6 RFQ
R0102-105 EAM liferaft, t6 RFQ
R0102A101RB7 EAM liferaft, t6 RFQ

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