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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
35-810075-7 Aero Electric actuator assy/landing gear Airframe RFQ
2H3-2 Airborne airborne vacuum regulating valve Avionics RFQ
2356 Beechcraft extender - radio and post lights shaft Airframe RFQ
2A20580 Beechcraft tray ash /supersedes 2a18260/ Airframe RFQ
130071 Beechcraft emblem - beechcraft exterior Airframe RFQ
1502093 Beechcraft gauge - amperes Avionics RFQ
1509413 Beechcraft gauge - oil press Avionics RFQ
150PDL12 Beechcraft mount rubber shock Airframe RFQ
1514243 Beechcraft gauge- oil temp Avionics RFQ
1514244 Beechcraft gauge - cylinder head temp 12v Avionics RFQ
157-00100 Beechcraft dust shield Airframe RFQ
10-357200-1 F Beechcraft switch-ignition-magneto l/r/both/start-w/placard & key Electrical RFQ
10094210023-17 Beechcraft spring - stop Airframe RFQ
100942C0020-31 Beechcraft spring/tension Airframe RFQ
100951X100WL Beechcraft washer Airframe RFQ
100951X100WL Beechcraft washer Airframe RFQ
111191-06000 Beechcraft baggage strap & footman (2) Airframe RFQ
33-000011 Beechcraft emblem - debonair Airframe RFQ
33-130000 Beechcraft aileron ( aluminum - top condition ) lh or rh Flight-Controls RFQ
33-380005-1 Beechcraft control assy mixture Airframe RFQ
33-380006-3 Beechcraft manifold & fuel flow indicator Electrical RFQ
33-410011-13 Beechcraft panel - escutcheon upper rh Airframe RFQ
33-410011-19 Beechcraft panel - escutcheon lower lh Airframe RFQ
33-410011-20 Beechcraft panel - escutcheon lower rh Airframe RFQ
33-410011-9 Beechcraft panel - escutcheon upper lh Airframe RFQ
33-410036-9 Beechcraft weld assy assist step Airframe RFQ
33-440000-601 Beechcraft cone - fuselage tail Airframe RFQ
33-524000-43 Beechcraft bolt elevator stop Airframe RFQ
33-524017-3 Beechcraft bellcrank assy /supersedes 33-524017-1/ Airframe RFQ
33-524020 Beechcraft spring elevator down tension Airframe RFQ
33-530000-61 Beechcraft cover assy front seat rear partition Airframe RFQ
33-530003-1 Beechcraft panel assy upper aft lh side Airframe RFQ
33-530003-10 Beechcraft panel baggage door Airframe RFQ
33-530003-3 Beechcraft panel assy upper fwd lh side Airframe RFQ
33-530003-33 Beechcraft cover assy rear seat back Airframe RFQ
33-530003-35 Beechcraft rear seat bottom Airframe RFQ
33-530003-49 C Beechcraft sunvisor assy front Airframe RFQ
33-530003-6 Beechcraft panel assy door middle Airframe RFQ
33-530003-8 Beechcraft panel assy upper rh Airframe RFQ
33-534014 Beechcraft hanger - coat Airframe RFQ
33-534023 Beechcraft placard-baggage compartment loading Airframe RFQ
33-610000-39 Beechcraft fitting- elevator (magnesium) Airframe RFQ
33-610000-603 Beechcraft elevator lh - left ( magnesium ) with trim tab ( aluminum ) Flight-Controls RFQ
33-630000-43 Beechcraft plate assy - rudder Airframe RFQ
33-630000-601 Beechcraft rudder ( aluminum - top condition ) Flight-Controls RFQ
33-630000-71 Beechcraft plate - rudder Airframe RFQ
33-640000-53 Beechcraft tip assy - fin vertical (see photos) Airframe RFQ
33-640000-601 Beechcraft vertical stabilizer fin ( aluminum ) Flight-Controls RFQ
33-810000-13 Beechcraft bushing-main landing gear wheel spacer Airframe RFQ
33-810000-15 Beechcraft spacer - landing gear inner wheel Airframe RFQ
34CB759 Beechcraft handle assist Airframe RFQ
35-105005-12 Beechcraft door upper rear lh Airframe RFQ
35-105005-13 Beechcraft door upper rear rh Airframe RFQ
35-105005-8 Beechcraft door lower front lh Airframe RFQ
35-105005-9 Beechcraft door lower front rh Airframe RFQ
35-105110 Beechcraft cover lower rear lh Airframe RFQ
35-105110-1 Beechcraft cover lower rear rh Airframe RFQ
35-110009-85 Beechcraft wing assy lh /less fuel cells wing tip aileron flap & landing gear (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
35-110009-86 Beechcraft wing assy rh /less fuel cells wing tip aileron flap & landing gear (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
35-115166-14 Beechcraft door Airframe RFQ
35-135025-32 Beechcraft bracket - aileron hinge outbd Airframe RFQ
35-135025-36 Beechcraft bracket - aileron hinge inbd Airframe RFQ
35-165004 Beechcraft roller assy. (qty 4) Airframe RFQ
35-165050-40 Beechcraft bracket flap actuator Airframe RFQ
35-165050-605 Beechcraft flap assy lh (aluminum - top condition) Flight-Controls RFQ
35-175001 Beechcraft wing tip - lh Airframe RFQ
35-175001-1 Beechcraft wing tip - rh Airframe RFQ
35-324365-3 Beechcraft tachometer (3534.85 hrs) Avionics RFQ
35-324392-29 Beechcraft rod shock mount Airframe RFQ
35-324392-605 Beechcraft panel assy-floating Airframe RFQ
35-344234 Beechcraft panel-radio mounting Airframe RFQ
35-361131-601 Beechcraft switch assy landing gear safety Electrical RFQ
35-361145 Beechcraft link assy landing gear safety switch Airframe RFQ
35-810132 Beechcraft support assy landing gear actuator upper Airframe RFQ
35-815004 Beechcraft clamp - landing gear door attaching lh Airframe RFQ
35-815004-1 Beechcraft clamp - landing gear door attaching rh Airframe RFQ
35-815007-4 Beechcraft link - main gear door Airframe RFQ
35-815038 Beechcraft clamp - hydraulic brake line Airframe RFQ
35-815043 Beechcraft tube - hydraulic brake truss lh Airframe RFQ
35-815044 Beechcraft tube - hydraulic brake truss rh Airframe RFQ
35-815055-60 Beechcraft door assy inbd lh Airframe RFQ
35-815055-61 Beechcraft door assy inbd rh (see details) Airframe RFQ
35-815055-68 Beechcraft door assy outbd lh Airframe RFQ
35-815055-69 Beechcraft door assy outbd rh Airframe RFQ
35-815056 Beechcraft link assy landing gear door outbd Airframe RFQ
35-815077-12 Beechcraft lock assy main landing gear up lh (see details) Airframe RFQ
35-815077-13 Beechcraft lock assy main landing gear up rh Airframe RFQ
35-815078 Beechcraft link/main landing gear up lock cable Airframe RFQ
35-815109 Beechcraft cable assy main gear up lock Airframe RFQ
35-815115 Beechcraft spring/main landing gear up lock Airframe RFQ
35-815118 Beechcraft arm assy main gear door idler Airframe RFQ
35-815125-2 Beechcraft rod assy main gear retract lh Airframe RFQ
35-815125-4 Beechcraft rod assy main gear retract rh Airframe RFQ
35-815155-610 Beechcraft brace assy main landing gear retract lh Airframe RFQ
35-815155-611 Beechcraft brace assy main landing gear retract rh Airframe RFQ
35-815189 Beechcraft tube - brake Airframe RFQ
35-815196-618 Beechcraft gear assy main landing lh Airframe RFQ
35-815196-619 Beechcraft gear assy main landing rh Airframe RFQ
35-815243-1 Beechcraft tube - single brake Airframe RFQ
35-820133 Beechcraft clip - nose wheel scraper attaching Airframe RFQ
35-825005 Beechcraft bolt - steering yoke attaching Airframe RFQ
35-825006 Beechcraft eye - nose gear steering Airframe RFQ
35-825007 Beechcraft yoke - nose gear steering Airframe RFQ
35-825035 Beechcraft link - nose gear steering idler cross Airframe RFQ
35-825044-4 Beechcraft rod assy nose gear steering aft Airframe RFQ
35-825045 Beechcraft stop - nose wheel left Airframe RFQ
35-400010-64 Beechcraft frame - cabin door Airframe RFQ
35-400032 Beechcraft support - cabin door outside handle Airframe RFQ
35-400041 Beechcraft link - cabin door outside handle Airframe RFQ
35-400379 Beechcraft rod - cabin door lower Airframe RFQ
35-400414 Beechcraft guide - cabin door latch bolt Airframe RFQ
35-400417 Beechcraft bolt - cabin door latch Airframe RFQ
35-400435 Beechcraft plate assembly inside door handle Airframe RFQ
35-400461 Beechcraft tube - cabin door latch Airframe RFQ
35-400462 Beechcraft stop - inside cabin door handle Airframe RFQ
35-400464-6 Beechcraft shaft - cabin door handle inside Airframe RFQ
35-410000-96 Beechcraft moulding lh Airframe RFQ
35-410000-97 Beechcraft moulding rh Airframe RFQ
35-410070-652 Beechcraft door assy baggage Airframe RFQ
35-410077-30 Beechcraft door - nose lh & rh (core) Airframe RFQ
35-410145-602 Beechcraft door assy fuel strainer access (see details) Airframe RFQ
35-410147 Beechcraft handle assist Airframe RFQ
35-410259-16 Beechcraft door - landing gear actuator access Airframe RFQ
35-410446-79 Beechcraft grill Airframe RFQ
35-410446-89 Beechcraft door-access engine nose cowl Airframe RFQ
35-410456 Beechcraft latch instl cabin door upper Airframe RFQ
35-410460-5 Beechcraft door- vented engine access lower lh Airframe RFQ
35-410460-6 Beechcraft door- vented engine access lower rh Airframe RFQ
35-410462-25 Beechcraft tubing battery box drain Airframe RFQ
35-410462-3 Beechcraft box assy - battery Airframe RFQ
35-410462-33 Beechcraft cover - battery box Airframe RFQ
35-415380-58 Beechcraft floorboard-wooden cabin center fwd Airframe RFQ
35-521152 Beechcraft rod assy aileron control Airframe RFQ
35-521158-5 Beechcraft bellcrank assy aileron lh Airframe RFQ
35-521158-6 Beechcraft bellcrank assy aileron rh Airframe RFQ
35-521190 Beechcraft fitting - aileron control cable Airframe RFQ
35-524531-4 Beechcraft tube assy elevator tab control Airframe RFQ
35-524542-8 Beechcraft wheel - elevator tab control (see details) Airframe RFQ
35-524546-7 Beechcraft drum assyelevator tab indicator Airframe RFQ
35-524591 Beechcraft yoke-control wheel Airframe RFQ
35-534372-77 Beechcraft armrest instl front seat middle Airframe RFQ
35-534372-85 Beechcraft cover - armrest lower adf Airframe RFQ
35-534372-99 Beechcraft cover - armrest front Airframe RFQ
35-534407-3 Beechcraft cover assembly - wheel well Airframe RFQ
35-534410-601 Beechcraft door-glove box Airframe RFQ
35-534411 Beechcraft lighter instl cigarette Airframe RFQ
35-534414-1 Beechcraft armrest - side aft lh Airframe RFQ
35-534414-3 Beechcraft armrest - door Airframe RFQ
35-53441471 Beechcraft armrest side fwd lh Airframe RFQ
35-534421-1 Beechcraft cover- spar parition front Airframe RFQ
35-534421-7 Beechcraft cover/fuel selector valve (see details) Airframe RFQ
35-550026 Beechcraft valve assy - heat regulating Airframe RFQ
35-550042 Beechcraft deflector-heat rear seat air Airframe RFQ
35-550054 Beechcraft valve assy cabin pilots cold air Airframe RFQ
35-550502-32 Beechcraft duct assy - heat Airframe RFQ
35-550503-4 Beechcraft ring - heater discharge duct Airframe RFQ
35-550561-31 Beechcraft panel instl - fresh air overhead Airframe RFQ
35-550562-607 Beechcraft scoop - fresh air Airframe RFQ
35-550562-609 Beechcraft duct assy - fresh air Airframe RFQ
35-550562-87 Beechcraft link - air scoop Airframe RFQ
35-554030-1 Beechcraft duct assy - heater exhaust Airframe RFQ
35-590002 Beechcraft tow handle (standard) Airframe RFQ
35-590103 Beechcraft lock-column yoke control Airframe RFQ
35-364129-601 Beechcraft switch assy landing gear limit Electrical RFQ
35-364151-55 Beechcraft motor- flap Electrical RFQ
35-364154-1 Beechcraft escutcheon - ignition panel Airframe RFQ
35-364155 Beechcraft bracket - rheostat Airframe RFQ
35-380019-1 Beechcraft indicator- oat-outside air temperature Avionics RFQ
35-380023 Beechcraft transmitter inbd fuel level Airframe RFQ
35-380044-1 Beechcraft indicator-vertical speed Avionics RFQ
35-380050-1 Beechcraft control assy cowl flap Airframe RFQ
35-380051-1 Beechcraft control cabin heat Airframe RFQ
11188 Brittain reservoir brittain autopilot Avionics RFQ
11300 Brittain bracket assy for brittian pitch and altitude hold Airframe RFQ
11353 Brittain alt hold chamber assy Avionics RFQ
11674 Brittain dynertial pitch control Avionics RFQ
11738-2 Brittain mount - elevator servo Avionics RFQ
12000 Brittain altitude hold Avionics RFQ
123-002-001 Brittain filter Airframe RFQ
20419-1-0 Brittain bi-706 servo assy (8.5x4dia) with cable and spring Avionics RFQ
20421-1-1 Brittain bi-706 servo assy (4.5x4 dia) Avionics RFQ
11097-11 Brittain servo mounting bracket assy Avionics RFQ
30-24 Cleveland brake assy Airframe RFQ
164-00700 Cleveland disc - brake Airframe RFQ
35-361701 Grimes light instl wing position lh red Electrical RFQ
35-361701-1 Grimes light instl wing position rh green Electrical RFQ
35-380001-603 Grimes light-tail cone nav rear position light Electrical RFQ
35-380065-1 Hoof valve assy/parking brake /supersedes a537 Airframe RFQ
066-1065-00 King marker beacon receiver kr 22 Avionics RFQ
3 AMP Klixon psm circuit breaker 3-amp Electrical RFQ
35-380053-7 KULKA breaker auxiliary fuel pump arm switch Electrical RFQ
102-A MOTOROLA INC audio amplifier model 102a 14v Avionics RFQ
092-315-0 TUBE michelin airstop type lll 17.5 x 6.25 6.00-6 tr20 Airframe RFQ
35-380135-11 Uniroyal fuel bladder 40gal lh Airframe RFQ
35-380135-12 Uniroyal fuel bladder 40gal. Airframe RFQ
01-0770019-20 Whelen whelen split red/white lense remote strobe light model a470a Electrical RFQ
01-0770028-05 Whelen model hdacf 14/28v - strobe system Electrical RFQ
01-0770054-00 Whelen light- rh wingtip position green nav w/white strobe model a650-pg-14v Electrical RFQ
01-0770054-02 Whelen light- lh wingtip position red nav w/white strobe model a650-pr-14v Electrical RFQ
112-215-101 Wood Electric switch-pitot heat Electrical RFQ

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