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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 430-0193-010, KI227, 066-1055-03, 066-1072-00, 071-4037-00 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
430-0193-010 Apollo 618 tca loran Avionics RFQ
KI227 Bendix King ki-227 adf indicator Avionics RFQ
066-1055-03 Bendix King king kma-24 audio panel & marker beacon receiver Avionics RFQ
066-1072-00 Bendix King adf receiver kr-87 Avionics RFQ
071-4037-00 Bendix King ka 33 avionics cooling fan 6 port 14v Avionics RFQ
0710607-1 Cessna bulkhead assy-sta 65.33 weu 0710607-4 Airframe RFQ
0710618-4 Cessna seat rail-outboard rh Airframe RFQ
0710620-211 Cessna cabin door lh - structure Airframe RFQ
0710622-2 Cessna reinforcement - rh door stop Airframe RFQ
0710623-2 Cessna plate - rh door stop Airframe RFQ
0710624-1 Cessna catch spring assembly - rh door stop Airframe RFQ
0710625-1 Cessna hinge - rh door stop Airframe RFQ
0711037-16 Cessna hinge-upper rh Airframe RFQ
0711037-18 Cessna hinge - lower stationary Airframe RFQ
0711629-1 Cessna door - baggage Airframe RFQ
0711632-1 Cessna support - rear seat weu 0711632-7 Airframe RFQ
0711674-3 Cessna bulkhead-sta 92.0 Airframe RFQ
0711678-4 Cessna stiffener-cabin top rh Airframe RFQ
0711694-15 Cessna clutch assembly-lh doorpost Airframe RFQ
0711695-9 Cessna guide- (fuselage) Airframe RFQ
0712626-1 Cessna shelf - radio Airframe RFQ
0713068-5 Cessna compass (needs fluid) Avionics RFQ
0713070-6 Cessna positioning arm Airframe RFQ
0713070-9 Cessna bellcrank assy Airframe RFQ
0713139-1 Cessna inlet assy-air vent with door Airframe RFQ
0713253-1 Cessna deflector plate-defrost Airframe RFQ
0713287-11 Cessna windshield assembly-clear Airframe RFQ
0713631-2 Cessna bulkhead assembly-tunnel rh Airframe RFQ
0713665-1 Cessna bracket - cowl attachment lh Airframe RFQ
0713683-1 Cessna angle-lower engine mount Airframe RFQ
0713693-2 Cessna support assy-park brake Airframe RFQ
0713693-3 Cessna cable - parking brake Airframe RFQ
0713701-2 Cessna clevis Airframe RFQ
0713703-1 Cessna shield - rudder pedal bar rh cover Airframe RFQ
0713715-1 Cessna shield - rudder pedal bar lh cover Airframe RFQ
0713738-3 Cessna bracket assembly-stall warning Airframe RFQ
0713778-1 Cessna compartment assembly-map Airframe RFQ
0713781-1 Cessna panel-shock Airframe RFQ
0713792-1 Cessna cover-shock panel Airframe RFQ
0713792-2 Cessna cover-engine instruments Airframe RFQ
0713794-1 Cessna cover-stationary panel upper Airframe RFQ
0713811-1 Cessna cover - console weu 0713811-2 Airframe RFQ
0713815-1 Cessna retainer - brow glare sheild Airframe RFQ
0716136-1 Cessna bracket - fuel strainer Airframe RFQ
0716607-1 Cessna gear assembly-selector valve Airframe RFQ
0716611-1 Cessna coupling-selector valve shaft Airframe RFQ
0716622-1 Cessna vent adapter - extended range only Airframe RFQ
0700099-2 Cessna line assy-primer Airframe RFQ
0700099-21 Cessna line assembly-union to tee forward lh or rh Airframe RFQ
0700099-3 Cessna line assy-primer Airframe RFQ
0700099-39 Cessna primer line-tee to manifold lh Airframe RFQ
0700099-5 Cessna line assembly-primer firewall to strainer Airframe RFQ
0700099-54 Cessna brake line- rh Airframe RFQ
0700099-55 Cessna brake line- lh Airframe RFQ
0700099-7 Cessna line assy-manifold pressure Airframe RFQ
0700628-12 Cessna cover-slide lh Airframe RFQ
0700628-5 Cessna slide Airframe RFQ
0700628-9 Cessna cover-slide rh Airframe RFQ
0700654 Cessna carpet - aft - forward - rudder pedal sheild Airframe RFQ
0700667-1 Cessna tiara assembly Airframe RFQ
0700678-7 Cessna rear seat assy Airframe RFQ
0700685-1 Cessna plate - window latch Airframe RFQ
0700702-10 Cessna panel - aft wall Airframe RFQ
0700702-11 Cessna panel - canted Airframe RFQ
0700702-12 Cessna aft window moulding Airframe RFQ
0700702-5 Cessna panel - baggage door Airframe RFQ
0700702-6 Cessna panel - baggage compartment Airframe RFQ
0700702-9 Cessna cover - baggage doorpost Airframe RFQ
0700707-5 Cessna bracket - curtain support Airframe RFQ
0700709-1 Cessna scuff plate lh Airframe RFQ
0700709-2 Cessna scuff plate-rh Airframe RFQ
0700712-1 Cessna forward cabin side panel lh pilot Airframe RFQ
0700712-10 Cessna aft cabin side panel - rh Airframe RFQ
0700712-3 Cessna forward cabin side panel rh co-pilot Airframe RFQ
0700712-5 Cessna upholstery panel - cabin door lh pilot Airframe RFQ
0700712-6 Cessna upholstery panel - cabin door rh co-pilot Airframe RFQ
0700712-9 Cessna aft cabin side panel - lh Airframe RFQ
0705048-5 Cessna placard - fuel selector valve extended range Airframe RFQ
0720601-203 Cessna structure - wing lh extended range Flight-Controls RFQ
0720601-204 Cessna structure assembly-wing rh extended range Flight-Controls RFQ
0720613-1 Cessna fairing assembly-aft-wing to fuselage lh Airframe RFQ
0720613-2 Cessna fairing assembly-aft-wing to fuselage rh Airframe RFQ
0720615-1 Cessna fillet assembly-wing to fuselage leading edge lh Airframe RFQ
0721107-2 Cessna fairing - wing tip rh Airframe RFQ
0722100-3 Cessna retainer window Airframe RFQ
0722100-4 Cessna window - landing light lh wing only Airframe RFQ
0723610-5 Cessna strut -lh Airframe RFQ
0726110-1 Cessna transmitter and float-fuel Airframe RFQ
0731602-1 Cessna rib-dorsal aft Airframe RFQ
0731602-2 Cessna strip-leading edge Airframe RFQ
0731605-1 Cessna fairing-dorsal fin Airframe RFQ
0732614-1 Cessna fairing-stabilizer forward lh Airframe RFQ
0732614-2 Cessna fairing-stabilizer forward rh Airframe RFQ
0732615-1 Cessna fairing-stabilizer upper lh Airframe RFQ
0732615-2 Cessna fairing-stabilizer upper rh Airframe RFQ
0741601-1 Cessna spring assembly-main landing gear lh Airframe RFQ
0741601-2 Cessna spring assembly-main landing gear rh Airframe RFQ
0741611-1 Cessna fillet-lh Airframe RFQ
0741611-2 Cessna fillet-rh Airframe RFQ
0743601-1 Cessna collar - nose gear Airframe RFQ
0750283-1 Cessna deflector - exaust heat - lower Airframe RFQ
0752005-4 Cessna lug Airframe RFQ
0752600-202 Cessna cowl assembly-upper Airframe RFQ
0752609-200 Cessna cowl flap lh Airframe RFQ
0753011-1 Cessna valve assy-warm air Airframe RFQ
0756005-1 Cessna strainer assembly-fuel Airframe RFQ
0760604-1 Cessna arm-rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0760604-2 Cessna arm-rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0760610-3 Cessna guard - w/pulley lh aileron Airframe RFQ
0760611-2 Cessna bellcrank-aileron rh Airframe RFQ
0760612-1 Cessna drive pulley-rh flap bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0760612-7 Cessna drive pulley-lh flap bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0760619-1 Cessna hinge assembly-flap motor Airframe RFQ
0760633-1 Cessna bearing block assy - control Airframe RFQ
0760634-1 Cessna tube assembly-elevator control Airframe RFQ
0760640-6 Cessna tube & bearing - aileron & elevator control wheel yoke Airframe RFQ
0760642-1 Cessna collar-lh Airframe RFQ
0760642-2 Cessna spacer-lh Airframe RFQ
0760658-1 Cessna tube-push pull Airframe RFQ
0760676-1 Cessna arm assembly-elevator Airframe RFQ
0760680-1 Cessna guard - pulley lh side Airframe RFQ
0760680-2 Cessna guard - pulley rh side Airframe RFQ
0760682-1 Cessna spring-anti rattle Airframe RFQ
0760683-7 Cessna spring assembly - flap actuator Airframe RFQ
0760683-9 Cessna bracket - flap actuator Airframe RFQ
0760684-1 Cessna drum brake Airframe RFQ
0770610PA10 Cessna cable - battery to battery contactor Electrical RFQ
0813150-55 Cessna parking brake handle & tube Airframe RFQ
0813156-4 Cessna housing assy-brake Airframe RFQ
0841200-15 Cessna ring-pack retainer Airframe RFQ
10650 Cessna cylinder Airframe RFQ
11918 Cessna coupling Airframe RFQ
1200039-2 Cessna tip- fin (used with rotating beacon) fiberglass Airframe RFQ
1200231-2 Cessna retainer - cabin air vent rh Airframe RFQ
1200612-5 Cessna bracket kit - curtain Airframe RFQ
1200612-6 Cessna bracket - curtain hook Airframe RFQ
1200637-2 Cessna scoop-air Airframe RFQ
1213147-1 Cessna plate- rh Airframe RFQ
1213243-3 Cessna cover assembly - panel light Airframe RFQ
1231000-20 Cessna fin assembly - vertical Flight-Controls RFQ
1231001-2 Cessna cap- rudder tip Airframe RFQ
1231001-5 Cessna rudder assembly-swept Flight-Controls RFQ
1231009-1 Cessna rib assembly-fin leading edge center Airframe RFQ
1231033-1 Cessna rib- rudder tip with weight Airframe RFQ
1243021-1 Cessna bearing Airframe RFQ
1243626-1 Cessna ring-pack support Airframe RFQ
1250115-3 Cessna lever assembly Airframe RFQ
1250116-1 Cessna valve assembly Airframe RFQ
1250503-1 Cessna duct-hot air outlet lh Airframe RFQ
1250503-2 Cessna duct-hot air outlet rh Airframe RFQ
1261454-1 Cessna plate assembly-lh Airframe RFQ
1414082-18 Cessna armrest - door pull lh or rh Airframe RFQ
1460501-21 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
1511205-7 Cessna latch assembly-cabin door lh weu 1511205-11 Airframe RFQ
G441304 Cessna gage-fuel sw Airframe RFQ
93874 Cessna noise filter Electrical RFQ
AN815-8D Cessna union Airframe RFQ
C291502-0101 Cessna primer assembly Airframe RFQ
28INT-12DC Cessna solenoid gn Airframe RFQ
3030-23 Cessna tank - extended range fuel- lh - bladder Airframe RFQ
3030-24 Cessna tank - extended range fuel- rh - bladder Airframe RFQ
31167-8-0120 Cessna hose - strainer to engine Airframe RFQ
0413163-11 Cessna cap assembly-outlet Airframe RFQ
0413163-18 Cessna outlet- cabin ventilation Airframe RFQ
0423542-6 Cessna bracket - landing light w/bulb Electrical RFQ
0432126 Cessna clamp Airframe RFQ
0441130-3 Cessna nut- axle Airframe RFQ
0510105-13 Cessna cable assembly-aileron carry thru Airframe RFQ
0510105-91 Cessna cable-flap direct lh Airframe RFQ
0510105-92 Cessna cable-flap direct rn Airframe RFQ
0510105-93 Cessna cable-flap retract lh Airframe RFQ
0510105-94 Cessna cable-flap retract rh Airframe RFQ
0510105-95 Cessna cable assembly-aileron direct Airframe RFQ
0510111-11 Cessna link - push pull elevator Airframe RFQ
0510146-3 Cessna spacer-rudder bellcrank stop Airframe RFQ
0510205-5 Cessna fitting-seat belt inbd lh Airframe RFQ
0510205-6 Cessna fitting-seat belt inbd rh Airframe RFQ
0511130-2 Cessna shield - front spar Airframe RFQ
0512123 Cessna bushing - wing (accentric) Airframe RFQ
0523218 Cessna rod - aileron push pull Airframe RFQ
0523537 Cessna rod - flap push pull Airframe RFQ
0523800-16 Cessna aileron - lh Flight-Controls RFQ
0523901-15 Cessna flap lh - left ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0541124-1 Cessna axle - main landing gear Airframe RFQ
0543001 Cessna ferrule - axle bolt Airframe RFQ
0543003 Cessna tube - axle Airframe RFQ
0543029 Cessna shim / washer Airframe RFQ
0543035-3 Cessna link assembly-torque lower Airframe RFQ
0543037-1 Cessna spacer - axle Airframe RFQ
75-37 Cleveland torque- plate- lh Airframe RFQ
164-02601 Cleveland disc brake Airframe RFQ
C598501-0103 Comant vhf communications antenna ci121 Avionics RFQ
CI-505 Comant ci-505 dual vor/glide slope antenna coupler Avionics RFQ
CI102 Comant antenna - marker beacon ci 102 Avionics RFQ
072-308-0 Condor 5.00-5 6 ply Airframe RFQ
903 Davtron dvor w/loc bar Avionics RFQ
N/A IDL yoke mount - map clip Airframe RFQ
430-0035-00 II Morrow antenna-loran c model (a16) Avionics RFQ
7274-2-1 Klixon circuit breaker 1-amp (ms26574-1) Electrical RFQ
1601-013-300 Mechanical Products Inc circuit breaker 3-amp (1601-013-300) Electrical RFQ

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