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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 0800111-2, 10-126630-1B, 10-162915-1, 1211644-8, 1243021-1 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
0800111-2 Amerex fire extinguisher Airframe RFQ
10-126630-1B Bendix King switch-ignition-magneto l/r/both/start- keyless Electrical RFQ
10-162915-1 Bendix King transmitter Electrical RFQ
1211644-8 Cessna stop - swing Airframe RFQ
1243021-1 Cessna bearing Airframe RFQ
1243626-1 Cessna ring-pack support Airframe RFQ
1250201-14 Cessna clamp with dowel pin Airframe RFQ
1250201-8 Cessna clamp Airframe RFQ
1254008-1 Cessna shroud - muffler Airframe RFQ
1280504-1 Cessna actuator uplock Airframe RFQ
1280512-3 Cessna nose gear actuator Airframe RFQ
1280513-3 Cessna actuator assembly gear door Airframe RFQ
1280513-5 Cessna actuator - wheel door Airframe RFQ
138-3 Cessna relay overvoltage Electrical RFQ
1400052-1 Cessna control lock - yoke Airframe RFQ
1400057-25 Cessna window - emergency Airframe RFQ
1400057-8 Cessna arm release Airframe RFQ
1400106-186 Cessna line assembly-tee to tunnel Airframe RFQ
1400106-69 Cessna line - fuel vent Airframe RFQ
1411200-13 Cessna door -cabin w window Airframe RFQ
1412251-3 Cessna fairing lower lh Airframe RFQ
1412251-4 Cessna fairing lower rh Airframe RFQ
1414017-1 Cessna skymaster scuff plate-cabin door Airframe RFQ
1414082-8 Cessna skymaster armrest Airframe RFQ
1414100-23 Cessna skymaster seat center lh Airframe RFQ
1414205-2 Cessna clip-seat belt outboard & inboard (set of 4) Airframe RFQ
1414214-4 Cessna track seat outboard forward rh (corrosion see photos) Airframe RFQ
1420005-200 Cessna tip wing rh fiberglass Airframe RFQ
1420005-201 Cessna tip wing lh fiberglass Airframe RFQ
1421000-6 Cessna strut rh Airframe RFQ
1421001-5 Cessna faring upper lh Airframe RFQ
1421001-6 Cessna fairing upper rh Airframe RFQ
1421005-1 Cessna fairing forward Airframe RFQ
1421005-2 Cessna fairing aft Airframe RFQ
1422418-7 Cessna door lh Airframe RFQ
1422418-8 Cessna door rh Airframe RFQ
1422558-3 Cessna shield landing light lh Airframe RFQ
1422558-4 Cessna shield landing light rh Airframe RFQ
1422559-1 Cessna retainer landing light window lh Airframe RFQ
1422559-3 Cessna retainer landing light window rh Airframe RFQ
1422582-1 Cessna bracket landing light retainer Airframe RFQ
1422582-1 Cessna bracket landing light retainer Electrical RFQ
142259-1 Cessna window landing light lh Airframe RFQ
1422599-2 Cessna window landing light rh Airframe RFQ
1422630-1 Cessna link - flap posistion transmitter Airframe RFQ
1424000-1 Cessna aileron assembly lh Flight-Controls RFQ
1424000-2 Cessna aileron assembly rh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425000-1 Cessna flap outboard lh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425000-2 Cessna flap inboard rh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425010-29 Cessna flap inboard lh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425010-30 Cessna flap inboard rh Flight-Controls RFQ
1426010-2 Cessna cap - fuel tank filler main tank Airframe RFQ
1426010-3 Cessna cap -fuel tank filler aux fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1426010-3 Cessna cap - fuel tank filler aux tank Airframe RFQ
1427000-15 Cessna tail boom lh Airframe RFQ
1427000-16 Cessna tail boom rh Airframe RFQ
1431000-200 Cessna fin rh vertical (condition 8+) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431000-26 Cessna cover nose lh Airframe RFQ
1431000-3 Cessna rudder lh - left ( small dent in top corner ) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431000-55 Cessna fin lh vertical lh (condition 9+) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431000-58 Cessna rudder rh - right ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431001-3 Cessna tip vertical fin upper lh (fiberglass) Airframe RFQ
1431001-6 Cessna tip vertical fin lower fiberglass Airframe RFQ
1431003-35 Cessna fitting stabilizer attach lh Airframe RFQ
1431003-36 Cessna fitting stabilizer attach rh Airframe RFQ
1431010-1 Cessna weight rudder Airframe RFQ
1432000-23 Cessna stabilizer assembly Flight-Controls RFQ
1432001-1 Cessna bellcrank rudder Airframe RFQ
1432003-1 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
1432004-1 Cessna actuator - elevator trim tab Airframe RFQ
1432019-10 Cessna fairing stabilizer lower rh Airframe RFQ
1432019-3 Cessna fairing stabilizer upper lh Airframe RFQ
1432019-4 Cessna fairing stabilizer upper rh Airframe RFQ
1432019-9 Cessna fairing stabilizer lower lh Airframe RFQ
1441001-1 Cessna clip - brake line main landing gear Airframe RFQ
1442114-7 Cessna shimmy dampener Airframe RFQ
1452-070 Cessna nut barrel Airframe RFQ
1452107-1 Cessna shield Airframe RFQ
1452511-2 Cessna support - torque tube aft Airframe RFQ
1452530 Cessna lever - cowl flaps control Airframe RFQ
1455017-1 Cessna brace - muffler lh Airframe RFQ
1455017-2 Cessna brace - muffler rh Airframe RFQ
1457306-5 Cessna spinner - propeller rear - see photos for wear pattern Propellers RFQ
1460100-26 Cessna cable assembly aileron rh wing Airframe RFQ
1460100-28 Cessna chain - aileron cross over dual controls Airframe RFQ
1460100-3 Cessna cable assembly blaqnace lh wing Airframe RFQ
1460100-34 Cessna cable assembly flap return Airframe RFQ
1460100-4 Cessna cable assembly aileron balance rh wing Airframe RFQ
1460100-5 Cessna cable aassembly aileron lh wing Airframe RFQ
1460100-7 Cessna cable assembly flap actuator inboard Airframe RFQ
1460206-4 Cessna cover - quadrant controls Airframe RFQ
1460301-2 Cessna tube control dual controls Airframe RFQ
1460303-1 Cessna terminal block control Airframe RFQ
1460304-1 Cessna clamp - control Airframe RFQ
1460305-1 Cessna tube - aileron control Airframe RFQ
1460307-1 Cessna sleeve weld - retainer - control wheel yoke Airframe RFQ
1460317-3 Cessna wheel - elevator trim control Airframe RFQ
1460501-21 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
1460505-2 Cessna spring pilot pedals Airframe RFQ
1462000-1 Cessna bellcrank assembly aileron lh Airframe RFQ
1462000-12 Cessna bellcrank - aileron rh Airframe RFQ
1462001-5 Cessna rod - aileron actuating Airframe RFQ
1462020-22 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank - outboard flap rh Airframe RFQ
1462020-23 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank - outboard flap lh Airframe RFQ
1462020-27 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank - inboard flap lh Airframe RFQ
1462020-28 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank - inboard flap rh Airframe RFQ
1462021-3 Cessna link - flap actuator Airframe RFQ
1462023-8 Cessna bellcrank - outboard flap actuator Airframe RFQ
1462027-1 Cessna cable guard Airframe RFQ
1462034-7 Cessna sleeve - clamp & cable-flap & elevator trim interconnect system Airframe RFQ
1470032-6 Cessna door -ground service plug Airframe RFQ
1470041-2 Cessna plate - courtesy light Airframe RFQ
1470089-13 Cessna light - map Electrical RFQ
1470094-3 Cessna indicator-wing flap Avionics RFQ
1470106-3 Cessna arm - flap brake Airframe RFQ
1500010-11 Cessna fairing aft lh Airframe RFQ
1500010-12 Cessna fairing aft rh Airframe RFQ
1500106-10 Cessna line - brake rh Airframe RFQ
1500106-137 Cessna tube assembly Airframe RFQ
1500106-144 Cessna line - fuel pump strainer Airframe RFQ
1500106-147 Cessna line assembly-main fuel Airframe RFQ
1500106-16 Cessna line - suction aft Airframe RFQ
1500106-165 Cessna line assembly-strainer drain Airframe RFQ
1500106-19 Cessna line assembly pack vent Airframe RFQ
1500106-244 Cessna tube assembly-pump drain upper Airframe RFQ
1500106-63 Cessna line - pressure aft Airframe RFQ
1500106-64 Cessna line assembly landing gear down Airframe RFQ
1500106-70 Cessna line assembly-suction hand pump Airframe RFQ
1500106-72 Cessna line - pressure hand pump Airframe RFQ
1500106-81 Cessna line assembly door closed Airframe RFQ
1500106-82 Cessna line assembly door open Airframe RFQ
1500106-9 Cessna line assembly brake lh Airframe RFQ
1512205-2 Cessna support Airframe RFQ
1512205-3 Cessna support lh Airframe RFQ
1512205-4 Cessna support rh Airframe RFQ
1512206-1 Cessna support upper Airframe RFQ
1512207-3 Cessna fitting lh Airframe RFQ
1512207-4 Cessna fitting rh Airframe RFQ
1512247-2 Cessna clamp rh Airframe RFQ
1512248-1 Cessna support lh Airframe RFQ
1512248-2 Cessna support rh Airframe RFQ
1512350-33 Cessna clamp - clevis - main gear downlock Airframe RFQ
1512400-1 Cessna door - baggage Airframe RFQ
1513041-1 Cessna arm - gear Airframe RFQ
1513043-1 Cessna rod - control Airframe RFQ
1513043-3 Cessna arm - control Airframe RFQ
1513043-6 Cessna support Airframe RFQ
1513044-1 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
1513044-3 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
1513046-2 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
1513526-5 Cessna bell crank Airframe RFQ
1513527-1 Cessna cable assembly parking brake Airframe RFQ
1513550-13 Cessna air box Airframe RFQ
1513550-3 Cessna valve (heat) lh Airframe RFQ
1513550-30 Cessna torque tube - lh Airframe RFQ
1513550-37 Cessna torque tube - rh Airframe RFQ
1513550-4 Cessna valve - heater rh Airframe RFQ
1513552-1 Cessna baffle Airframe RFQ
1513615-1 Cessna door - glove box Airframe RFQ
1513619-2 Cessna skymaster cover-quadrant aft Airframe RFQ
1513625 Cessna stationary - shock mounted panel Airframe RFQ
151370-3 Cessna window - foul weather Airframe RFQ
1514000-11 Cessna skymaster windlace-cabin door Airframe RFQ
1514012-1 Cessna skymaster escutcheon-door stop Airframe RFQ
1514017-1 Cessna skymaster scuff plate-baggage door Airframe RFQ
1514026-15 Cessna skymaster headliner Airframe RFQ
1514030-12 Cessna skymaster plate- cabin ventilation sys. Airframe RFQ
1514030-9 Cessna plenum box Airframe RFQ
1514050-12 Cessna skymaster cover-console assembly Airframe RFQ
1514052-1 Cessna skymaster cover-quadrant forward Airframe RFQ
1514223-1 Cessna skymaster seat fifth lh Airframe RFQ
1514223-2 Cessna skymaster seat sixth rh Airframe RFQ
1514229-3 Cessna track seat inboard lh Airframe RFQ
0811490-75 Cessna handle parking brake Airframe RFQ
0841200-15 Cessna ring-pack retainer Airframe RFQ
0841200-19 Cessna lock ring Airframe RFQ
0841200-25 Cessna lock ring Airframe RFQ
0861224-1 Cessna knob-mixture Airframe RFQ
0861233-1 Cessna knob - throttle Airframe RFQ
0935 Cessna lid - battery box top Airframe RFQ
0541138-3 Cessna cylinder brake master Airframe RFQ
0543035-12 Cessna link assembly-torque upper Airframe RFQ
0543035-15 Cessna link assembly-torque lower Airframe RFQ
0543036-1 Cessna valve assembly Airframe RFQ
0543047-1 Cessna spacer.. Airframe RFQ
0700616-1 Cessna shield -courtesy light Electrical RFQ
0700630-18 Cessna skymaster seat co-pilot Airframe RFQ
0700630-29 Cessna skymaster seat pilot Airframe RFQ
0711083-1 Cessna latch - seat belt Airframe RFQ
0713307-4 Cessna clamp control Airframe RFQ
0760632-4 Cessna switch-flap Electrical RFQ
0760657-2 Cessna transmission flap actuator Airframe RFQ
0770038-8 Cessna condenser - aft noise filter Electrical RFQ
0770038-9 Cessna condenser - fwd noise filter Electrical RFQ
0411264-9 Cessna bearing rudder bar center Airframe RFQ
0412007-1 Cessna ground strap Airframe RFQ
0415010-1 Cessna cover-seat belt plastic Airframe RFQ
0511199-20 Cessna valve Airframe RFQ
0513039-13 Cessna lighter assembly-cigar Electrical RFQ
0526001-1 Unknown MFR cup - fuel sampler Airframe RFQ

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