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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as C294501-0101, 46150, 066-01148-1111R-3, 071-1021-00, 0713011-12 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
C294501-0101 Airborne bracket assy - filter - avionics Avionics RFQ
46150 Alcor Inc indicator egt Avionics RFQ
066-01148-1111R-3 Bendix King kln 89 gps w/ tray Avionics RFQ
071-1021-00 Cessna ka32 dme antenna with coax ( cracked see photos ) Avionics RFQ
0713011-12 Cessna bracket-sun visor Airframe RFQ
0713247-200 Cessna rheostat Avionics RFQ
0716623-3 Cessna handle - fuel shutoff Airframe RFQ
0756005-1 Cessna strainer assy-fuel Airframe RFQ
0760612-1 Cessna drive pulley-rh flap bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0760612-7 Cessna drive pulley-lh flap bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0760619-1 Cessna hinge - flap motor Airframe RFQ
0841200-15 Cessna ring-retaining Airframe RFQ
0841200-18 Cessna bearing Airframe RFQ
0841200-19 Cessna lock ring- nose gear Airframe RFQ
0841200-25 Cessna ring lock Airframe RFQ
1211203-1 Cessna eyebolt Airframe RFQ
1243626-1 Cessna ring-pack support Airframe RFQ
1441001-3 Cessna brake line clip ( attach brake line to landing gear ) Airframe RFQ
1442001-1 Cessna tube - axle - nose gear heavy duty Airframe RFQ
1460320-1 Cessna pedal Airframe RFQ
1460501-21 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
1460505-1 Cessna spring Airframe RFQ
M60RK Cessna rheostat radio lights Electrical RFQ
MS16624-275 Cessna ring retainer Airframe RFQ
PTT Cessna push to talk - ptt w/wire and mount Electrical RFQ
S11065-21 Cessna scraper shws Airframe RFQ
S1232-10 Cessna switch nav light Electrical RFQ
S1239-31 Cessna cabin air Airframe RFQ
S1239-39 Cessna control - parking brake Airframe RFQ
S1322-1 Cessna gage-outside air temp Avionics RFQ
S1392N2 Cessna indicator- vertical speed alt Avionics RFQ
S1414N1 Cessna gauge suction Avionics RFQ
S1430-4 Cessna hook - coat hanger Airframe RFQ
S1495-4 Cessna hose-- fuel pump vent Airframe RFQ
S1495-4 Cessna hose-fuel pump vent Airframe RFQ
S1495-6 Cessna hose - vacuum system Airframe RFQ
S1517-2 Cessna control assembly-strainer drain Airframe RFQ
S1579-1 Cessna contactor-battery Electrical RFQ
S1605-3 Cessna shaft-tachometer drive Airframe RFQ
S1674-1 Cessna bearing half-outboard Airframe RFQ
S1675-1 Cessna bearing half-inboard Airframe RFQ
1C16584 Cessna transmission - flap actuator with motor Airframe RFQ
451 735 Cessna tube - (6.00 x 6) Airframe RFQ
A-39T Cessna rf filter Electrical RFQ
C109 Cessna ball joint tok Airframe RFQ
C622001-0202 Cessna base assembly - wing position light Electrical RFQ
C292501-0201 Cessna switch-ignition-magneto l/r/both-w/key Electrical RFQ
0310196-13 Cessna spring-brake & rudder return Airframe RFQ
0400107-45 Cessna cable - flap Airframe RFQ
0400107-46 Cessna cable - flap Airframe RFQ
0400118-50 Cessna trim cover-rear window Airframe RFQ
0400129-57 Cessna panel-baggage compartment lower aft Airframe RFQ
0400129-58 Cessna panel - baggage compartment upper aft Airframe RFQ
0400129-62 Cessna panel - cowl lh carpeted Airframe RFQ
0400311-20 Cessna line assebly-vent Airframe RFQ
0400311-45 Cessna primer lines rh and lh Airframe RFQ
0400311-78 Cessna line - oil pressure Airframe RFQ
0400311-85 Cessna line assembly - brake l/h Airframe RFQ
0411129 Cessna block fuselage spar bearing Airframe RFQ
0411257 Cessna joint - universal Airframe RFQ
0411258 Cessna bellcrank-elevator forward Airframe RFQ
0411307 Cessna arm -rudder pedal Airframe RFQ
0411369-2 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
0411526-1 Cessna weld assembly-rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0411563 Cessna bellcrank assembly dual controls Airframe RFQ
0411564 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
0411573-1 Cessna bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0411778-2 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
0411971-1 Cessna shield - rudder pedal bar rh cover Airframe RFQ
0412007-9 Cessna ground strap - battery to engine mount Electrical RFQ
0412044-1 Cessna bracket-pulley fwd lh Airframe RFQ
0412044-2 Cessna bracket-pulley fwd rh Airframe RFQ
0412044-3 Cessna bracket-pulley aft lh Airframe RFQ
0412044-4 Cessna bracket-pulley aft rh Airframe RFQ
0413033-21 Cessna cabin door assy lh Airframe RFQ
0413033-22 Cessna cabin door assy rh Airframe RFQ
0413034-200 Cessna box - glove Airframe RFQ
0413163-18 Cessna outlet assy Airframe RFQ
0413163-9 Cessna tube - rh outlet cabin air Airframe RFQ
0413369-2 Cessna control y assembly Airframe RFQ
0413429-2 Cessna feet pan- front rh Airframe RFQ
0413440-1 Cessna strip-fabric cover Airframe RFQ
0413451-1 Cessna cover - instument panel rh Airframe RFQ
0421000-1 Cessna strut assembly-wing lh Airframe RFQ
0421000-2 Cessna wing strut rh Airframe RFQ
0421002-2-791 Cessna strut fairing - bottom - rh Airframe RFQ
0422014-4 Cessna elbow cabin air vent Airframe RFQ
0422130 Cessna strainer -fuel tank (finger) Airframe RFQ
0423542-6 Cessna bracket assembly Electrical RFQ
0426005 Cessna structure assembly-left wing ( dented see photos ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0426508-10 Cessna tank assembly-fuel rh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0426901 Cessna flap lh - left ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0426901-16 Cessna flap rh (core) Flight-Controls RFQ
0430004-10-791 Cessna tip-elevator Airframe RFQ
0431004-2 Cessna vertical fin Flight-Controls RFQ
0431004-3 Cessna rudder Flight-Controls RFQ
0431014-1 Cessna dorsal fin- aluminum Airframe RFQ
0431015-5 Cessna fairing - lh stabilizer Airframe RFQ
0432001-52 Cessna elevator rh - right w/trim tab Flight-Controls RFQ
0432001-59 Cessna stabilizer - horizontal Flight-Controls RFQ
0432166-1 Cessna bellcrank assembly-elevator Airframe RFQ
0441024-1 Cessna plate - landing gear fillet l/h Airframe RFQ
0441024-2 Cessna plate - landing gear fillet r/h Airframe RFQ
0441130-2 Cessna nut-wheel fairing support Airframe RFQ
0442013-201 Cessna shock strut assembly-lower heavy duty Airframe RFQ
0456002-1 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
0460116-1 Cessna link elevator control Airframe RFQ
0490001-1 Cessna pin metering Airframe RFQ
0500315-1 Cessna bracket - strainer drain control Airframe RFQ
0500315-2 Cessna bracket-strainer drain control-inside Airframe RFQ
0511482-9 Cessna cover - Airframe RFQ
0511483-1 Cessna bracket assembly Electrical RFQ
0512122 Cessna bearing block Airframe RFQ
0512123 Cessna bushing - wing bushing Airframe RFQ
0513039-7 Cessna cigar lighter Electrical RFQ
0513208-1 Cessna socket assy Electrical RFQ
0513240-6 Cessna yoke-control wheel assembly Airframe RFQ
0522150-4-791 Cessna strut fairing - top -rh Airframe RFQ
0523118-1 Cessna light - landing Electrical RFQ
0523218 Cessna rod assy-aileron push-pull Airframe RFQ
0523222 Cessna bushing - bellcrank stop w/bolt Airframe RFQ
0523223 Cessna bellcrank assembly-aileron lh Airframe RFQ
0523223-1 Cessna bellcrank aileron rh Airframe RFQ
0523700 Cessna tip assy wing Airframe RFQ
0523921 Cessna roller assembly-flap attachment Airframe RFQ
0526001-2 Cessna drain valve Airframe RFQ
0541124 Cessna axle-main landing gear Airframe RFQ
0541154-1 Cessna step - lh Airframe RFQ
0541156-2 Cessna strap - brake line rh step Airframe RFQ
0541185-5 Cessna fairing - lh main wheel pant Airframe RFQ
0541185-6 Cessna fairing - rh main wheel pant Airframe RFQ
0543000-27 Cessna orifice piston Airframe RFQ
0543008-5 Cessna tube-shock strut Airframe RFQ
0543023 Cessna clevis Airframe RFQ
75-37 Cleveland torque plate Airframe RFQ
753-407 Cleveland bolt - anchor (69-4) (qty 2) Airframe RFQ
164-26A Cleveland cleveland 3 hole brake disc condition Airframe RFQ
CI-109 Comant ci-109 vhf comunication antenna Avionics RFQ
C664501-0101 Datcon hourmeter Avionics RFQ
A-2064A-3 Grimes light-rudder 14v a2064-13 Electrical RFQ
KI-201C King course selection indicator ki 201c Avionics RFQ
818640 Stewart Warner gage - fuel Avionics RFQ
818642 Stewart Warner gauge - oil pressure Avionics RFQ
FN-100B Troll Avionics Inc direct mount avionics fan (11-32v dc) Avionics RFQ
C262026-0101 TUBE 15 x 6.00 x 6 Airframe RFQ

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