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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 1G2-2 3N, 1H5-3, AD-3 AD3 AD 3, AN2552-3A, AN3027-1 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
1G2-2 3N Airborne dual vacuum pressure gyro suction gauge (cessna) Avionics RFQ
1H5-3 Airborne check valve - manifold Airframe RFQ
AD-3 AD3 AD 3 Antenna Development ad-3 108-136 mhz splitter Avionics RFQ
AN2552-3A Cessna receptacle Electrical RFQ
AN3027-1 Cessna switch cowl flaps Electrical RFQ
AN5-57 Cessna axle bolt (5/16 x 5 7/8 long)) Airframe RFQ
C291501-0101 Cessna valve - fuel regulator & shutoff Airframe RFQ
C301001-0501 Cessna actuator & motor assembly with filter Electrical RFQ
C482001-0201 Cessna valve-vacuum relief front Airframe RFQ
A4921 Cessna edge light assembly Electrical RFQ
A7-23-1 Cessna swivel- control cable Airframe RFQ
C668507-0101 Cessna gage - outside air temperature Avionics RFQ
NAS1073-1 Cessna switch guard Airframe RFQ
NAS354-4-1275 Cessna rod - control aft cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
NAS354-4-1500 Cessna rod - control aft cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
NAS354-4-1645 Cessna rod - control fwd cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
NAS354-4-460 Cessna control rod Airframe RFQ
294002-3 Cessna manifold housing assembly Electrical RFQ
294057-1 Cessna spring-handle latch oac - Airframe RFQ
294058-1 Cessna pump handle assembly Airframe RFQ
294070 Cessna switch-limit Electrical RFQ
295204-1 Cessna housing oac Airframe RFQ
0413247 Cessna strap-ground Airframe RFQ
0523921 Cessna kit - flap roller assembly Airframe RFQ
0541157-1 Cessna shim Airframe RFQ
0700616-1 Cessna shield assembly-courtesy light Electrical RFQ
0710013-3 Cessna body-silencer Airframe RFQ
0710013-3 Cessna body-silencer Airframe RFQ
0711705-1 Cessna handle Airframe RFQ
0756005-16 Cessna strainer fuel - gascolator Airframe RFQ
0760684-1 Cessna coupling rubber bumper - flap actuator Airframe RFQ
0861208-1 Cessna knob-friction Airframe RFQ
0861224-1 Cessna knob - mixture Airframe RFQ
0861233-1 Cessna knob-throttle Airframe RFQ
S 1846-2-1 Cessna switch-alternator Electrical RFQ
S1167-4-0134 Cessna hose assembly Airframe RFQ
S1167-4-0134 Cessna hose Airframe RFQ
S1167-4-0140 Cessna hose assembly Airframe RFQ
S1234-9 Cessna control - locking Airframe RFQ
S1236-4-0100 Cessna hose Airframe RFQ
S1236-4-0100 Cessna hose Airframe RFQ
S1236-4-0130 Cessna hose Airframe RFQ
S1236-4-0130 Cessna hose Airframe RFQ
S1391-17 Cessna control - mixture rear engine Airframe RFQ
S1391-7 Cessna control - propeller fwd engine Airframe RFQ
S1391-8 Cessna control - mixture fwd engine Airframe RFQ
S1391-9 Cessna control - throttle fwd engine Airframe RFQ
S1577-1 Cessna contactor - ground power Electrical RFQ
S1722-46 Cessna line - capillary (oxygen) Airframe RFQ
S1753-6 Cessna knob-engine instrument lights rheostat Airframe RFQ
S1844-1-1 Cessna switch-master Electrical RFQ
S1846-1-2 Cessna switch-auxiliary pump Electrical RFQ
S1846-2-1 Cessna switch-double rocker navigation & beacon light Electrical RFQ
S1847-2-1 Cessna switch-regulator Electrical RFQ
S1848-1 Cessna light-alternator & voltage Electrical RFQ
S1884-1 Cessna light-cowl flap indicator Electrical RFQ
S1884-1 Cessna light-cowl flap indicator Electrical RFQ
S1889-1 Cessna switch Electrical RFQ
S392-1 Cessna switch Electrical RFQ
YZ2RQIT Cessna switch-main gear uplock Electrical RFQ
1211644-8 Cessna stop assembly-swing Airframe RFQ
1243421-3 Cessna roller Airframe RFQ
1280512-3 Cessna actuator assy-nose gear Airframe RFQ
1280513-3 Cessna actuator -gear door Airframe RFQ
1280513-4 Cessna piston rod oac (actuator) Airframe RFQ
1400057-9 Cessna cup - Airframe RFQ
1400106-23 Cessna line assembly lh Airframe RFQ
1400106-24 Cessna line - aft sump to sump feed rh Airframe RFQ
1422036-16 Cessna strap - auxiliary fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1422048-3 Cessna strap - fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1422048-5 Cessna strap - fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1422048-7 Cessna strap - fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1422048-9 Cessna strap - fuel tank Airframe RFQ
1422558-3 Cessna shield-landing light lh Airframe RFQ
1422558-4 Cessna shield-landing light rh Airframe RFQ
1422559-1 Cessna retainer-landing light window lh Airframe RFQ
1422559-3 Cessna retainer-landing light window rh Airframe RFQ
1422582-1 Cessna bracket and plate -landing light retainer Electrical RFQ
1422599-1 Cessna window-landing light lh Airframe RFQ
1424000-1 Cessna aileron lh - left ( see deatails ) Flight-Controls RFQ
1425000-1 Cessna flap outboard lh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425000-2 Cessna flap - outboard rh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425010-29 Cessna flap inboard lh Flight-Controls RFQ
1425010-30 Cessna flap inboard rh ( core condition ) Flight-Controls RFQ
1426003-27 Cessna tank - main fuel lh outbd - Airframe RFQ
1426003-28 Cessna tank - main fuel rh outbd Airframe RFQ
1426003-37 Cessna tank - main fuel lh inbd Airframe RFQ
1426003-38 Cessna tank - main fuel rh inbd - Airframe RFQ
1426005-23 Cessna tank - auxiliary fuel lh Airframe RFQ
1426005-24 Cessna tank - auxiliary fuel rh Airframe RFQ
1426014-1 Cessna tank assembly-sump lh Airframe RFQ
1426014-2 Cessna tank assembly-sump rh Airframe RFQ
1427000-32 Cessna tail boom assy rh Airframe RFQ
1427000-33 Cessna tail boom assy lh Airframe RFQ
1431000-3 Cessna rudder lh - left (condition 9+) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431000-58 Cessna rudder rh - right ( condition 9+ ) Flight-Controls RFQ
1431001-1 Cessna tip-rudder Airframe RFQ
1431001-11 Cessna tip-vertical fin lower fiberglass Airframe RFQ
1431001-3 Cessna tip-vertical fin upper lh ( fiberglass ) Airframe RFQ
1431003-36 Cessna fitting-stabilizer attach rh Airframe RFQ
1431010-1 Cessna weight-rudder Airframe RFQ
1442001-1 Cessna tube - axle - nose gear heavy duty Airframe RFQ
1442001-2 Cessna ferrule - axle bolt Airframe RFQ
1442114-7 Cessna shimmy dampener Airframe RFQ
1450022-4 Cessna angle Airframe RFQ
1452511-2 Cessna support - torque tube aft Airframe RFQ
1460100-34 Cessna cable assembly-flap return Airframe RFQ
1460100-8 Cessna cable assembly-flap actuator outboard Airframe RFQ
1460301-3 Cessna tube - control dual or single control Airframe RFQ
1462000-1 Cessna bellcrank - aileron lh Airframe RFQ
1462000-12 Cessna bellcrank - aileron rh Airframe RFQ
1462001-5 Cessna rod - aileron actuating Airframe RFQ
146202-22 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank - outboard flap rh Airframe RFQ
1462020-23 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank -outboard flap lh Airframe RFQ
1462020-27 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank -inboard flap lh Airframe RFQ
1462020-28 Cessna quadrant & bellcrank -inboard flap rh Airframe RFQ
1462023-8 Cessna bellcrank - outboard flap actuator Airframe RFQ
1462025-1 Cessna flap actuator Airframe RFQ
1470041-2 Cessna plate assembly-courtesy light Airframe RFQ
1470089-13 Cessna light - map Electrical RFQ
1500104-10 Cessna line Airframe RFQ
1500104-39 Cessna line lh Airframe RFQ
1500104-40 Cessna line - fwd sump to sump feed rh Airframe RFQ
1500104-46 Cessna line assembly strainer Airframe RFQ
1500104-6 Cessna line Airframe RFQ
1500106-10 Cessna line - brake rh Airframe RFQ
1500106-102 Cessna line - hand pump suction Airframe RFQ
1500106-103 Cessna line assembly-hand pump pressure Airframe RFQ
1500106-191 Cessna tube assembly-pressure Airframe RFQ
1500106-192 Cessna tube - pressure Airframe RFQ
1500106-193 Cessna tube - pressure Airframe RFQ
1500106-195 Cessna tube -suction Airframe RFQ
1500106-240 Cessna line - strainer drain Airframe RFQ
1500106-67 Cessna line assembly-landing gear up Airframe RFQ
1500106-81 Cessna line assembly-door closed Airframe RFQ
1513043-3 Cessna arm - control Airframe RFQ
1513048-1 Cessna cover assembly - power pack Airframe RFQ
1513566-1 Cessna adapter-fresh air Airframe RFQ
1513648-5 Cessna cover - quadrant controls Airframe RFQ
1513700-3 Cessna window - storm foul weather Airframe RFQ
1513739-2 Cessna panel - switch Airframe RFQ
1514229-3 Cessna track-seat inboard lh Airframe RFQ
1514229-5 Cessna track-seat outboard lh Airframe RFQ
1516002-2 Cessna fuel selector valve 1h28-1 5n Airframe RFQ
1516038-2 Cessna glass - auxiliary fuel selector Electrical RFQ
1517011-1 Cessna latch - cabin door Airframe RFQ
1522129-1 Cessna door - fuel filler Airframe RFQ
1522129-1 Cessna door - fuel filler Airframe RFQ
1526004-1 Cessna manifold Airframe RFQ
1526013-1 Cessna strainer -auxiliary fuel tank (finger) Airframe RFQ
1531003-3 Cessna tip assembly-vertical ( fiberglass ) Airframe RFQ
1541016-1 Cessna pawl - uplock Airframe RFQ
1541017-1 Cessna arm - uplock Airframe RFQ
1541030-1 Cessna rod Airframe RFQ
1541044-1 Cessna support-lh Airframe RFQ
1541044-2 Cessna support-rh Airframe RFQ
1542003-1 Cessna barrel assembly-shock strut Airframe RFQ
1542014-1 Cessna bellcrank Airframe RFQ
1542015-26 Cessna trunnion assembly-nose gear Airframe RFQ
1542051-2 Cessna bungee - steering Airframe RFQ
1550027-5 Cessna tube-inlet upper (small dent see photos ) Airframe RFQ
1551013-1 Cessna bellcrank - lh - cowl flap aft Airframe RFQ
1551013-2 Cessna bellcrank - rh - cowl flap aft Airframe RFQ
1552008-43 Cessna cowl flap - lh fwd Airframe RFQ
1552516-1 Cessna support - torque tube fwd Airframe RFQ
1552517-11 Cessna torque tube - fwd cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
1560010-4 Cessna wheel - control lh only yoke w/ppt mic switch Airframe RFQ
1560211-3 Cessna torque tube - aft cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
1560212-1 Cessna knob - prop pitch Airframe RFQ
1560312-1 Cessna collar dual or single control Airframe RFQ
1570129-1 Cessna sensoe-over and under voltage Electrical RFQ
1570164-1 Cessna switch assembly-light dimming Electrical RFQ
1580002-3 Cessna unit - hydraulic power pack Electrical RFQ
1580004-5 Cessna actuator - downlock main gear Airframe RFQ
1580004-5 Cessna actuator-downlock main gear Airframe RFQ
CI 275 Comant uhf antenna 406-512 mhz bnc Avionics RFQ
CI-275 Comant uhf antenna 406-512 mhz bnc Avionics RFQ
TSIO-360-A Continental continental tsio-360-a tte=1116-1 stoh=135.5 Engines RFQ
RH-50 DALE resistor 1.6-ohm 3% Electrical RFQ
366-00 Dukes check valve Airframe RFQ
4140-00-15 Dukes pump - fuel boost 28v Electrical RFQ
C482002-0102 GARRETT valve - pressure relief Airframe RFQ
7277-2-5 Klixon breaker 5-amp Electrical RFQ
150 Safe Flight heated lift detector ( heated ) Electrical RFQ
ACF 328 Sandia Aerospace fan - avionics Avionics RFQ
820169 Stewart Warner gage - oil pressure front or rear engines sw Avionics RFQ
820173 Stewart Warner cylinder head temp gage sw Avionics RFQ
092-315-0 TUBE 6.00x6 Airframe RFQ
C262026-0101 TUBE 15 x 6.00 x 6 Airframe RFQ

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