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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
01-1154 Cessna heathkit clock/timer Avionics RFQ
0310422-1 Cessna guard-roll chain Flight-Controls RFQ
0311319-1 Cessna plate strike Airframe RFQ
0411129 Cessna block-fuselage spar bearing fwd Airframe RFQ
0411257 Cessna joint universal left Airframe RFQ
0411306-13 Cessna weld assy Airframe RFQ
0411306-14 Cessna weld assy Airframe RFQ
0411307 Cessna arm - rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0411307 Cessna arm -rudder pedal Airframe RFQ
0411503 Cessna bellcrank (angle) - rudder and brake Airframe RFQ
0411503 Cessna bellcrank assembly Airframe RFQ
0411513-1 Cessna bellcrank assy Airframe RFQ
0411523 Cessna block-elevator tab stop Airframe RFQ
0411564 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
0411564 Cessna link - dual brakes Airframe RFQ
0411564-3 Cessna link-dual brakes Airframe RFQ
0411565 Cessna tube - dual brake torque Airframe RFQ
0411778-2 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
0411778-2 Cessna shaft - rh co-pilot brake Airframe RFQ
0411778-3 Cessna 172 - shaft lh pilot brake Airframe RFQ
0412007-1 Cessna strap-battery ground Airframe RFQ
0413157 Cessna scoop-cabin air vent Airframe RFQ
0413163-18 Cessna outlet assembly Airframe RFQ
0413163-8 Cessna vent tube left Airframe RFQ
0413163-9 Cessna tube assembly-rh Airframe RFQ
0413247 Cessna strap-ground Airframe RFQ
0413485-1 Cessna scoop assembly Airframe RFQ
0413503-8 Cessna support assy-overhead console Electrical RFQ
0413522-2 Cessna rh instrument shock panel metal Airframe RFQ
0414013-7 Cessna shield Airframe RFQ
0422130 Cessna strainer -fuel tank (finger) Airframe RFQ
0432126 Cessna clamp-actuator ( 2 ) Airframe RFQ
0442512-1 Cessna dampener - shimmy Airframe RFQ
0453003-9 Cessna shock mount assy (qty 3) Airframe RFQ
0500062-PA23 Cessna cable battery contactor to starter contactor Airframe RFQ
0500062-PA23 Cessna cable-battery contactor to starter contactor Electrical RFQ
0500062-PAI8 Cessna cable contactor to battery contactor Electrical RFQ
0500062-PC7 Cessna cable-receptacle to contactor Electrical RFQ
0500106-83 Cessna line-fuel tank Airframe RFQ
0500118-102 Cessna line - primer Airframe RFQ
0500118-109 Cessna line - primer Airframe RFQ
0500118-110 Cessna line - primer Airframe RFQ
0500118-116 Cessna line-fuel lh union to union Airframe RFQ
0500118-117 Cessna line-fuel rh union to union Airframe RFQ
0500118-124 Cessna line-vent fuel system Airframe RFQ
0500118-126 Cessna line assembly brake left Airframe RFQ
0500118-127 Cessna line assembly brake right Airframe RFQ
0500118-29 Cessna line-union to union lh Airframe RFQ
0500118-30 Cessna line-union to union rh Airframe RFQ
0500118-33 Cessna line-union to union lh Airframe RFQ
0500118-34 Cessna line-union to union rh Airframe RFQ
0500118-74 Cessna line union to strainer Airframe RFQ
0500118-75 Cessna line fuel selector valve to union Airframe RFQ
0500118-95 Cessna line strainer drain Airframe RFQ
0500118-96 Cessna line-oil pressure gauge to firewall Airframe RFQ
0500118-99 Cessna line assy-primer Airframe RFQ
0500210-131 Cessna grill vent Airframe RFQ
0500210-132 Cessna moulding-rear window upper Airframe RFQ
0500210-173 Cessna seat assembly-pilot or co-pilot assy Airframe RFQ
0500210-44 Cessna cover-rear center post Airframe RFQ
0500210-50 Cessna chain-baggage door Airframe RFQ
0500242-2 Cessna bracket-fuel selector guide Airframe RFQ
0500276-1 Cessna refueling strut steps Airframe RFQ
0500403-1 Cessna cover control yoke Airframe RFQ
0510105-70 Cessna cable - parking brake Airframe RFQ
0510161-12 Cessna tube-bellcrank to control tee Airframe RFQ
0510195-1 Cessna arm assy-flap position transmitter Airframe RFQ
0510205-3 Cessna bracket-safety belt attachment lh outbd or rh inbd Airframe RFQ
0510205-4 Cessna bracket-safety belt attachment rh outbd or lh inbd Airframe RFQ
0511000-22 Cessna frame-door upr inbd left Airframe RFQ
0511000-23 Cessna frame-door upr inbd rh Airframe RFQ
0511165 Cessna eyebolt-cargo tie-down (one) Airframe RFQ
0511240-11 Cessna seatrail - otbd lh Airframe RFQ
0511240-12 Cessna seatrail-otbd rh Airframe RFQ
0511240-15 Cessna seatrail-inbd lh Airframe RFQ
0511242-1 Cessna seat - stop set of 2 w/set screws Airframe RFQ
0511253-1 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
0511256-1 Cessna latch assembly-door lh Airframe RFQ
0511256-2 Cessna latch assembly - cabin door rh (less shaft) Airframe RFQ
0511262-1 Cessna rotary clutch assembly left Airframe RFQ
0511262-2 Cessna rotary clutch assembly right Airframe RFQ
0511460-49 Cessna structure - cabin door lh Airframe RFQ
0511460-50 Cessna structure - cabin door rh Airframe RFQ
0511482-9 Cessna cover - overhead light Electrical RFQ
0511483-2 Cessna reflector Electrical RFQ
0511782-17 Cessna weld assy-yoke Airframe RFQ
0511782-17 Cessna weld assy-yoke Airframe RFQ
0511785-1 Cessna sprocket Airframe RFQ
0511786-2 Cessna clamp Airframe RFQ
0511788-1 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
0511789-1 Cessna spacer Airframe RFQ
0511803-1 Cessna structure -cabin door lh Airframe RFQ
0511803-14 Cessna structure assembly cabin door right Airframe RFQ
0512001-9 Cessna angle-tailcone reinforcement upr lh Airframe RFQ
0512008-9 Cessna tailcone assy-fuselage sta 205.812 to 228.812 Airframe RFQ
0512017-1 Cessna shelf radio Airframe RFQ
0512122 Cessna block-fuselage spar bearing rear Airframe RFQ
0512123 Cessna bushing - wing bushing Airframe RFQ
0512159-2 Cessna bulkhead-fuselage aft section sta 228.687 Airframe RFQ
0512160-3 Cessna bracket Airframe RFQ
0513006-110 Cessna bulkhead assy-doorpost aft lh Airframe RFQ
0513038-8 Cessna angle-rh Airframe RFQ
0513039-7 Cessna lighter-cigar/cigarette Electrical RFQ
0513053-1 Cessna bulkhead-fuselage sta 8.125 lh Airframe RFQ
0513057-1 Cessna shield - rudder bar lh Airframe RFQ
0513058-1 Cessna shield - rudder bar rh Airframe RFQ
0513071-7 Cessna lh instrument shock panel metal Airframe RFQ
0513071-7 Cessna shock panel - lh Airframe RFQ
0513072-2 Cessna adapter plate - cluster gage Airframe RFQ
0513072-2 Cessna adapter plate-cluster gage Airframe RFQ
0513109-12 Cessna angle-reinforcement lh Airframe RFQ
0513109-24 Cessna angle-rh Airframe RFQ
0513109-4 Cessna pan assy Airframe RFQ
0513109-8 Cessna angle-reinforcement rh Airframe RFQ
0513120-3 Cessna nipple Airframe RFQ
0513120-8 Cessna valve assy-fuel selector Airframe RFQ
0513208-1 Cessna socket Electrical RFQ
0513230-14 Cessna windshield tinted Airframe RFQ
0513230-18 Cessna windshield retainer outside one piece Airframe RFQ
0513260-4 Cessna wheel-control pilot or co-pilot 3/4 Airframe RFQ
0513309-1 Cessna outlet assy-heater Airframe RFQ
0513311-2 Cessna support assembly-control rh Airframe RFQ
0513320-8 Cessna map case -glove box Airframe RFQ
0513328-2 Cessna bracket-battery box lwr Airframe RFQ
0513340-19 Cessna control wheel assy Airframe RFQ
0513362-14 Cessna skin-front section rh Airframe RFQ
0513362-25 Cessna skin-front section lh Airframe RFQ
0513368-201 Cessna console structure Airframe RFQ
0513369-1 Cessna angle-lh Airframe RFQ
0513369-2 Cessna angle-rh Airframe RFQ
0513370-1 Cessna bellcrank assy-elevator Airframe RFQ
0513372-1 Cessna fitting-tunnel lh Airframe RFQ
0513372-2 Cessna fitting-tunnel rh Airframe RFQ
0513385-2 Cessna control lock Airframe RFQ
0513426-1 Cessna support speaker Airframe RFQ
0513434 Cessna pad - shin guard-kneepad under map case Airframe RFQ
0513434-3 Cessna pad - shin guard-kneepad right of parking brake Airframe RFQ
0513434-4 Cessna pad - shin guard-kneepad left of map case Airframe RFQ
0513434-5 Cessna pad - shin guard-kneepad left of parking brake Airframe RFQ
0513438-1 Cessna door assy-map case Airframe RFQ
0513438-1 Cessna door-map case Airframe RFQ
0514010-19 Cessna seat - rear assy Airframe RFQ
0514065-1 Cessna shield - rear door post lh plastic interior Airframe RFQ
0514065-2 Cessna shield - rear door post rh plastic interior Airframe RFQ
0514067-1 Cessna shield - front spar headliner retainer Airframe RFQ
0514068-2 Cessna cover assy-speaker Airframe RFQ
0514072-1 Cessna retainer - headliner lh pilot Airframe RFQ
0514072-2 Cessna retainer - headliner rh co-pilot Airframe RFQ
0514075-1 Cessna seat assembly co-pilot Airframe RFQ
0514078-5 Cessna armrest assy - lh cabin door Airframe RFQ
0514081-1 Cessna seat rear - one piece reclining back assy Airframe RFQ
0515003-2 Cessna eyebrow-instrument panel Airframe RFQ
0520005-10 Cessna fairing-forward wing lh Airframe RFQ
0520005-11 Cessna fairing-forward wing rh Airframe RFQ
0520005-12 Cessna fillet -wing fairing-lh Airframe RFQ
0520005-13 Cessna fillet - wing fairing - -rh Airframe RFQ
0520008 Cessna fairing assembly-wing rear lower lh Airframe RFQ
0520008-1 Cessna fairing assembly-wing rear lower rh Airframe RFQ
0521101-2 Cessna courtesy light Electrical RFQ
0522150-1 Cessna fairings lower lh (plastic) Airframe RFQ
0522150-4 Cessna fairing-upper rh Airframe RFQ
0523005-100 Cessna structure assy-right wing (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523005-91 Cessna structure assy-left wing ( corrosion see photos ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523218-2 Cessna rod - aileron push-pull Airframe RFQ
0523537-2 Cessna rod-flap push pull Airframe RFQ
0523565-200 Cessna tip - wing rh - for use with stol kit Airframe RFQ
0523565-201 Cessna tip - wing lh - for use with stol kit Airframe RFQ
0523565-22 Cessna stiffener lower left Airframe RFQ
0523565-29 Cessna wing tip left (cracked) Airframe RFQ
0523565-30 Cessna tip-wing right rh co-pilot (cracked) Airframe RFQ
0523606-17 Cessna strut-wing lh Airframe RFQ
0523606-17 Cessna strut- lh Airframe RFQ
0523606-18 Cessna strut- rh Airframe RFQ
0523613-1 Cessna eyebolt-mooring ring Airframe RFQ
052365-21 Cessna stiffener lower right Airframe RFQ
0523800 Cessna aileron lh-left wing (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523800-1 Cessna aileron rh ( light damage ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523901-35 Cessna flap - left wing lh Flight-Controls RFQ
0523901-35 Cessna flap - lh ( needs re-skin ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523901-38 Cessna flap - rh ( beaded trailing edge see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0523921 Cessna roller assy-flap attachment qty. 3 Airframe RFQ
0530010-5 Cessna fairing assembly-lh Airframe RFQ
0530010-6 Cessna fairing - rh - horizontal stabilizer Airframe RFQ
0531006-203 Cessna fin - vertical Flight-Controls RFQ
0531006-81 Cessna rudder - vertical Flight-Controls RFQ
0531006-81 Cessna rudder - vertical (parts only-core) Flight-Controls RFQ
0531006-88 Cessna fin - vertical (core) Flight-Controls RFQ
0531013-2 Cessna tip-vertical fin (see photos) Airframe RFQ
0531019-8 Cessna dorsal fin Airframe RFQ
0531020-1 Cessna fairing Airframe RFQ
0532001-101 Cessna trim tab - elevator Flight-Controls RFQ
0532001-202 Cessna horizontal stabilizer (see details and photos) Flight-Controls RFQ
0532001-47 Cessna rod-channel-tab actuator push-pull Airframe RFQ
0532001-73 Cessna elevator - lh ( rough condition see photos ) Flight-Controls RFQ
0533011-1 Cessna weight assy-rudder Airframe RFQ
0534122-1 Cessna bellcrank-elevator rear Airframe RFQ
0541138-1 Cessna mounting plate assy - lh wheel fairing (pant bracket) Airframe RFQ
0541138-2 Cessna mounting plate-rh wheel fairing (pant bracket) Airframe RFQ
0541138-822 Cessna cylinder assembly - master brake Airframe RFQ
0541188-2 Cessna mounting plate - rh wheel fairing (pant bracket) Airframe RFQ

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