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Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
02404-1 Grumman warning unit- (safe flight) Electrical RFQ
066-3008-02 King course selection indicator ki 201c Avionics RFQ
102353-501 Grumman baggage strap- (with buckle) Airframe RFQ
103012-3 Grumman cover- lh- has repairs Airframe RFQ
103012-4 Grumman cover- rh Airframe RFQ
111-3 Grumman dome- red Electrical RFQ
133A4 Airborne vacuum regulating valve Airframe RFQ
164-02000 Grumman brake - disc Airframe RFQ
1J7-1 Grumman filter- airborne Airframe RFQ
30-56 Cleveland (30-56) caliper Airframe RFQ
301025-501 Grumman stabilizer - lh Flight-Controls RFQ
3031210 Grumman voltage regulator Electrical RFQ
40-86A Cleveland wheel (main) 6.00-6 ( see deatails ) Airframe RFQ
401114-2 Grumman handle- fuel selector valve Airframe RFQ
401126 Grumman electric fuel pump Airframe RFQ
402012-4 Grumman battery box ( plastic ) Airframe RFQ
402013-4 Grumman tie down battery Airframe RFQ
402013-5 Grumman rod- tie down Airframe RFQ
402013-6 Grumman support- battery box Airframe RFQ
402015-1 Grumman shield- battery Airframe RFQ
403009-508 Grumman tube- rh Airframe RFQ
403009-509 Grumman tube- lh Airframe RFQ
403012-2 Grumman bracket Airframe RFQ
403012-3 Grumman bracket Airframe RFQ
403017-502 Grumman master cylinder- rh Airframe RFQ
430-0150-007 Apollo apollo ii loran model 613c Avionics RFQ
446642-29.5 Grumman tachshaft Airframe RFQ
4604-1100 Grumman switch- (mcgill electric) Electrical RFQ
507001-2 Grumman mixture control Airframe RFQ
507005-2 Grumman throttle control Airframe RFQ
5101021-501 Grumman cowl- lower Airframe RFQ
5101022-4 Grumman cowl (w/fiberglass fairing) Airframe RFQ
5101025-504 Grumman tube- rh Airframe RFQ
5102276-501 Grumman canopy std window Airframe RFQ
5102276-6 Grumman stop Airframe RFQ
5102283-502 Grumman baggage door Airframe RFQ
5102288-2 Grumman retainer- lh Airframe RFQ
5102330-1 Grumman bracket- (in fueslage assy) Airframe RFQ
5102332-1 Grumman reinforcement- seat Airframe RFQ
5102338-503 Grumman cover- lh Airframe RFQ
5102343-501 Grumman front arm rest Airframe RFQ
5102349-501 Grumman pilot - seat lh Airframe RFQ
5102350-502 Grumman rear seat -bottom Airframe RFQ
5102353-1 Grumman hat shelf (rack) Airframe RFQ
5102354-2 Grumman lens Airframe RFQ
5102373-508 Grumman console Airframe RFQ
5201178-1 Grumman panel access- lh Airframe RFQ
5201178-2 Grumman panel access- rh Airframe RFQ
5201181-507 Grumman wing tip - lh - aa5 Airframe RFQ
5201181-508 Grumman wing tip - rh - aa5 Airframe RFQ
5302031-503 Grumman elevator lh - left ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
5302031-504 Grumman elevator rh - right ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
5302038-502 Grumman vertical - rudder Flight-Controls RFQ
5302038-506 Grumman vertial fin - stabilizer Flight-Controls RFQ
5401121-1 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-10 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-11 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-12 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-13 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-14 Grumman tube- primer Airframe RFQ
5401121-15 Grumman tube- primer Airframe RFQ
5401121-2 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-3 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-4 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-7 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401121-8 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
5401131-2 Grumman bushing- (reducer) Airframe RFQ
5401136-502 Grumman sump tank- rh Airframe RFQ
5501110-15 Grumman spacer Airframe RFQ
5602104-502 Grumman control column assembly Airframe RFQ
5604005-1 Grumman arm- (flap) Airframe RFQ
5604011-1 Grumman tube & fitting Airframe RFQ
5604013-1 Grumman actuator - flap motor Airframe RFQ
5607001-1 Grumman tube- torque Airframe RFQ
5607001-2 Grumman tube- torque Airframe RFQ
5607003-1 Grumman screw Airframe RFQ
5607003-3 Grumman arm- lh Airframe RFQ
5607003-4 Grumman arm- rh Airframe RFQ
5607003-502 Grumman actuator assy Airframe RFQ
5607015-1 Grumman cable- flexible elevator trim Airframe RFQ
5607017-501 Grumman cable- flap position Airframe RFQ
5701036-1 Grumman spring Airframe RFQ
5701055-1 Grumman strut Airframe RFQ
5701056-1 Grumman spring Airframe RFQ
5701064-1 Grumman bracket- lh Airframe RFQ
5701064-2 Grumman bracket- rh Airframe RFQ
5701065-1 Grumman bracket- lh Airframe RFQ
5701065-2 Grumman bracket- rh Airframe RFQ
5803007-36 Grumman placard instrument panel Airframe RFQ
5803007-40 Grumman placard instrument panel Airframe RFQ
5803007-5 Grumman placard instrument panel Airframe RFQ
5804017-502 Grumman step- co pilot rh Airframe RFQ
5901014-1 Grumman cam-lock (baggage door) Airframe RFQ
601021-1 Grumman tube Airframe RFQ
601029-1 Grumman bearin Airframe RFQ
601031-501 Grumman bar assy rudder Airframe RFQ
601049-1 Grumman bracket Airframe RFQ
601051-1 Grumman plug Airframe RFQ
601052-1 Grumman bracket Airframe RFQ
601053-1 Grumman spring- rudder return Airframe RFQ
602111-501 Grumman control lock Airframe RFQ
606001-2 Grumman pedal- rudder Airframe RFQ
607003-502 Grumman guide Airframe RFQ
607007-1 Grumman trim wheel Airframe RFQ
607009-502 Grumman bracket Airframe RFQ
607010-1 Grumman shaft Airframe RFQ
607010-3 Grumman pinion Airframe RFQ
607011-501 Grumman bracket- trim indicator Airframe RFQ
64-032 Grumman cabin heat Airframe RFQ
64-032-736 Grumman parking brake Airframe RFQ
7-06 Grumman lamp holder Electrical RFQ
701017-1 Grumman reinforcement plate Airframe RFQ
701042-1 Grumman axle Airframe RFQ
701061-2 Grumman shim Airframe RFQ
701063-501 Grumman bracket- lh Airframe RFQ
701067-1 Grumman spacer Airframe RFQ
701068-1 Grumman shim Airframe RFQ
702060-1 Grumman plate- nose gear boot Airframe RFQ
702064-501 Grumman boot- nose gear Airframe RFQ
802034-501 Grumman controller Electrical RFQ
804022-501 Grumman tow bar Airframe RFQ
804046-5 Grumman spacer- upper Airframe RFQ
804046-501 Grumman support Airframe RFQ
804046-6 Grumman spacer- lower Airframe RFQ
819136 Grumman fuel gauge- (stewart warner) Avionics RFQ
819480 Stewart Warner gage oil press - sw gauge Avionics RFQ
820765 Stewart Warner amps gauge - gage - sw Avionics RFQ
8781-2 Grumman battery relay-(rbm controls) Electrical RFQ
901033-1 Grumman eye bolt tail Airframe RFQ
A-110-10 Grumman master cylinder- rh Airframe RFQ
A2064-A1787 Grimes light Electrical RFQ
AN5-23A Grumman bolt- (rear seat assy) Airframe RFQ
AN7502-24 Grumman nut Airframe RFQ
BB-16M Grumman antenna- (meridan) Avionics RFQ
BB-16M Grumman antenna-(meridan) Airframe RFQ
CM38087 Grumman rheostat- (clarostat) Electrical RFQ
DMN43-1 Dorne-Margolin low profile marker beacon antenna Avionics RFQ
EL09005-900 Grumman bead clamp Airframe RFQ
F44-14MC Grumman lower rod end Airframe RFQ
FCF2XH Grumman handle- lh Airframe RFQ
FDK3171 Grumman ring and clip Airframe RFQ
JJ-034 Grumman jack- mic/head phone Electrical RFQ
LAC1545 Grumman air vent- rh side of dash Airframe RFQ
M-4002 Grumman oil pressure switch (hobbs) Electrical RFQ
M44-14MC Grumman upper rod end- (neim) Airframe RFQ
MS202718 APEX DAYTON u joint Airframe RFQ
NAS222-27 Grumman screw- (rear seat assembly) Airframe RFQ
O-320-E2G Lycoming complete with accessories tsmo=949.7 dynafocal mount Engines RFQ
S5102338-1 Grumman glareshield Airframe RFQ
SAW4217-1 Grumman starter relay Electrical RFQ
SB2358B3 Grumman fuel selector valve Airframe RFQ
TIGM61-1CWH-FN Grumman switch- (carling) Electrical RFQ
VSI2FM-3 FALCON vertical speed 0-3000 ft non tsod 3-1/8 Avionics RFQ

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