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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as W58-XC4C12A-10, W58X-C4C12A-5, W58XC4C12A-2, C168001-0102, C253001-0101 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
W58-XC4C12A-10 AMF 10-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
W58X-C4C12A-5 AMF 5-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
W58XC4C12A-2 AMF 2-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
C168001-0102 Cessna air valve assembly Airframe RFQ
C253001-0101 Cessna lock-door w/key (lock code pk740) Airframe RFQ
S1249-2 Cessna knob- cowl flaps Airframe RFQ
S1994-1-1 Cessna switch-master Electrical RFQ
C299505-0401 Cessna control assembly-throttle Airframe RFQ
C301002-0201 Cessna accuator assy-flap int filtered Airframe RFQ
C668002-0102 Cessna transmitter fuel level Airframe RFQ
MS16625-1068 Cessna retaining ring ( main gear trunnion bolt ) Airframe RFQ
0500210-131 Cessna grill Airframe RFQ
0513348-1 Cessna retainer louver Airframe RFQ
0514079-1 Cessna armrest-rear lh with ash tray Airframe RFQ
0541124 Cessna axle Airframe RFQ
0700616-1 Cessna sheild assy courtesy light Electrical RFQ
0712031-1 Cessna bracket - mounting Airframe RFQ
0861233-2 Cessna knob-gear handle Airframe RFQ
1221007-11 Cessna flap lh ( damaged ) core condition Flight-Controls RFQ
1221007-12 Cessna flap rh ( damaged ) core condition Flight-Controls RFQ
1221113-4 Cessna rod assembly-aileron Airframe RFQ
1260128-1 Cessna push rod assembly-flap outboard Airframe RFQ
1260128-3 Cessna push rod assembly-flap inboard Airframe RFQ
1260653-3 Cessna push rod - outboard flap actuator - lh Airframe RFQ
1260668-1 Cessna collar-control tube-rh 1 1/8 Airframe RFQ
1260668-3 Cessna collar-control tube-lh 1 1/8 Airframe RFQ
1280520-1 Cessna valve - door close lock Airframe RFQ
1560319-2 Cessna collar Airframe RFQ
1706047-3 Cessna airbox - front cabin vent Airframe RFQ
1710008-2 Cessna fairing assembly-fuselage attachment rh Airframe RFQ
1710703-8 Cessna spar wing carry thru Airframe RFQ
1711025-5 Cessna hinge- lower door- lh Airframe RFQ
1711025-6 Cessna hinge- lower door- rh Airframe RFQ
1712050-1 Cessna rib-wing fillet lh Airframe RFQ
1713264-6 Cessna panel - shock mount instrument Airframe RFQ
1713274-5 Cessna upper rh instrument cover Airframe RFQ
1713319-1 Cessna louver (see details.) Airframe RFQ
1715040-7 Cessna moulding door & windshield lh upper Airframe RFQ
1715041-1 Cessna moulding rear window fwd Airframe RFQ
1715043-4 Cessna moulding rh window forward Airframe RFQ
1715043-7 Cessna moulding - lh window Airframe RFQ
1715043-8 Cessna moulding - rh window fwd Airframe RFQ
1717039-3 Cessna cabin door latch assembly-lh Airframe RFQ
1717060-5 Cessna window assembly-lh vent Airframe RFQ
1717060-6 Cessna window assembly-rh vent Airframe RFQ
1717070-2 Cessna cup- lower hinge seal- rh Airframe RFQ
1717071-1 Cessna push rod-door latch Airframe RFQ
1717075-4 Cessna actuator - vent window rh fso 1717075-6 Airframe RFQ
1722082-7 Cessna arm assembly-lever Airframe RFQ
1731000-201 Cessna vertical fin assembly Flight-Controls RFQ
1731020-21 Cessna fin assy dorsal Airframe RFQ
1732034-3 Cessna stabilator weight arm assembly Airframe RFQ
1760006-18 Cessna cable assembly-flap direct inboard lh Airframe RFQ
1767030-13 Cessna tube assembly-aileron control lh Airframe RFQ
1767030-14 Cessna tube assembly-aileron control rh Airframe RFQ
1767074-5 Cessna tube & bearing assy-flight controls lh Airframe RFQ
1767074-6 Cessna tube & bearing assy-flight controls rh Airframe RFQ
2012073-2 Cessna liner - wheel well rh Airframe RFQ
2013080-7 Cessna lower rh instrument cover Airframe RFQ
2014009-1 Cessna back seat assembly - rear Airframe RFQ
2016016-11 Cessna fuel reservoir lh Airframe RFQ
2041002-11 Cessna pivot-main landing gear lh Airframe RFQ
2041002-12 Cessna pivot-main landing gear rh Airframe RFQ
2041005-3 Cessna spring - mlg main gear spring lh Airframe RFQ
2041008-1 Cessna cylinder assy - actuator main landing gear Airframe RFQ
2041030-14 Cessna saddle & shell - lh ( see details ) mlg actuating system Airframe RFQ
2041030-19 Cessna bushing-mlg saddle actuating system Airframe RFQ
2041039-1 Cessna spring- main landing gear downlock Airframe RFQ
2041046-1 Cessna bracket downloack actuator lh Airframe RFQ
2041046-2 Cessna bracket downloack actuator rh Airframe RFQ
2041057-1 Cessna actuator-main gear unlock & sequence Airframe RFQ
2041059-1 Cessna bushing- main landing gear downlock Airframe RFQ
2041062-1 Cessna latch-downlock Airframe RFQ
2041065-1 Cessna link- main landing gear downlock Airframe RFQ
2043000-200 Cessna shock strut assembly nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043000-201 Cessna shock strut lower fork and tube Airframe RFQ
2043002-12 Cessna trunnion assembly-nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043003-1 Cessna barrel assembly-nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043004-1 Cessna head & tube assembly-shock strut Airframe RFQ
2043005-1 Cessna collar assembly-nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043009-1 Cessna ring assembly - gimbal Airframe RFQ
2043014-10 Cessna shimmy dampener assembly Airframe RFQ
2043024-1 Cessna spindle bolt-steering collar Airframe RFQ
2043030-1 Cessna bracket nose gear uplock Airframe RFQ
2043031-11 Cessna bellcrank assembly nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043031-12 Cessna bellcrank assembly Airframe RFQ
2043033-2 Cessna roller - nose gear Airframe RFQ
2043036-1 Cessna arm - nose wheel Airframe RFQ
2051002-2 Cessna bushing-eccentric nose gear Airframe RFQ
2067005-1 Cessna clevis - lh Airframe RFQ
2067005-2 Cessna clevis - rh Airframe RFQ
2067012-1 Cessna link assembly-brake (lh pilot) Airframe RFQ
2067012-2 Cessna link assembly-brake (rh pilot) Airframe RFQ
2070026-1 Cessna magnet assy lh actuator- main landing gear downlock Airframe RFQ
2080005-1 Cessna emergency hand pump Airframe RFQ
2080007-6 Cessna fork assembly-hand pump Airframe RFQ
2080010-2 Cessna handle - hand pump Airframe RFQ
2080100-25 Cessna line-suction Airframe RFQ
2080100-26 Cessna line-pressure Airframe RFQ
2081001-10 Cessna gear-main landing gear retraction Airframe RFQ
4055 Cessna standby vacuum system Avionics RFQ
811542 Cessna potentiometer sw Electrical RFQ
LW-15473 Lycoming fuel pump Airframe RFQ
C290D3-F/T12 McCauley prop governor Propellers RFQ
C669509-0103 Stewart Warner instrument cluster (amps & cylinder head temp) Avionics RFQ
819138 Stewart Warner instrument oil pressure gage gauge Avionics RFQ
824279 Stewart Warner tachometer Avionics RFQ
TAS100 Tanis pre heater probe Electrical RFQ
S-1232-30 Wood Electric 30-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
S-1360-10L Wood Electric 10-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
S-1360-15L Wood Electric 15-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
S-1360-20L Wood Electric 20-amp breaker Electrical RFQ
S-1360-5L Wood Electric 5-amp breaker Electrical RFQ

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