Browse Salvaged Aircraft Parts by 1975 Beechcraft Baron 95-B55

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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
101627-01696L Aerosonic-Corp altimeter- pressure altitude reporting 14-28 votls electric Avionics RFQ
119 Beech Baron bushing - engine control shaft Airframe RFQ
000-170000-23 Beech Baron glareshield-lh Airframe RFQ
000-170000-24 Beech Baron glareshield-rh (cracked see details and photographs ) Airframe RFQ
002-430021-19 Beech Baron track- front seat- center Airframe RFQ
002-430021-57 Beech Baron track-center-lh Airframe RFQ
002-430021-59 Beech Baron track- inner- lh Airframe RFQ
002-440033-11 Beech Baron tail cone assembly Airframe RFQ
100-384054-1 Beech Baron vsi- inst vertical speed ( electric ) Avionics RFQ
169-380021-11 Beech Baron horn -stall warning Electrical RFQ
2594484 Beech Baron flux valve Electrical RFQ
33-534051 Beech Baron stop- center- track Airframe RFQ
35-400018-18 Beech Baron hinge-upper Airframe RFQ
35-815055-215 Beech Baron main gear door assembly rh outboard Airframe RFQ
35-815056-2 Beech Baron tube assy - link landing gear door Airframe RFQ
35-380053-7 Beech Baron switch - generator on alternator on Electrical RFQ
35-380053-9 Beech Baron switch - s56 Electrical RFQ
35-5036 Beech Baron radome glide scope (radar) Avionics RFQ
35-5008 Beech Baron antenna coupler - dual nav or marker beacon Avionics RFQ
35-5012A Beech Baron tail mount blade antenna Avionics RFQ
35-5016 Beechcraft marker beacon antenna ( same as comant c i 118 ) Avionics RFQ
35-590070-71 Beechcraft lock Airframe RFQ
35-810122-1 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
35-815007-4 Beechcraft arm assy- main gear door Airframe RFQ
35-400010-79 Beechcraft tab-upper Airframe RFQ
3210-00 Beechcraft valve-check Airframe RFQ
33-199-913 Beechcraft cap assy Airframe RFQ
35-815077-22 Beechcraft block-rh Airframe RFQ
35-815078 Beechcraft link Airframe RFQ
35-815102-34 Beechcraft brace assy-lh Airframe RFQ
35-815102-35 Beechcraft brace assy-rh Airframe RFQ
35-815115 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
35-815120 Beechcraft pin assy-brace to rear Airframe RFQ
35-815123-10 Beechcraft pin assy-brace to front Airframe RFQ
35-815194-13 Beechcraft knee assy-lwr torque Airframe RFQ
35-815246-1 Beechcraft cylinder-lh Airframe RFQ
35-815246-13 Beechcraft bearing Airframe RFQ
35-815246-3 Beechcraft cylinder-rh Airframe RFQ
35-815246-5 Beechcraft cylinder assy-lh Airframe RFQ
35-815246-7 Beechcraft cylinder assy-rh Airframe RFQ
35-815246-9 Beechcraft bearing Airframe RFQ
35-815247-15 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
35-815247-29 Beechcraft gear assy-main landing lh Airframe RFQ
35-815247-30 Beechcraft gear assy-main landing rh Airframe RFQ
35-815249-1 Beechcraft braze assy-orifice Airframe RFQ
35-815250 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
35-400031-1 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
35-400033 Beechcraft stud Airframe RFQ
35-400036 Beechcraft support-inside handle shaft Airframe RFQ
35-400041-3 Beechcraft link outside door handle Airframe RFQ
35-400320-32 Beechcraft glass and frame assy.125 in glass Airframe RFQ
35-400320-56 Beechcraft clip-upper only Airframe RFQ
35-400380 Beechcraft retainer-lower only Airframe RFQ
35-400414 Beechcraft guide-door latch Airframe RFQ
35-400417-1 Beechcraft bolt-door latch aft Airframe RFQ
35-400462 Beechcraft stop-door latch inside Airframe RFQ
35-400464-8 Beechcraft shaft assy-door handle inside Airframe RFQ
35-410070-14 Beechcraft pin-hinge door Airframe RFQ
35-410291-130 Beechcraft window-lh standard glass Airframe RFQ
35-410291-219 Beechcraft window- storm tinted glass with hardware Airframe RFQ
35-410291-221 Beechcraft window- pilot ( storm window not included ) Airframe RFQ
35-410456-1 Beechcraft bracket assy Airframe RFQ
35-410456-11 Beechcraft link Airframe RFQ
35-410456-13 Beechcraft terminal Airframe RFQ
35-410456-27 Beechcraft channel-upper latch Airframe RFQ
35-410456-3 Beechcraft bracket-upper latch assy Airframe RFQ
35-410456-31 Beechcraft link-upper latch Airframe RFQ
35-410456-35 Beechcraft latch assy-upper door Airframe RFQ
35-410456-5 Beechcraft hook Airframe RFQ
35-410456-7 Beechcraft link-upper latch Airframe RFQ
35-105110-1 Beechcraft cover - rh lower aft Airframe RFQ
35-324428-23 Beechcraft cover Airframe RFQ
35-364127 Beechcraft actuator-down limit switch Airframe RFQ
35-364151-17 Beechcraft worm and gear Airframe RFQ
35-364151-5 Beechcraft housing-flap motor gear Airframe RFQ
35-364151-57 Beechcraft motor- flap Electrical RFQ
35-364151-9 Beechcraft gear Airframe RFQ
35-380020-1 Beechcraft ring-piston Airframe RFQ
35-380020-3 Beechcraft ring-shock absorber Airframe RFQ
35-380051-29 Beechcraft control assy-defroster Airframe RFQ
35-380052 Beechcraft knob-toggle switch Airframe RFQ
35-380053-11 Beechcraft switch Electrical RFQ
35-380053-3 Beechcraft switch - aux fuel - heat & blower Electrical RFQ
35-380053-5 Beechcraft switch Electrical RFQ
2515 Beechcraft valve-fresh air Airframe RFQ
2H3-6 Beechcraft valve - vacuum regulator Airframe RFQ
2N3055 Beechcraft transistor Electrical RFQ
30-0467-1 Beechcraft light rh-wing Electrical RFQ
3003 Beechcraft bolt assy-aft baggage door Airframe RFQ
1729 Beechcraft fitting Airframe RFQ
118642-1 Beechcraft body-air valve Airframe RFQ
118642-7 Beechcraft body-air valve Airframe RFQ
100801S50910 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
100942H0022-22 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
100942L0023-17 Beechcraft spring-latch stop Airframe RFQ
101321-00A0750 Beechcraft bushing-outside door handle Airframe RFQ
1-3-4D48F40 Beechcraft resistor - 40 ohms ohmite brown devil Electrical RFQ
10DU12 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
111200-6 Beechcraft ring-snap Airframe RFQ
002-440033-25 Beechcraft cover assy-without strobe Airframe RFQ
002-524010-1 Beechcraft pedal - rudder lh and rh Airframe RFQ
002-524011-1 Beechcraft pedal-rudder with dual Airframe RFQ
002-524019-1 Beechcraft lever-lh rudder pedal Airframe RFQ
002-524022-1 Beechcraft spring-rudder pedal Airframe RFQ
002-524024-11 Beechcraft bellcrank- Airframe RFQ
002-524024-17 Beechcraft bracket - elevator spring (lh) Airframe RFQ
002-524024-18 Beechcraft bracket-elevator spring (rh) Airframe RFQ
002-820011-3 Beechcraft arm assy Airframe RFQ
002-820013-1 Beechcraft cover Airframe RFQ
002-820014-19 Beechcraft boot-nose gear retract rod Airframe RFQ
002-820015-1 Beechcraft strip Airframe RFQ
002-920019-1 Beechcraft valve assy-float fuel vent Airframe RFQ
002-920023-17 Beechcraft panel assy - 142 gal system Airframe RFQ
022-524021-1 Beechcraft pin-rudder pedal adjustment Airframe RFQ
002-430022-47 Beechcraft seat track support - lh inner Airframe RFQ
002-430022-48 Beechcraft seat track support - rh inner Airframe RFQ
002-430022-49 Beechcraft seat track support - lh center Airframe RFQ
002-430022-50 Beechcraft seat track support - rh center Airframe RFQ
002-430024-1 Beechcraft arm-landing gear door Airframe RFQ
002-430077 Beechcraft door-aft baggage - less handle Airframe RFQ
002-440000-27 Beechcraft channel-doubler rh Airframe RFQ
000-170000-53 Beechcraft cover- navigation light lens lh Electrical RFQ
000-920012-11 Beechcraft flange assy-siphon break Airframe RFQ
002-361013-5 Beechcraft link assy-landing gear Airframe RFQ
002-361013-607 Beechcraft switch assy-lh landing Airframe RFQ
002-410015-1 Beechcraft track-nose gear Airframe RFQ
002-410031-5 Beechcraft block elevator bellcrank Airframe RFQ
002-410055-1 Beechcraft door nose baggage Airframe RFQ
002-410055-21 Beechcraft cover-fwd latch Airframe RFQ
002-410055-37 Beechcraft hinge aft Airframe RFQ
002-410055-43 Beechcraft hinge fwd Airframe RFQ
002-410065-19 Beechcraft bracket-nose cone Airframe RFQ
002-410071-17 Beechcraft support-lh fwd keel Airframe RFQ
002-430013-53 Beechcraft carry thru assy-front Airframe RFQ
12163Y6331 Beechcraft shaft & casing assy-rh Airframe RFQ
12527Y6331 Beechcraft shaft & casing assy-lh Airframe RFQ
130909B15 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B17 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B17 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B265 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B36 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B41 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B43 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B44 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B45 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B46 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B75 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B83 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B84 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B85 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
130909B88 Beechcraft bolt-actuator end Airframe RFQ
130909N17 Beechcraft nut-castellated Airframe RFQ
130909N24 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
130909N25 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
130909N28 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
130909N32 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
130909N6 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
130909N9 Beechcraft nut Airframe RFQ
131553FG6M Beechcraft rod end Airframe RFQ
102-810011-3 Beechcraft cable assy Airframe RFQ
102-810013-3 Beechcraft retract mechanism instl Airframe RFQ
102-810017-1 Beechcraft cable - main gear retract Airframe RFQ
102-810017-1 Beechcraft cable assy-uplock Airframe RFQ
105739DZT0250 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739SXE0137 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739SYK0431 Beechcraft bushing- Airframe RFQ
105739SYP1483 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739SZK0190 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739XZR0070 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739XZR0110 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739XZR0115 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105739XZR0220 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105740XYD0490 Beechcraft bushing-upper shock Airframe RFQ
105740XYD1365 Beechcraft bushing-lower shock Airframe RFQ
105740XYN1458 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105740XZL0104 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105740XZL0900 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105982-4A10-002 Beechcraft bolt-stop Airframe RFQ
10-357230-1A Bendix King switch-ignition-magneto l/r/both/start- keyless with placard Electrical RFQ
3210-00 Dukes valve-vacuum manifold Airframe RFQ
1A479-1 EDO-AIR auto pilot noise filter Electrical RFQ
1B544 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL relay box (radar) Avionics RFQ
1C465-1-303R EDO-AIRE MITCHELL roll servo Avionics RFQ
1C469-6-292 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL pitch trim servo Avionics RFQ
1C709-2 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL electronic pitch trim amplifier Avionics RFQ
1U149-007-1 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL attitude indicator - air 0° autopilot lighted cfs outputs wedge lit Avionics RFQ
196K08-4 Goodyear Aerospace Corp goodyear- 10 ply Airframe RFQ
253213 Goodyear Aerospace Corp tube- goodyear Airframe RFQ
32005A-6-77 Grimes wing de-ice light Electrical RFQ
066-1029-00/01 King kn 65 dme 28v Avionics RFQ
066-3047-00 King ki 266 dme indictor Avionics RFQ
071-0004-00 King ka-432 x 5 converter for kn-65 dme (radar) Avionics RFQ
071-0016-00 King ka-58 dme hold adapter for kn65 (radar) Avionics RFQ
27-5028 TGH Aviation Products low voltage indicator - warning Electrical RFQ
113-210-102 Wood Electric switch - breaker Electrical RFQ
109-205-104 Wood Electric breaker 5-amp Electrical RFQ
109-210-104 Wood Electric breaker 10-amp Electrical RFQ
109-215-104 Wood Electric breaker 15-amp Electrical RFQ
109-230-104 Wood Electric breaker 30-amp Electrical RFQ
109-250-104 Wood Electric breaker 50-amp Electrical RFQ

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