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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
1H22-11 Airborne pressure regulating valve Airframe RFQ
103598-2 AIRESEARCH valve outflow Airframe RFQ
1146CJ16A Alcor Inc dual engine mixture control indicator Avionics RFQ
3142-00 Astronautics valve assy swing check Airframe RFQ
60-384034-5 Beechcraft indicator - fuel quantity Airframe RFQ
60-384036 Beechcraft beech duke coil condenser Airframe RFQ
35-815055-130 Beechcraft door assy main gear inbd lh Airframe RFQ
35-815055-204 Beechcraft main gear door outbrd lh Airframe RFQ
35-815055-205 Beechcraft main gear door outbrd rh Airframe RFQ
35-815088-4 Beechcraft air valve- body core & cap - main landing gear Airframe RFQ
35-815120 Beechcraft pin - rear spar Airframe RFQ
35-815123-10 Beechcraft pin - front spar Airframe RFQ
35-825170 Beechcraft retainer - boot Airframe RFQ
38E63-1A Beechcraft valve - surface de-ice Airframe RFQ
3E2151 Beechcraft modular brush assy Airframe RFQ
3XSK8563A51 Beechcraft flap flexible shaft lh 3sxk8563a51 Airframe RFQ
3XSK9274-48 Beechcraft flap flexible shaft rh Airframe RFQ
41-0832-3 Beechcraft beech duke b-60 part description see index 33-40-40-009 Airframe RFQ
41539-1 Beechcraft control cable-lh throttle Airframe RFQ
41539-2 Beechcraft control cable-rh throttle Airframe RFQ
431-15 Beechcraft handle - handle - fuel cap Airframe RFQ
4339-009 Beechcraft bracket assy.accumulator Airframe RFQ
45-815091-3 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
4E1633 Beechcraft bracket assy-brush block and mounting Airframe RFQ
4E1637-2 Beechcraft ringslip Propellers RFQ
50-110002-135 Beechcraft door rh - wing box Airframe RFQ
50-361131 Beechcraft retainer assy-flex shaft Airframe RFQ
50-380048-1 Beechcraft sealed relay Electrical RFQ
50-380079-1 Beechcraft valve assy - brake shuttle Airframe RFQ
50-380113-8 Beechcraft 90 deg drive - flap Airframe RFQ
50-380170-11 Beechcraft valve Airframe RFQ
50-384066 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
50-384088 Beechcraft hanger - coat - set of 5 Airframe RFQ
50-389010-25 Beechcraft cable mixture control-lh and rh Airframe RFQ
50-521152-1 Beechcraft flap actuator lh Airframe RFQ
50-521152-2 Beechcraft flap actuator rh Airframe RFQ
50-524478-15 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
10-357250-1 Beechcraft ignition switch Electrical RFQ
105739X-XU0160 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
105798-24 Beechcraft clamp Airframe RFQ
105982-4A10-002 Beechcraft bolt - stop Airframe RFQ
130334-9 Beechcraft seal ball - aileron cable Airframe RFQ
130341 Beechcraft spring tension Airframe RFQ
130498C-19-32 Beechcraft seat belt Airframe RFQ
161-010-7 Beechcraft u-bolt Airframe RFQ
185678-1 Beechcraft clip - tube support/door closed/ Airframe RFQ
187714-1 Beechcraft pin - taper pin Airframe RFQ
000-110029-53 Beechcraft skin- rh outboard leading edge Airframe RFQ
000-110166-3 Beechcraft line - fuel cell lower outboard rh Airframe RFQ
000-110240-2 Beechcraft door - fuel boost pump access rh vented Airframe RFQ
000-170000-2 Beechcraft structure assyrh tip Airframe RFQ
000-170000-53 Beechcraft cover- navigation light lens lh Electrical RFQ
000-170000-6 Beechcraft wing tip assembly-extend rh Airframe RFQ
000-170000-7 Beechcraft wing tip assembly-extend lh Airframe RFQ
000-170016-4 Beechcraft bracket rh Airframe RFQ
002-430013-31 Beechcraft stop - seat (qty 2) Airframe RFQ
002-920013-3 Beechcraft cell assy lh l.e.outbd fuel 13 gal Airframe RFQ
002-920018-1 Beechcraft bracket - valve lh selector Airframe RFQ
002-920018-2 Beechcraft bracket - valve rh selector Airframe RFQ
066-1035-00 Beechcraft kgm691 glideslope marker rcvr with tray Avionics RFQ
100-530448-7 Beechcraft foot-chair leg (2) Airframe RFQ
10000596 Beechcraft bracket mounting Airframe RFQ
100696X-ZK116 Beechcraft spacer (see details) Airframe RFQ
101-540023-1 Beechcraft gasket Airframe RFQ
1J2-5 Beechcraft air filter assembly Airframe RFQ
200-8-2 Beechcraft elbow - pressure gage (gauge) inlet (see details) Avionics RFQ
202331 Beechcraft flash tube Airframe RFQ
20425F21-236-100 Beechcraft thermostat Electrical RFQ
1CH25 Beechcraft switch - nose gear up lock or down lock Electrical RFQ
1E15-6 Beechcraft solenoid - valve deice Electrical RFQ
2297-00-9 Beechcraft solenoid/alternate for 17745 Airframe RFQ
23599-01 Beechcraft oxygen outlet assy Airframe RFQ
2368-503 Beechcraft vent air valve - assembly Airframe RFQ
27-4-2000 Beechcraft armature assembly Airframe RFQ
27-4-3001 Beechcraft sleeve - motor landing gear retract Airframe RFQ
27-8-5002 Beechcraft field coil assy- landing gear- motor Airframe RFQ
30-0467-5 Beechcraft light assy-strobe Electrical RFQ
30-0530-5 Beechcraft light - tail vertical mtg Electrical RFQ
300-8-2 Beechcraft elbow - cabin oxygen Airframe RFQ
30060-1201 Beechcraft armature assy - generator Electrical RFQ
300D8 Beechcraft u-joint - rudder trim tab Airframe RFQ
3096 Beechcraft beech duke b-60 part description see index 25-22-01-009 Airframe RFQ
3275-00-1 Beechcraft pressure controler Airframe RFQ
33-199-105-3 Beechcraft strainer fuel removed from lh Airframe RFQ
35-105005-13 Beechcraft door assy upper aft rh wing bolt access Airframe RFQ
35-165004 Beechcraft roller flap hinge fwd and aft Airframe RFQ
35-364151-17 Beechcraft worm and gear Airframe RFQ
35-364151-5 Beechcraft housing flap motor gear Airframe RFQ
35-364151-59 Beechcraft flap motor & gearbox assy Airframe RFQ
35-364151-9 Beechcraft gear Airframe RFQ
58-380000-3 Beechcraft fuel transmitter 40 gal cell/inboard lh or rh Airframe RFQ
58-380001-11 Beechcraft fuel transmitter 40 gal cell/rh -outboard core Airframe RFQ
58-380001-5 Beechcraft fuel transmitter 40 gal cell/lh -outboard Airframe RFQ
58-380015-3 Beechcraft clock - quartz Avionics RFQ
58-810017-5 Beechcraft bolt Airframe RFQ
60-100014-8 Beechcraft rh outboard fillet Airframe RFQ
60-100015-7 Beechcraft lh inboard fillet Airframe RFQ
60-100015-8 Beechcraft rh inboard fillet Airframe RFQ
60-100018-13 Beechcraft door upper fwd lh/rh wing bolt access/outbd ( see photos ) Airframe RFQ
60-100018-7 Beechcraft door assy lower aft lh wing bolt access Airframe RFQ
60-100018-8 Beechcraft door assy lower aft rh wing bolt access Airframe RFQ
60-100023-1 Beechcraft strip - closure lh upper leading edge - wing to heat exchanger Airframe RFQ
60-100023-2 Beechcraft trip - closure rh upper leading edge - wing to heat exchanger Airframe RFQ
60-110000-605 Beechcraft wing structure lh Flight-Controls RFQ
60-110000-606 Beechcraft wing structure rh Flight-Controls RFQ
60-110012-54 Beechcraft skin inbd leading edge rh/sta 32.8 to 55.9 Airframe RFQ
60-110016-53 Beechcraft skin inbd leading edge lh/sta 32.8 to 55.9 Airframe RFQ
60-110033-1 Beechcraft cover - flap limit switch lh Airframe RFQ
60-110033-2 Beechcraft cover - flap limit switch rh Airframe RFQ
60-130001-163 Beechcraft aileron rh - right ( condition 9++ ) Flight-Controls RFQ
60-130001-605 Beechcraft aileron lh with trim tab ( aluminum ) Flight-Controls RFQ
60-324000-91 Beechcraft panel lh blank (pilot) Airframe RFQ
60-324000-93 Beechcraft panel rh blank (copilot) Airframe RFQ
60-324082-5 Beechcraft knob - handle for cabin pressurization valve Airframe RFQ
60-324101-3 Beechcraft printed circiut board panel Airframe RFQ
60-324129-5 Beechcraft panel edge lighted/left lower console Airframe RFQ
60-324132-3 Beechcraft panel edge lighted/right upper console Airframe RFQ
60-340065-5 Beechcraft mast - lh Airframe RFQ
60-340065-7 Beechcraft mast Airframe RFQ
60-364000-603 Beechcraft panel Airframe RFQ
60-364035-1 Beechcraft channel - nose Airframe RFQ
60-384008-2 Beechcraft windshield cockpit rh Airframe RFQ
60-384076-1 Beechcraft table - foldaway Airframe RFQ
60-389010-15 Beechcraft pump fuel boost- model 1d1-6 lh Airframe RFQ
60-389031-11 Beechcraft fuel transmitter rh Airframe RFQ
60-410022-11 Beechcraft seal nose cone Airframe RFQ
60-410023-601 Beechcraft door assy nose baggage with lock Airframe RFQ
60-410024-1 Beechcraft nose gear door lh ( condition 9++ ) Airframe RFQ
60-410024-2 Beechcraft nose gear door rh ( condition 9++ ) Airframe RFQ
60-410025-49 Beechcraft angle- lh lower nose structure Airframe RFQ
60-410025-65 Beechcraft floor - keel aft Airframe RFQ
60-410025-69 Beechcraft landing gear access cover Airframe RFQ
60-410025-71 Beechcraft gussett- aft lh lower nose structure Airframe RFQ
60-410025-73 Beechcraft gusset aft rh Airframe RFQ
60-410025-75 Beechcraft gusset - fwd Airframe RFQ
60-410031-21 Beechcraft channel lh lower nose structure Airframe RFQ
60-410031-22 Beechcraft channel drag brace rh Airframe RFQ
60-410031-33 Beechcraft bracket - switch /lh only/ Airframe RFQ
60-410031-39 Beechcraft tee rh/fs 50.0/ Airframe RFQ
60-410031-601 Beechcraft channel assy drag brace lh Airframe RFQ
60-410032-3 Beechcraft anglelh Airframe RFQ
60-410032-4 Beechcraft anglerh Airframe RFQ
60-410033-3 Beechcraft channel lh - retract support Airframe RFQ
60-410033-4 Beechcraft channel rh - retract support Airframe RFQ
60-410061 Beechcraft bracket - nose gear indicator switch Airframe RFQ
60-420014-1 Beechcraft window rh cockpit outer Airframe RFQ
60-430001-51 Beechcraft channellh (see details.) Airframe RFQ
60-430001-53 Beechcraft channellh fwd Airframe RFQ
60-430001-54 Beechcraft channellh aft Airframe RFQ
60-430020-2 Beechcraft cover - rh front spar Airframe RFQ
60-430020-89 Beechcraft track seat/rh inbd Airframe RFQ
60-430020-93 Beechcraft seat track fwd center Airframe RFQ
60-430022-83 Beechcraft rib aft lh only Airframe RFQ
60-430022-85 Beechcraft door - wing stub lower center lh Airframe RFQ
60-430022-97 Beechcraft door assy wing stub lower center rh Airframe RFQ
60-430032-11 Beechcraft frame/sta 201 (see details.) Airframe RFQ
60-430051-1 Beechcraft plate Airframe RFQ
60-430053-601 Beechcraft escape hatch assy Airframe RFQ
60-430057-3 Beechcraft support seat track/rh inbd Airframe RFQ
60-430063-1 Beechcraft support rudder pedal lh Airframe RFQ
60-430063-11 Beechcraft anglelh rudder pedal support Airframe RFQ
60-430083-113 Beechcraft floorboard - rh forward - patched see photo Airframe RFQ
60-430083-85 Beechcraft floor board lh forward Airframe RFQ
60-430083-87 Beechcraft floor board lh center forward Airframe RFQ
60-430083-88 Beechcraft floorboard - rh center forward co-pilot Airframe RFQ
60-430085-103 Beechcraft chain with two master links Airframe RFQ
60-430085-205 Beechcraft bumper Airframe RFQ
60-430085-227 Beechcraft spring - door stay ( use next higher assembly pn: 60-430315-11 ) Airframe RFQ
3252013-0101 Bendix King altimeter-encoder 35000ft 28v Avionics RFQ
4001018-6108 Bendix King king art-161a radar antenna-receiver-transmitter Avionics RFQ
0453003-9 Cessna shock mount assy Airframe RFQ
522-2638-006 Collins 331a-3g hsi course indicator Avionics RFQ
522-2644-011 Collins 328a-3g slaving accessory (radar) Avionics RFQ
522-3241-000 Collins gyroscope directional (with shockmount) Avionics RFQ
35-5008 COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS CORP antenna coupler Avionics RFQ
35-5016 COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS CORP marker beacon antenna Avionics RFQ
35-5018 COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS CORP dme & transponder antenna Avionics RFQ
35-5023 COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS CORP antenna coupler Avionics RFQ
22-112-03-3 EDO-AIR pneumatic pressure gauge (gage) Avionics RFQ
22-260-032-3 EDO-AIR dual engine manifold pressure Avionics RFQ
22-607-026 EDO-AIR dual engine fuel flow indicator 20-380pph 20-380pph Avionics RFQ
22-804-021-3 EDO-AIR 3n1 oil pressure - oil temp - cylinder temp gauge Avionics RFQ
1C497-8 EDO-AIR century iv auto pilot flight programmer Avionics RFQ
1C651-2 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL yaw damper with mounting bracket Avionics RFQ
1C465-1-380Y EDO-AIRE MITCHELL rudder servo Avionics RFQ
1C469-3-429 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL trim servo Avionics RFQ
1193-4 Engineering Inc pm3000 6 place stereo intercom Avionics RFQ
400-0125-101 GLOBAL-WULFSBERG SYSTEMS uhf flitefone fm transceiver (rt-18d) with mounting base Avionics RFQ
064-1006-00 King ktr 900a vhf comm. transceiver (with tray) Avionics RFQ
066-1027-00 King knr 660a vor/loc-rmi nav rcvr (with tray) Avionics RFQ
066-3003-00 King kdi-570 dme indicator Avionics RFQ
066-3011-01 King kni-520 glide slope indicator tso 14/28 volts Avionics RFQ
066-3014-01 King kni-580 adf indicator Avionics RFQ
071-1034-00 King adf loop antenna typr ka36 Avionics RFQ
35-5003 King antenna - vhf comm Avionics RFQ
169-380029-3 MAECO shimmy damper/spares for 169-380029 Airframe RFQ
10-357487-242F TCM (BENDIX) vibrator- starting 24 volt Electrical RFQ
60-384021 TRIPLET volt load meter - ammeter Electrical RFQ
60-384038 TRIPLET voltmeter - indicator Electrical RFQ
2195-501N WEMAC CO map light - assembly overhead w/plate cover Airframe RFQ

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