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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 2H3-16, 16-105, 430-6050-204, C292501-0107, 066-1055-03 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
2H3-16 Airborne valve - vacuum relief Airframe RFQ
16-105 Aircraft Inst And Dev INC clock - electric Avionics RFQ
430-6050-204 Apollo gx-55 gps moving map data card & antenna gx55 Avionics RFQ
C292501-0107 Bendix King switch & cabin door lock-magneto ignition r/l/both/start w/key Electrical RFQ
066-1055-03 Bendix King kma-24 marker beacon receiver and isolation amplifiers Avionics RFQ
0716623-5 Cessna handle - fuel shutoff: imperial Airframe RFQ
0741047-2 Cessna nut Airframe RFQ
0742410-28 Cessna stud Airframe RFQ
0756005-8 Cessna strainer assembly - fuel Airframe RFQ
0760131-6 Cessna support & lock collar lh Airframe RFQ
0770038-2 Cessna filter-noise Electrical RFQ
0770728-1 Cessna diode assembly Avionics RFQ
0841200-15 Cessna ring-pack retainer Airframe RFQ
0841200-19 Cessna lock ring Airframe RFQ
0841200-25 Cessna ring-lock Airframe RFQ
1211203-1 Cessna eyebolt Airframe RFQ
1213158-3 Cessna adapter used with hourmeter Airframe RFQ
1243021-1 Cessna bearing Airframe RFQ
1243626-1 Cessna ring-pack support Airframe RFQ
1260074-1 Cessna actuator assembly-elevator tab Airframe RFQ
1414087-13 Cessna sun visor Airframe RFQ
1414087-15 Cessna clamp Airframe RFQ
1460320-1 Cessna pedal - brake & rudder Airframe RFQ
1460501-21 Cessna shaft Airframe RFQ
1460505-1 Cessna spring Airframe RFQ
AN165-22RL Cessna eye - turnbuckle lh Airframe RFQ
An165-22rs Cessna eye - turnbuckle rh Airframe RFQ
AN4-43A Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
AN824-6D Cessna tee Airframe RFQ
AN833-3D Cessna elbow Airframe RFQ
AN834-6D Cessna tee & cap Airframe RFQ
0310196-13 Cessna spring-brake & rudder return Airframe RFQ
0400311-100 Cessna line vent Airframe RFQ
0400311-101 Cessna line - primer rh Airframe RFQ
0400311-102 Cessna line - primer lh Airframe RFQ
0400311-110 Cessna line - fuel Airframe RFQ
0400311-112 Cessna line fuel rh Airframe RFQ
0400311-113 Cessna line-fuel lh Airframe RFQ
0400311-58 Cessna line - fuel Airframe RFQ
0400311-64 Cessna line - fuel lh Airframe RFQ
0400311-65 Cessna line assembly-fuel rh Airframe RFQ
0400311-78 Cessna line assembly - oil pressure Airframe RFQ
0400311-96 Cessna line - brake r/h Airframe RFQ
0400311-97 Cessna line - brake l/h Airframe RFQ
0400311-98 Cessna line - brake Airframe RFQ
0410232-1 Cessna seat stop outbd rail only Airframe RFQ
0411129 Cessna block-fuselage spar bearing fwd Airframe RFQ
0411258-1 Cessna bellcrank-elevator control Airframe RFQ
0411286 Cessna stiffener-control y bulkhead Airframe RFQ
0411307 Cessna arm - rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0411421-6 Cessna guard Airframe RFQ
0411526-1 Cessna weld assembly-rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0411526-2 Cessna weld assembly-rudder bar Airframe RFQ
0411549 Cessna bracket-brake cylinder inside and outer Airframe RFQ
0411563 Cessna bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0411564 Cessna link - dual brakes Airframe RFQ
0411599-5 Cessna shield-rudder bar lh Airframe RFQ
0411971-1 Cessna shield - rudder pedal bar rh cover Airframe RFQ
0412020-207 Cessna tailcone assembly-aft Airframe RFQ
0413033-25 Cessna door assembly-cabin lh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0413033-26 Cessna door assembly-cabin rh Airframe RFQ
0413163-18 Cessna outlet assembly Airframe RFQ
0413387-3 Cessna latch assembly-cabin door lh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0413387-6 Cessna cabin door latch assembly rh Airframe RFQ
0413389-4 Cessna handle - cabin door Airframe RFQ
0413390-23 Cessna arm Airframe RFQ
0413402-2 Cessna lid assembly-battery box Airframe RFQ
0413406-8 Cessna drawbar Airframe RFQ
0413429-1 Cessna feet pan-front floorboard lh Airframe RFQ
0413429-2 Cessna feet pan-front floorboard rh Airframe RFQ
0413459-5 Cessna panel-shock mounted instrument lh & rh Airframe RFQ
0413481-6 Cessna box assembly - glove Airframe RFQ
0413525-10 Cessna door - glove box Airframe RFQ
0413531-28 Cessna cover-radio cut out Airframe RFQ
0414016-2 Cessna trim headliner Airframe RFQ
0414018-4 Cessna retainer-headliner Airframe RFQ
0414019-1 Cessna retainer - doorpost shield lh Airframe RFQ
0414019-2 Cessna retainer - doorpost shield rh Airframe RFQ
0414026-27 Cessna panel assy-door lh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0414026-28 Cessna panel assy-door upholstery rh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0414037-2 Cessna pad protection- rh Airframe RFQ
0414037-3 Cessna pad - protection lh Airframe RFQ
0414048-1 Cessna seat assy-reclining lh with embossed vinyl insert Airframe RFQ
0414048-2 Cessna seat - reclining rh with embossed vinyl insert Airframe RFQ
0421000-1 Cessna strut assembly-wing lh Airframe RFQ
0421000-2 Cessna wing strut rh Airframe RFQ
0426003-18 Cessna fairing-wing lh (see photos) cracked Airframe RFQ
0430004-10-791 Cessna tip - elevator - plastic Airframe RFQ
0431009-3 Cessna fitting Airframe RFQ
0431010-1 Cessna hinge half-lwr vertical fin Airframe RFQ
0431015-7 Cessna fairing assembly-lh (see details) Airframe RFQ
0431015-8 Cessna fairingassembly-rh Airframe RFQ
0431034-1 Cessna fitting lh-fin attach Airframe RFQ
0431034-2 Cessna fitting rh-fin attach Airframe RFQ
0432001-51 Cessna elevator lh (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
0432001-52 Cessna elevator assembly rh with tab Flight-Controls RFQ
0432001-59 Cessna stabilizer - horizontal (see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
0432163-3 Cessna tube - tab actuator Airframe RFQ
0432166-5 Cessna bellcrank - elevator Airframe RFQ
0441132 Cessna clip Airframe RFQ
0441212-5 Cessna spring & axle-main landing gear lh Airframe RFQ
0441212-6 Cessna spring & axle-main landing gear rh Airframe RFQ
0441216-5 Cessna fairing main gear spring lh (cracked see details/photos) (core) Airframe RFQ
0441225-1 Cessna plate - main gear wheel fairing lh Airframe RFQ
0441225-2 Cessna plate - main gear wheel fairing rh Airframe RFQ
0441226-1 Cessna stiffener - wheel fairing lh Airframe RFQ
0441226-2 Cessna stiffener - wheel fairing rh Airframe RFQ
0442142-1 Cessna tube nose wheel Airframe RFQ
0442143-1 Cessna ferrule Airframe RFQ
0442506-1 Cessna link assembly-torque upper Airframe RFQ
0442506-2 Cessna link assembly-torque lower Airframe RFQ
0450191-1 Cessna clamp - throttle control Airframe RFQ
0452003-20 Cessna door assembly-cowl access Airframe RFQ
0452013-2 Cessna cover cowl light Airframe RFQ
0456002-1 Cessna bracket assembly Airframe RFQ
0460108-1 Cessna guard-pulley bracket aileron Airframe RFQ
0460127-2 Cessna wheel - tab control Airframe RFQ
0460128-1 Cessna control y assembly Airframe RFQ
0470114-1 Cessna cover-overhead console (see details) Airframe RFQ
0500315-1 Cessna bracket-strainer drain control Airframe RFQ
0512122 Cessna block-fuselage spar bearing rear Airframe RFQ
0513261-16 Cessna control wheel - pilot or copilot (with push to talk switch) see detail Airframe RFQ
0515010-10 Cessna tray shoulder harness storage Airframe RFQ
0517002-1 Cessna plate-striker Airframe RFQ
0523566-5 Cessna shield - wing position light rh cutout for strobe light Electrical RFQ
0523613-1 Cessna eyebolt-mooring ring Airframe RFQ
0533010-1 Cessna shackle ( 2 pieces ) Airframe RFQ
0541138-19 Cessna cylinder assembly-master brake Airframe RFQ
0541173-1 Cessna spring Airframe RFQ
0541178-1 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
0541211-1 Cessna step-cabin entrance Airframe RFQ
0543000-27 Cessna orifice-piston support assembly Airframe RFQ
0543008-6 Cessna tube-shock strut Airframe RFQ
0543022-3 Cessna tube assembly-nose gear steering lh Airframe RFQ
0543023 Cessna clevis Airframe RFQ
0543023 Cessna clevis & nut Airframe RFQ
C299505-0202S Cessna throttle cable Airframe RFQ
C109 Cessna ball joint Airframe RFQ
C291502-0106 Cessna primer assy - fuel Airframe RFQ
9851078-4 Cessna fuel shut off valve Airframe RFQ
B30195 Cessna brake disc Airframe RFQ
S-1994-1-1 Cessna master switch - dual split Electrical RFQ
S1090-22 Cessna fuse holder assembly-electric clock & hourmeter Electrical RFQ
S1099-1-4.10 Cessna chain - brake - rh Airframe RFQ
S1099-1-5.00 Cessna chain-parking brake lh Airframe RFQ
S1104-3 Cessna rod end-control - throttle Airframe RFQ
S1230-19 Cessna control-carburetor heat Airframe RFQ
S1234-11 Cessna control-carburetor mixture vernier Airframe RFQ
S1239-46 Cessna control - cabin heat or cabin air Airframe RFQ
S1239-49 Cessna control- parking brake Airframe RFQ
S1258-1 Cessna sump assy-pitot static Avionics RFQ
S1320-5 Cessna ammeter - 60 amp - amperes Avionics RFQ
S1517-11 Cessna control-strainer drain Airframe RFQ
S1579-2 Cessna contactor-battery Electrical RFQ
S1674-1 Cessna bearing-torque tube Airframe RFQ
S1675-1 Cessna bearing-torque tube Airframe RFQ
S1685-3 Cessna handle - assist door Airframe RFQ
S1711-1 Cessna switch - oil pressure (normally open) Airframe RFQ
S1810-1075 Cessna hose assembly-brake lh or rh Airframe RFQ
S1991-1 Cessna contactor-starter relay Electrical RFQ
S2029-1 Cessna seat safety belt lap & shoulder - set of two black Airframe RFQ
S378-4 Cessna pulley Airframe RFQ
D-4521 Cessna spacer propeller (see details) Propellers RFQ
EA-5171-0101-CES Cessna airspeed indicator Avionics RFQ
C668507-0101 Cessna gage outside air temp Avionics RFQ
MS16624-1275 Cessna snap ring- nose gear Airframe RFQ
NAS43DD4-152 Cessna spacer Airframe RFQ
NAS561P12-48 Cessna roll pin Airframe RFQ
NPN Cessna fuse and switch panel Electrical RFQ
OR95-1.5 Cessna resistor ltve Avionics RFQ
622-2092-001 Collins tdr-950 transponder (wtih tray) Avionics RFQ
CI102 Comant antenna marker beacon Avionics RFQ
H23-1 Dorne-Margolin triplexer Avionics RFQ
C661003-0504 Electric Gyro indicator-turn & bank Avionics RFQ
C593001-0101 Electromech overvoltage sensor Electrical RFQ
4509 General Electric landing light (100w-13v-g.e.) Electrical RFQ
AA80-001 Intervox intercom - with 4 jacks Avionics RFQ
7277-2-1 Klixon circut breaker 1-amp Electrical RFQ
7277-2-10 Klixon circuit breaker 10 amp Electrical RFQ
7277-2-3 Klixon circut breaker 3-amp Electrical RFQ
C-30018 McCauley cylinder assy- brake Airframe RFQ
1A102/OCM6948 McCauley mccauley prop - 1a101/pcm6948 - wall hanger only Propellers RFQ
C163003-0201 McCauley wheel assembly Airframe RFQ
MC600-72 McFarlane control-carburetor mixture Airframe RFQ
MP-1601 Mechanical Products Inc circut breaker- 60-amp Electrical RFQ
AR-850 Narco altitude encoder reporter ar-850 w/tray & connector Avionics RFQ
PQ876SW NULITE nulite instrument lighting system Electrical RFQ
AV-22 RA-MILLER transponder - dme anntena Avionics RFQ
RA1J10-1 Rapco filter - air Airframe RFQ
IU262-001-39 Sigma-Tek directional gyro 4000-b30 gyroscope Avionics RFQ
TVA-1315 SPRAGUE tva-1315 sprague atom 500uf-50vdc Avionics RFQ
826480 Stewart Warner tachometer Avionics RFQ
820703 Stewart Warner fuel - lh Avionics RFQ
820704 Stewart Warner gage - rh fuel sw Avionics RFQ
820705 Stewart Warner gage - oil pressure sw (gauge) Avionics RFQ
0413484-17 Texas Aeroplastics shield-doorpost lh Airframe RFQ
C668540-0101 UMA suction-gauge Avionics RFQ
C661080-0101 United Inst vertical speed indicator Avionics RFQ
824-202-101 Wood Electric 2-amp breaker - transponder Electrical RFQ

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