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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
0823362-4 AERO TECH SERVICES fuel cell rh inbd Airframe RFQ
5055312-4 AERODUCT transition-air induction rh Airframe RFQ
5655312-3 AERODUCT transition-air induction lh Airframe RFQ
5015104-3 Airborne gear box assy-selector lh Airframe RFQ
5015104-4 Airborne gear box assy-selector rh Airframe RFQ
1C6-10 Airborne pump-fuel boost abne Airframe RFQ
C668519-0101 Airborne gage vacuum Avionics RFQ
46158 Alcor Inc indicator egt with probe and lead Avionics RFQ
066-3038-00 Bendix King ki 229 radio magnetic indicator Avionics RFQ
071-1234-00 Bendix King adf antenna- ka 44b Avionics RFQ
1260074-3 Cessna actuator assembly-aileron trim tab - weu 0831278-1 Airframe RFQ
1260074-6 Cessna actuator-rudder trim tab weu 0831278-2 Airframe RFQ
164-8 Cessna brake disc assy cfp Airframe RFQ
1241015-7 Cessna bumper assembly Airframe RFQ
1SE1-3 Cessna switch-gear down and locked main gear Electrical RFQ
0322546 Cessna adapter Airframe RFQ
0442512-1 Cessna dampener assembly-shimmy Airframe RFQ
0800106-337 Cessna line assy-pump drain lh Airframe RFQ
0800106-346 Cessna line assy-pump drain rh Airframe RFQ
0800186-1 Cessna collar assy-control cable Airframe RFQ
0811132-5 Cessna knob-fuel selector weu 1460203-5 Airframe RFQ
0813017-2 Cessna bellcrank rudder steering Airframe RFQ
0818105-1 Cessna battery box - left wing Airframe RFQ
0822005-44 Cessna cover-rh Airframe RFQ
0822380-43 Cessna door-access 60 gal fuel system Airframe RFQ
0823008-1 Cessna bracket - valve sniffle Airframe RFQ
0823009-1 Cessna cover Airframe RFQ
0823009-2 Cessna cover Airframe RFQ
0823400-175 Cessna gasket - fuel filler Airframe RFQ
0823400-71 Cessna plate-aft access Airframe RFQ
0823400-73 Cessna doubler Airframe RFQ
0823400-78 Cessna band Airframe RFQ
0823410-3 Cessna adapter with 3 inch diameter fuel inlet Airframe RFQ
0823413-3 Cessna fairing-front lh tip tank Airframe RFQ
0823413-37 Cessna fairing-lower lh ( see photos ) Airframe RFQ
0823413-38 Cessna fairing-lower rh Airframe RFQ
0823413-4 Cessna fairing-front rh tip tank Airframe RFQ
0826002-200 Cessna door-lh inbd weu 0826002-211 Airframe RFQ
0826002-201 Cessna door-rh inbd (see details) Airframe RFQ
0826002-208 Cessna door assembly-lh outbd Airframe RFQ
0826005-4 Cessna arm door hinge Airframe RFQ
0831002-205 Cessna fin-vertical stabilizer Flight-Controls RFQ
0831002-5 Cessna trim tab rudder Flight-Controls RFQ
0831002-53 Cessna rudder assembly (trim tab sold separately) Flight-Controls RFQ
0831018-2 Cessna tip rudder (plastic) Airframe RFQ
0831116-1 Cessna tip-fin vertical stabilizer (with antenna-fin tip) Airframe RFQ
0832000-303 Cessna bellcrank-elevator Airframe RFQ
0832141-15 Cessna rod-push pull rudder trim control Airframe RFQ
0840125-15 Cessna tube assy-aft Airframe RFQ
0841111-3 Cessna end fitting assy-side brace lock Airframe RFQ
0841112-1 Cessna link assy-side brace Airframe RFQ
0841113-2 Cessna scew-adjusting Airframe RFQ
0841142-1 Cessna uplock assy Airframe RFQ
0842000-35 Cessna spacer-axle Airframe RFQ
0842000-36 Cessna tube-axle Airframe RFQ
0842000-37 Cessna bucket-axle bolt Airframe RFQ
0842007-2 Cessna retainer-bearing Airframe RFQ
0842410-1 Cessna shimmy damper assy Airframe RFQ
0851149-211 Cessna nose cap assy-cowl rh used with 100 amp alternator (see details) fiberglass Airframe RFQ
0851149-212 Cessna nose cap assy-lh 100 amp alt fiberglass (see details) Airframe RFQ
0851164-200 Cessna door-nacelle side lh outboard Airframe RFQ
0851164-203 Cessna door-nacelle side rh used with air conditioning Airframe RFQ
0851170-200 Cessna panel assy-lower lh inboard Airframe RFQ
0851170-203 Cessna panel assy-lower rh inboard Airframe RFQ
0851738-201 Cessna door-baggage lh Airframe RFQ
0851781-18 Cessna channel assy-latch Airframe RFQ
0851792-10 Cessna fairing-aft outbd rh Airframe RFQ
0851823-1 Cessna bracket-door stop Airframe RFQ
5141001-33 Cessna brace assy-lh side Airframe RFQ
5141001-34 Cessna brace assy-rh side lower half Airframe RFQ
5842000-213 Cessna trunnion-nose gear-lug (1.19 dia) Airframe RFQ
75-19B Cessna plate assy-torque cfp Airframe RFQ
5118348-1 Cessna tie down-battery Airframe RFQ
5122013-201 Cessna skin strip fwd lh Airframe RFQ
5122013-202 Cessna skin strip fw rh Airframe RFQ
5123103-2 Cessna scoop assy-vent lh or rh tip tank Airframe RFQ
5021013-9 Cessna door-access lh Airframe RFQ
5021502-205 Cessna cover strip aft lh Airframe RFQ
5021502-206 Cessna cover strip aft rh Airframe RFQ
5022014-48 Cessna external power receptacle outlet w/pilot light-plate inspection Electrical RFQ
5023000-7 Cessna fairing-upper lh tip tank Airframe RFQ
5023000-8 Cessna fairing-upper rh tip tank Airframe RFQ
5024000-2 Cessna aileron-rh Flight-Controls RFQ
5024000-63 Cessna aileron-complete w/trim tab lh (see photos) Flight-Controls RFQ
5024002-9 Cessna hinge-aileron inboard lh Airframe RFQ
5025000-6 Cessna bellcrank-rh actuator-aileron servo Airframe RFQ
5025018-1 Cessna rod assy-aileron control lh or rh Airframe RFQ
5026005-1 Cessna strainer assy-fuel lh or rh (finger) Airframe RFQ
5041001-5 Cessna bellcrank assy lh - weu 5041001-9 Airframe RFQ
5041001-6 Cessna bellcrank assy rh Airframe RFQ
5041005-1 Cessna spring down lock Airframe RFQ
5041011-1 Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
5041012-3 Cessna link assembly Airframe RFQ
5041023-5 Cessna hook assy- uplock fwd & aft rh Airframe RFQ
5041023-7 Cessna hook assy- uplock fwd & aft lh Airframe RFQ
5041107-2 Cessna shaft-pin Airframe RFQ
5042000-224 Cessna strut assembly-shock Airframe RFQ
5042004-1 Cessna bracket-shimmy damper Airframe RFQ
5042024-6 Cessna bracket assy-fender mounting Airframe RFQ
5194001-11 Cessna strut assy-main gear lh Airframe RFQ
5194001-12 Cessna strut assy-main gear (see details) Airframe RFQ
5211185-1 Cessna stop assy-baggage door Airframe RFQ
5261001-10 Cessna wheel-control-rh Airframe RFQ
5261001-9 Cessna wheel-control-lh Airframe RFQ
5300400-38 Cessna bellcrank-lh actuator-aileron servo Airframe RFQ
5310120-4 Cessna retainer-access panel Airframe RFQ
5310125-1 Cessna panel-access rear Airframe RFQ
5311037-15 Cessna fairing lh stub wing fwd upper Airframe RFQ
5311037-16 Cessna fairing rh stub wing fwd upper Airframe RFQ
5311523-2 Cessna cover-fuel selector trim Airframe RFQ
5312040-17 Cessna fairing-horizontal stabilizer lh leading edge (see photos) Airframe RFQ
5312040-18 Cessna fairing-horizontal stabilizer rh leading edge. Airframe RFQ
5312040-5 Cessna skin-fairing lh horizontal stabilizer Airframe RFQ
5312040-6 Cessna skin-fairing rh horizontal stabilizer Airframe RFQ
5315097-1 Cessna actuator assy-elevator trim tab Airframe RFQ
5332000-2 Cessna stabilizer -horizontal weu 5332000-3 Flight-Controls RFQ
5334029-1 Cessna tip elevator lh Airframe RFQ
5334150-200 Cessna elevator assy-rh (with trim tab) Flight-Controls RFQ
5334150-3 Cessna elevator-lh Flight-Controls RFQ
5360802-12 Cessna tube & fork assy weu 5360802-14 Airframe RFQ
5622013-200 Cessna skin upper center lh Airframe RFQ
5622013-201 Cessna skin upper center rh Airframe RFQ
5622013-202 Cessna skin lower center lh Airframe RFQ
5622013-203 Cessna skin lower center rh Airframe RFQ
5652001-212 Cessna cowl-upper lh or rh weu 5652001-215 Airframe RFQ
5654006-1 Cessna door assy-access lh or rh Airframe RFQ
5654012-4 Cessna rod assy-cowl flap Airframe RFQ
5655300-204 Cessna door assy-nacelle side lh inboard (see photos) Airframe RFQ
5655300-205 Cessna door assy-nacelle side rh inboard (see photos) Airframe RFQ
5655301-1 Cessna clamp - air induction Airframe RFQ
5655304-200 Cessna canister & adapter assy-air lh Airframe RFQ
CM2910-15 Cessna nut Airframe RFQ
MS21920-30R Cessna clamp-fwd or aft 11.0 cu ft cylinder Airframe RFQ
NAS464P4-26 Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
NAS464P5-14 Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
NPN Cessna fairing shield-turbocharger-tailpipe lh damaged Airframe RFQ
9910163-1 Cessna service fitting assy - a/c Airframe RFQ
9910167-1 Cessna switch - high temp (see details) Electrical RFQ
9910392-3 Cessna wheel-control-lh & rh Airframe RFQ
AN5-55 Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
C262023-0105 Cessna tube-6.50 x 10 Airframe RFQ
C622001-0501 Cessna wing tip light -lh nav red 28v Electrical RFQ
C622001-0502 Cessna wing tip light -rh nav 28v Electrical RFQ
C661031-0101 Cessna indicator-turn & bank Avionics RFQ
C662019-0101 Cessna tri gage - oil psi- cyl temp- oil temp Avionics RFQ
C662503-0102 Cessna ammeter-prop deice Avionics RFQ
C664506-0102 Cessna clock - eight 8 day wind up (swiss made) Avionics RFQ
40-40A Cleveland wheel assy Airframe RFQ
30-28B Cleveland brake assy Airframe RFQ
1241156-115 Cleveland wheel assy-nose gear weu 9910194-5 Airframe RFQ
340900 Commercial Aircraft Product valve-sniffle 340-900 Airframe RFQ
VT10-56-1 COMMUNICATIONS COMPONENTS CORP vor/gs navigation antenna (sold as pair) tail mount Avionics RFQ
078-345-0 Condor 6.50-10 tire- 8 ply - main wheel Airframe RFQ
2656 Consolidated cable assy Airframe RFQ
2704 Consolidated cable assy-auxiliary fuel Airframe RFQ
PAA700 Consolidated tank unit-fuel quantity lh or rh capacitance Airframe RFQ
PAA700-14 Consolidated tank unit-fuel quantity capacitance lh or rh Airframe RFQ
PAA700-6 Consolidated tank unit-main fuel gaging Airframe RFQ
9910082-1 Consolidated indicator-fuel quantity (model # dsf 158) Avionics RFQ
FMB1261 Consolidated bracket-rh inbd aux Airframe RFQ
FMB1268 Consolidated bracket-rh mid aux Airframe RFQ
M877 Davtron chronometer Avionics RFQ
IU262-005-20 EDO Corp dg directional gyro - model 4000d-1 Avionics RFQ
37570-1002 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL gyro attitude-type i g-519b-1 Avionics RFQ
0476411 Facet pump-transfer lh or rh 24v Airframe RFQ
78-8060-5960-2 Goodrich wx-900 display stormscope serieis ii Avionics RFQ
1A29 Goodyear Aerospace Corp flight mate butyl aircraft tube 6.50-10 Airframe RFQ
31-1748-3 Grimes light sub assy gmc (rear position light) strobe Electrical RFQ
G-2905-24 Grimes light assy-strobe rh or lh tip tank fso 30-1172-1 Electrical RFQ
NPN ICARUS altitude alert system Avionics RFQ
066-3046-01 King ki-525a hsi indicator with bootstrap output (14 / 28 volts ) Avionics RFQ
069-1025 King kx-165 nav/comm with glide slope reciever. ( 28volts) Avionics RFQ
066-1062-00 King kt-76a atc transponder (14 volts ) Avionics RFQ
066-1072-00 King kr-87 adf receiver (14/28 vdc ) Avionics RFQ
066-1088-00 King kn-64 dme (14/28 volts ) Avionics RFQ
066-3034-05 King ki 206 vor/loc/g.s. indicator with course datum ( see details ) Avionics RFQ
1CH1-6 Micro Switch switch-gear safety mcs Electrical RFQ
4300-311 Mid Continent gyro - attitude indicator Avionics RFQ
PAI-700 PRECISION AVIATION vertical card compass Avionics RFQ
050-890-0702 PS Engineering pma8000bt with bluetooth (voltage 11 - 33 vdc ) Avionics RFQ
C166001-0813 Scott cylinder & regulator assy 11.0 cu ft Airframe RFQ
910532T-D SHADIN fuel flow indicator-digital Avionics RFQ
516-001 SHAW AERO cap-fuel filler Airframe RFQ
514-001 SHAW AERO cap-fuel filler Airframe RFQ
EA5173-2-RAM Sigma-Tek indicator-airspeed 40-260 knots type 1 Avionics RFQ
C668517-0101 Teledyne Avionics indicator-rate of change Avionics RFQ
351-21672-007 TELLITE light assy indicator (with test switch) Avionics RFQ
0900-3040-00 TERRA CORP tri 40 indicator unit Avionics RFQ
5934PA-3 United Inst altimeter Avionics RFQ
C661014-0101 United Inst altimeter Avionics RFQ
C668016-0101 United Inst tachometer-dual synchronous Avionics RFQ
C668516-0101 United Inst gage-differential pressure-cabin alt Avionics RFQ
C662026-0113 United Inst indicator-manifold pressure Avionics RFQ
C661035-0101 United Inst vertical speed indicator - type ii 0-3000 ft/min Avionics RFQ
C621002-0108 Whelen strobe light beacon rudder Electrical RFQ

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