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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 230(260-27-1510, 101635-01697L, 1G4-41, 10-357230-1, 52D137-1333 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
230(260-27-1510 Aerosonic-Corp indicator - airspeed 0-300 mph Avionics RFQ
101635-01697L Aerosonic-Corp altimeter / pressure altitude reporting Avionics RFQ
1G4-41 Airborne dual vacuum pressure gyro suction gauge 1g4-41 Avionics RFQ
10-357230-1 Bendix King switch-ignition-magneto l/r/both/start- keyless Electrical RFQ
52D137-1333 Century Flight Systems hsi navigation situation display Avionics RFQ
5000E-9 EDO-AIRE MITCHELL ai - attitude gyro (52d67) ( autopilit output ) Avionics RFQ
308-906-001 GULL AIRBORNE indicator fuel qty lwing/rwing/fuslage Avionics RFQ
HC-C3YR-2UF/FC8468-8 Hartzell hc-c3yr-2uf/fc8468-8r 3-bladed prop with de-ice boots tsmo=302.6 Propellers RFQ
85094 Honeywell hobbs hours meter - quartz ( with 3 1/8 inch hole cover ) Avionics RFQ
920024-609 Piper AeroStar vent- hose assy flexible - hydraulic pump Airframe RFQ
920024-691 Piper AeroStar hose assy flexible - hydraulic pump Airframe RFQ
920024-697 Piper AeroStar hose assy flexible - hydraulic pump Airframe RFQ
920051-575 Piper AeroStar tube - hydraulic pressure Airframe RFQ
980049-501 Piper AeroStar rotary actuator - waste gate control fylm 43300-4 Airframe RFQ
IP-349-J Piper AeroStar hydraulic pump (old pn: 349-j) Airframe RFQ
C3259-1 Piper AeroStar spinner bulkhead (c3259-1) Propellers RFQ
501 350 Piper AeroStar bolt - (an-5h-40) Airframe RFQ
710153-01 Piper AeroStar spring - anti-rattle-used on co-pilot and passenger seat only Airframe RFQ
758 433 Piper AeroStar brush block- (3e2046-1) Avionics RFQ
400052-01 Piper AeroStar rod assy Airframe RFQ
401-536 Piper AeroStar bolt- used with engine mount (an7-36a) Airframe RFQ
452 738 Piper AeroStar rod end - (rep4m6) Airframe RFQ
455 078 Piper AeroStar clip - (ta11c90) Airframe RFQ
458 925 Piper AeroStar elbow Airframe RFQ
210037-07 Piper AeroStar windshield assembly Airframe RFQ
210056-177 Piper AeroStar clip - left Airframe RFQ
210056-178 Piper AeroStar clip - right Airframe RFQ
553 509 Piper AeroStar spinner bulkhead (c3259-1) Propellers RFQ
558-713 Piper AeroStar elbow (2503-06-06) - hydraulic pump Airframe RFQ
558-714 Piper AeroStar elbow (2503-10-10) - hydraulic pump Airframe RFQ
587 129 Piper AeroStar spinner assembly- (c3258p) Propellers RFQ
600035-507 Piper AeroStar controls - flexible Airframe RFQ
620046-1 Piper AeroStar retainer Airframe RFQ
700008-501 Piper AeroStar cover (see details) Airframe RFQ
700173-501 Piper AeroStar seat assembly - bench (complete) Airframe RFQ
700525-516 Piper AeroStar seat assembly (model # 1880-205) Airframe RFQ
230024-01 Piper AeroStar cowling assembly - upper left (see details) Airframe RFQ
230024-501 Piper AeroStar cowling assembly - upper right (see details) Airframe RFQ
230024-503 Piper AeroStar cowling assembly - lower left (see details) Airframe RFQ
230024-505 Piper AeroStar cowling assembly - lower right (see details) Airframe RFQ
230030-503 Piper AeroStar nose cowl assembly Airframe RFQ
230032-503 Piper AeroStar door assembly Airframe RFQ
230078-505 Piper AeroStar bracket Airframe RFQ
250006-504 Piper AeroStar rh outboard gear door Airframe RFQ
250019-01 Piper AeroStar hinge assembly - aft Airframe RFQ
250021-502 Piper AeroStar aft-nose gear door assembly - lh and rh(see details) Airframe RFQ
300022-501 Piper AeroStar engine mount removed from the rh side Airframe RFQ
300033-507 Piper AeroStar mount - strut to turbo left side Airframe RFQ
300033-509 Piper AeroStar mount - strut to turbo right side Airframe RFQ
300033-515 Piper AeroStar strut lh Airframe RFQ
300035-513 Piper AeroStar tube assembly - cross shaft Airframe RFQ
300036-501 Piper AeroStar rod - actuator - waste gate control Airframe RFQ
300036-503 Piper AeroStar rod waste gate control - lh Airframe RFQ
300036-505 Piper AeroStar rod - waste gate control rh Airframe RFQ
300037-501 Piper AeroStar bearing block assembly - left - short Airframe RFQ
300041-001 Piper AeroStar shroud assembly - magneto Airframe RFQ
300057-01 Piper AeroStar support - upper lh from engine to mount assy - turbo Airframe RFQ
300058-01 Piper AeroStar strut - lower left Airframe RFQ
300067-01 Piper AeroStar support - upper rh from engine to mount assy - turbo Airframe RFQ
300068-01 Piper AeroStar strut - lower right with waste gate actuator bracket Airframe RFQ
300069-01 Piper AeroStar strut rh Airframe RFQ
250065-01 PIPER AIRCRAFT CORP angle Airframe RFQ
710060-501 PIPER AIRCRAFT CORP seat assembly - swivel Airframe RFQ
202-2F1F1K-D4 TAE IND gauge - dual cylinder head temperature gage Avionics RFQ
7060 United Inst vertical speed indicator type iv 06000 ft/min Avionics RFQ
PM-42-11 United Inst gauge - manifold pressure ( dual engine ) Avionics RFQ
AW1817AB01 US GAUGE CO hydraulic pressure gage Avionics RFQ
550 597 Wakmann clock - eight 8 day wind up (swiss) Avionics RFQ

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