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If you are in need of salvaged aircraft parts, you won’t find a more inclusive source than Aerospace Buying. Owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we can offer customers access to an inventory of more than two billion new and obsolete parts for the aerospace, defense, civil aviation, electronics, and IT hardware markets. As such, we have salvaged aircraft parts such as 002-440030-17, 004-440030-15, 066-1024-03, 066-1038-00, 066-1063-00 and many more, all of which are in stock and ready to ship with short lead times and competitive prices. At Aerospace Buying, we are committed to providing customers with solutions to product obsolescence, long lead times, and in-demand & hard to find items.

Although salvaged aircraft parts are not new, Aerospace Buying employs stringent quality assurance testing to ensure the quality of each item. Furthermore, as an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA 0056B accredited company, as well as the only independent distributor with a no China sourcing policy, we can promise that each part you buy from us will come with a full trace or be directly from the manufacturer. To begin the purchasing process instantly, submit an RFQ today. Our aim is not only to improve the parts procurement experience, but to revolutionize it entirely.

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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
002-440030-17 Beechcraft duct Airframe RFQ
004-440030-15 Beechcraft elbow Airframe RFQ
066-1024-03 King kma20 kma-20 tsod marker/audio panel Avionics RFQ
066-1038-00 King kr-86 adf receiver and indicator model Avionics RFQ
066-1063-00 Bendix King kn75 kn-75 glide slope receiver Avionics RFQ
066-1088-00 King kn-64 dme Avionics RFQ
066-3056-00 Bendix King vor/loc indicator ki208 11-33 volts Avionics RFQ
071-1098-00-R2 King adf loop antenna Avionics RFQ
075-07800 Cleveland plate assy torque Airframe RFQ
100942BB0304-26 Beechcraft spring for cable assy Airframe RFQ
101321-0080180 Beechcraft bushing nose wheel steering adapter Airframe RFQ
108-364011-11 Beechcraft panel - overhead rheostat - instrument map light switch Electrical RFQ
120MC STS loran-c 120 mc reciever Avionics RFQ
130907C-A8098 Beechcraft duct Airframe RFQ
130907C-AC140 Beechcraft duct Airframe RFQ
130907TC-AB300 Beechcraft duct Airframe RFQ
14565 Precise Flight standby vacuum system kit (complete see details) Avionics RFQ
153-64002-26 Beechcraft hose assy Airframe RFQ
164-04300 Beechcraft disc assy brake Airframe RFQ
169-110000-235 Beechcraft retainer sealed beam bulb Airframe RFQ
169-110000-293 Beechcraft tip - lh wing - droop Airframe RFQ
169-110000-294 Beechcraft tip - rh wing -droop Airframe RFQ
169-110000-687 Beechcraft wing assy lh/less tip aileron flap & gear Flight-Controls RFQ
169-110000-688 Beechcraft wing - rh/less tip aileron flap & gear Flight-Controls RFQ
169-110014 Beechcraft plate upper splice Airframe RFQ
169-110017-1 Beechcraft plate lower splice Airframe RFQ
169-110018 Beechcraft plate fwd lower splice Airframe RFQ
169-110019 Beechcraft plate aft lower splice Airframe RFQ
169-130005-1 Beechcraft aileron lh - left Flight-Controls RFQ
169-130005-2 Beechcraft aileron rh - right Flight-Controls RFQ
169-160005-44 Beechcraft flap assy rh (dented on bottom see photos) core Flight-Controls RFQ
169-160005-45 Beechcraft bracket assy flap stop Airframe RFQ
169-324099-7 Beechcraft panel Airframe RFQ
169-324101-3 Beechcraft panel identification Airframe RFQ
169-364010-57 Beechcraft inlet air (fiberglass) Airframe RFQ
169-364010-61 Beechcraft adapter air intake (see details) Airframe RFQ
169-364015-55 Beechcraft fairing Airframe RFQ
169-364017-3 Beechcraft bracket lh /used with taxi lig1ts Airframe RFQ
169-364017-4 Beechcraft intercostal - taxi light rh wing Airframe RFQ
169-364031-15 Beechcraft bracket assy Airframe RFQ
169-364031-19 Beechcraft grill Airframe RFQ
169-364031-3 Beechcraft bracket Airframe RFQ
169-364031-47 Beechcraft escutcheon - speaker cover Airframe RFQ
169-380003 Beechcraft rubber disc shock absorber Airframe RFQ
169-380005-17 Beechcraft cable - cabin air control Airframe RFQ
169-380005-19 Beechcraft control defrost Airframe RFQ
169-380017 United Inst indicator rate of climb - vertical speed Avionics RFQ
169-380024-3 Beechcraft adapter fuel cap /use with 169-380024-1 cap/ Airframe RFQ
169-380029-3 MAECO damper assy/spares for 169-380029 Airframe RFQ
169-380032-7 Beechcraft stop assy rh cabin door Airframe RFQ
169-380051-7 Beechcraft bulkhead-propeller spinner aft Propellers RFQ
169-380064-3 Beechcraft filter induction air box Airframe RFQ
169-380066-3 Beechcraft transmitter lh fuel quantity Airframe RFQ
169-380066-4 Beechcraft transmitter rh fuel quantity Airframe RFQ
169-380079-1 United Inst indicator fuel pressure Avionics RFQ
169-380084-13 Beechcraft cable throttle control Airframe RFQ
169-380087-11 Beechcraft mixture control cable Airframe RFQ
169-380087-7 Beechcraft cable carb heat control Airframe RFQ
169-400005-301 Beechcraft door splice plate access Airframe RFQ
169-400005-431 Beechcraft floor cabin center Airframe RFQ
169-400005-875 Beechcraft angle seat belt attach Airframe RFQ
169-400005-885 Beechcraft floor cabin center Airframe RFQ
169-400005-917 Beechcraft track lh outbd Airframe RFQ
169-400005-918 Beechcraft track lh inbd Airframe RFQ
169-400005-919 Beechcraft track rh inbd Airframe RFQ
169-400005-920 Beechcraft track rh outbd Airframe RFQ
169-400010-157 Beechcraft firewall assy Airframe RFQ
169-400022-13 Beechcraft frame Airframe RFQ
169-400024-5 Beechcraft assy/heated pitot Avionics RFQ
169-420000-117 Beechcraft window lh middle /clear/ Airframe RFQ
169-420000-118 Beechcraft window rh middle /clear/ Airframe RFQ
169-420000-127 Beechcraft window lh middle /clear/ (cracked) Airframe RFQ
169-420000-128 Beechcraft window rh middle /clear/ Airframe RFQ
169-420000-59 Beechcraft bracket lh Airframe RFQ
169-420000-60 Beechcraft bracket rh Airframe RFQ
169-420005-69 Beechcraft tube lh Airframe RFQ
169-420005-70 Beechcraft tube rh Airframe RFQ
169-420036-147 Beechcraft cabin door lh - structure Airframe RFQ
169-420036-148 Beechcraft door-cabin rh Airframe RFQ
169-420038-45 Beechcraft windshield/tinted/ Airframe RFQ
169-420047-1 Beechcraft door Airframe RFQ
169-420048-3 Beechcraft door fuel boost pump access Airframe RFQ
169-430022-17 Beechcraft baggage door ( as photographed ) Airframe RFQ
169-440005-165 Beechcraft door aft rh access Airframe RFQ
169-440005-31 Beechcraft door aft lh access Airframe RFQ
169-440005-39 Beechcraft bracket Airframe RFQ
169-440013-13 Beechcraft fairing dorsal fwd Airframe RFQ
169-440017-1 Beechcraft hinge assembly lh Airframe RFQ
169-440017-2 Beechcraft hinge assy aft fuselage rh Airframe RFQ
169-524000-43 Beechcraft bushing Airframe RFQ
169-524000-49 Beechcraft link cable attaching Airframe RFQ
169-524000-603 Beechcraft control mechanism stabilator tab Airframe RFQ
169-524000-63 Beechcraft bracket assy Airframe RFQ
169-524013-11 Beechcraft support Airframe RFQ
169-524013-33 Beechcraft tube bellcrank Airframe RFQ
169-524013-37 Beechcraft tube bellcrank Airframe RFQ
169-524013-77 Beechcraft rudder cross shaft assy fwd Airframe RFQ
169-524013-79 Beechcraft rudder cross shaft assy aft Airframe RFQ
169-524018-59 Beechcraft tube control lh Airframe RFQ
169-524018-601 Beechcraft control column assy Airframe RFQ
169-524020-1 Beechcraft arm aileron control Airframe RFQ
169-524021-31 Beechcraft sprocket Airframe RFQ
169-524024-5 Beechcraft support tube Airframe RFQ
169-524033-11 Beechcraft plate stabilator tab actuator Airframe RFQ
169-524033-13 Beechcraft drum tab actuator (with cable) Airframe RFQ
169-524033-35 Beechcraft joint universal Airframe RFQ
169-524035-3 Beechcraft tube aileron push rod Airframe RFQ
169-524045-3 Beechcraft pedal brake Airframe RFQ
169-524046 Beechcraft flap actuator & motor assy/14 volt/ (319a208-3) Electrical RFQ
169-524046-11 Beechcraft ratchet assy flap control Airframe RFQ
169-524047-7 Beechcraft tube-electric flap mechanism push/pull rod Airframe RFQ
169-524048-3 Beechcraft arm Airframe RFQ
169-524053-1 Beechcraft bellcrank assy Airframe RFQ
169-524082-1 Beechcraft spring Airframe RFQ
169-524087-1 Beechcraft stabilator tab rod assembly - beechcraft c23 Airframe RFQ
169-530000-105 Beechcraft boot assy control column (see details) Airframe RFQ
169-530001-367 Beechcraft strip trim Airframe RFQ
169-530001-79 Beechcraft cover - pedestal skirt Airframe RFQ
169-530004-153 Beechcraft trim hatshelf/w/0 5th & 6th seat/ Airframe RFQ
169-530004-325 Beechcraft plate with screen Airframe RFQ
169-530004-329 Beechcraft duct assy cabin air exhaust Airframe RFQ
169-530004-66 Beechcraft windlace Airframe RFQ
169-530005-137 Beechcraft panel Airframe RFQ
169-530017-5 Beechcraft hanger - coat tube type Airframe RFQ
169-534017-7 Beechcraft boot & strap - tow bar Airframe RFQ
169-534024-1 Beechcraft seat-pilot lh front Airframe RFQ
169-534024-2 Beechcraft seat-copilot rh front Airframe RFQ
169-534045-113 Beechcraft seat-3rd rear passenger Airframe RFQ
169-534045-114 Beechcraft seat4th rear passenger Airframe RFQ
169-534079-29 Beechcraft panel lh hatshelf Airframe RFQ
169-534079-30 Beechcraft panel rh hatshelf Airframe RFQ
169-534092-27 Beechcraft molding 2nd and 3rd window lh Airframe RFQ
169-534092-28 Beechcraft molding 2nd and 3rd window rh . Airframe RFQ
169-534093-3 Beechcraft window molding lh cabin door Airframe RFQ
169-534093-4 Beechcraft window molding rh cabin door Airframe RFQ
169-534093-7 Beechcraft molding upper lh cabin door Airframe RFQ
169-534093-8 Beechcraft molding upper rh cabin door Airframe RFQ
169-534111-1 Beechcraft cover inertia reel Airframe RFQ
169-534121-3 Beechcraft cover assy spar Airframe RFQ
169-534124-5 Beechcraft glareshield (see details.) Airframe RFQ
169-554006-9 Beechcraft feed plenum Airframe RFQ
169-554009-81 Beechcraft escutcheon - air valve rh or lh Airframe RFQ
169-554009-82 Beechcraft escutcheon lh Airframe RFQ
169-554017-1 Beechcraft escutcheon w/air valve & plenum - lh Airframe RFQ
169-554017-2 Beechcraft escutcheon w/air valve & plenum - rh Airframe RFQ
169-554018-1 Beechcraft plenum Airframe RFQ
169-554019-13 Beechcraft elbow /with 6th seat outlet prov/ Airframe RFQ
169-554019-5 Beechcraft y duct split Airframe RFQ
169-554020-10 Beechcraft adapter assy rh Airframe RFQ
169-554020-7 Beechcraft adapter assy lh fwd Airframe RFQ
169-554020-8 Beechcraft adapter assy rh fwd Airframe RFQ
169-554020-9 Beechcraft adapter assy lh Airframe RFQ
169-580001-123 Beechcraft tube assy/valve to reservoir Airframe RFQ
169-580001-141 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-580001-143 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-580001-287 Beechcraft block /distribution/spares for 169-560001-105 Airframe RFQ
169-580001-91 Beechcraft tube Airframe RFQ
169-620000-132 Beechcraft tab assy stabilator- rh (damaged - see details) Flight-Controls RFQ
169-620000-37 Beechcraft tube stabilator actuating (with weight) Airframe RFQ
169-620000-63 Beechcraft angle - stabilator tab Airframe RFQ
169-620001-603 Beechcraft stabilator assy- (less the trim tab) Flight-Controls RFQ
169-620010-1 Beechcraft horn assy tab Airframe RFQ
169-640000-3 Beechcraft rudder - vertical Flight-Controls RFQ
169-640000-77 Beechcraft tip assy rudder Airframe RFQ
169-640000-97 Beechcraft tip stabilizer (see details.) Airframe RFQ
169-640011-1 Beechcraft arm/rudder control Airframe RFQ
169-640012-3 Beechcraft bracket/rudder hinge Airframe RFQ
169-640012-5 Beechcraft bearing/rudder hinge Airframe RFQ
169-810000-131 Beechcraft spacer Airframe RFQ
169-810000-137 Beechcraft pin/supersedes 169-810000-77/ Airframe RFQ
169-810000-29 Beechcraft cap hub Airframe RFQ
169-810000-41 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-810000-49 Beechcraft collar nose wheel steering Airframe RFQ
169-810000-613 Beechcraft fork & axle assy lh main gear Airframe RFQ
169-810000-614 Beechcraft fork & axle assy rh main gear Airframe RFQ
169-810000-9 Beechcraft spacer/axle & wheel Airframe RFQ
169-810010-11 Beechcraft fork nose lg gear and axle Airframe RFQ
169-810014-1 Beechcraft fairing lh main gear Airframe RFQ
169-810014-2 Beechcraft fairing rh main gear Airframe RFQ
169-810016-3 Beechcraft bearing/nose lg housing c steer collar/ . Airframe RFQ
169-810018 Beechcraft steering instl nose wheel (see details) Airframe RFQ
169-810019-5 Beechcraft arm assy/nose wheel steering Airframe RFQ
169-910028-11 Beechcraft strip Airframe RFQ
169-910028-19 Beechcraft valve Airframe RFQ
169-910028-23 Beechcraft valve defrost Airframe RFQ
169-910028-5 Beechcraft weld assy cabin heat/ airbox Airframe RFQ
169-910056-139 Beechcraft cowling instl engine (with dooroil filler) Airframe RFQ
169-910056-211 Beechcraft cowl assy lower Airframe RFQ
169-920000-129 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-179 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-219 Beechcraft strainer assy lh Airframe RFQ
169-920000-220 Beechcraft strainer assy rh Airframe RFQ
169-920000-225 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-229 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-233 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-25 Beechcraft tube assy lh Airframe RFQ
169-920000-41 Beechcraft tube assy Airframe RFQ
169-920000-5 Beechcraft tube assy rh Airframe RFQ
169-920000-57 Beechcraft handle fuel selector Airframe RFQ
169-920000-69 Beechcraft tube assy (damaged) Airframe RFQ

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