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Part No Manufacturer Description Category RFQ
280D40 3M ryan wx-10 stormscope weather mapping system Avionics RFQ
2H3-5 Airborne regulator - vacuum Airframe RFQ
1C6-10 Airborne pump-fuel boost abne Airframe RFQ
047 3573 01 Bendix King mounting bracket for kc290 autopilot mode control Airframe RFQ
060-0017-01 Bendix King ki 256 flight command indicator Avionics RFQ
064-1054-30 Bendix King ky-196 comm transceiver (28v) (face damaged) Avionics RFQ
065-0032-01 Bendix King ka 285 annunciator panel Avionics RFQ
065-0033-00 Bendix King kc 290 mode controller Avionics RFQ
065-0060-01 Bendix King prim servo ks 271a (with cable) Avionics RFQ
066-1055-03 Bendix King kma-24 audio panel with 3 light marker beacon Avionics RFQ
066-1062-00 Bendix King kt-76a transponder with tray Avionics RFQ
066-3046-00 Bendix King ki-525a hsi indicator mods (2 4 5 7) Avionics RFQ
066-3056-00 Bendix King vor/loc indicator ki208 11-33 volts Avionics RFQ
066-3114-00 Bendix King color radar indicator Avionics RFQ
066-4026-00 Bendix King kln 88 loran-c rnav Avionics RFQ
071-1378-00 Bendix King radar Avionics RFQ
0262023-0105 Cessna tube-6.50 x 10 Airframe RFQ
0322526-6 Cessna adaptor - fuel tank drain Airframe RFQ
0322546 Cessna adapter Airframe RFQ
0411523 Cessna block Airframe RFQ
0800400-202 Cessna line-rh fuel vent weu 0800403-4 Airframe RFQ
0800400-214 Cessna line assy-fuel lh or rh weu 0800403-5 Airframe RFQ
0812200-38 Cessna actuator assy weld Airframe RFQ
0812744-3 Cessna track-seat lh & rh Airframe RFQ
0812780-17 Cessna seat - pilot - articulating manually adjustable seat Airframe RFQ
0812780-18 Cessna seat - co-pilot articulating manually adjustable seat Airframe RFQ
0812785-1 Cessna seat skirt-aft Airframe RFQ
0813017-2 Cessna bellcrank assy-rudder steering Airframe RFQ
0813526-8 Cessna knob assy (see details) Airframe RFQ
0818105-1 Cessna battery box - left wing Airframe RFQ
0819011-3 Cessna holder-chart lh or rh Airframe RFQ
082-05600 Cessna spring cfp Airframe RFQ
0822023-15 Cessna doubler-lh Airframe RFQ
0823009-2 Cessna cover Airframe RFQ
103576-16 Cessna valve-outflow arsh Airframe RFQ
10501100-17 Cessna housing-latch lh & rh alt for h26-13 ddsl Airframe RFQ
10C6X-S Cessna elbow compressor abne Airframe RFQ
130360-1 Cessna controller arsh Avionics RFQ
164-8 Cessna brake disc assy cfp Airframe RFQ
1944 Cessna plate-escutcheon lh Airframe RFQ
1944-1 Cessna plate-escutcheon rh Airframe RFQ
1945 Cessna escutcheon assy-rh wmac Airframe RFQ
1945-1 Cessna escutcheon assy-lh wmac Airframe RFQ
5015019-1 Cessna channel-lwr lh Airframe RFQ
5021028-18 Cessna cover plate-wheel well wing bolt Airframe RFQ
5021502-205 Cessna cover strip-aft lh wing fairing Airframe RFQ
5021502-206 Cessna cover strip-aft rh wing fairing Airframe RFQ
5023000-5 Cessna fairing-upper lh tip tank Airframe RFQ
5023000-6 Cessna fairing-upper rh tip tank Airframe RFQ
5023001-200 Cessna fairing - aft rh Airframe RFQ
5024000-14 Cessna skin-rh Airframe RFQ
5024000-2 Cessna aileron assy-rh ( see details ) Flight-Controls RFQ
5024000-64 Cessna skin-lh Airframe RFQ
5024000-87 Cessna aileron assy-complete lh (with trim tab) Flight-Controls RFQ
5024002-7 Cessna hinge assy-aileron inboard lh Airframe RFQ
5024002-8 Cessna hinge-aileron inboard rh Airframe RFQ
5025000-8 Cessna bellcrank-lh actuator-aileron servo Airframe RFQ
5025005-16 Cessna bellcrank assy-rh Airframe RFQ
5025005-17 Cessna bellcrank assy-lh Airframe RFQ
5025005-3 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
5026005-1 Cessna strainer assy-fuel lh or rh (finger) Airframe RFQ
5026008-2 Cessna adapter assy-fuel cap fso 531-006 Airframe RFQ
5026016-7 Cessna plate assy aux fuel Airframe RFQ
5026102-3 Cessna fuel cell - lh outbd (bladder) Airframe RFQ
5026102-4 Cessna fuel cell assy-rh outbd Airframe RFQ
5026103-24 Cessna line-fuel vent lh or rh weu 0800403-1 Airframe RFQ
5026103-25 Cessna line-fuel vent lh or rh weu 0800403-2 Airframe RFQ
5041000-33 Cessna spacer Airframe RFQ
5041001-11 Cessna bellcrank assy-lh Airframe RFQ
5041001-12 Cessna bellcrank assy-rh Airframe RFQ
5041005-1 Cessna spring-downlock Airframe RFQ
5041011-1 Cessna bolt Airframe RFQ
5041012-3 Cessna link assy-strut door Airframe RFQ
5041013-3 Cessna bushing Airframe RFQ
5041023-5 Cessna hook assy-uplock rh fwd Airframe RFQ
5041023-6 Cessna hook assy-uplock rh aft Airframe RFQ
5041023-7 Cessna hook assy-uplock lh fwd Airframe RFQ
5041023-8 Cessna hook assy-uplock lh aft Airframe RFQ
5041108-2 Cessna bearing-inner weu 5141109-1 Airframe RFQ
5041112-2 Cessna spacer-extended stop Airframe RFQ
5042000-230 Cessna fork & tube assy Airframe RFQ
5042004-1 Cessna bracket-shimmy damper Airframe RFQ
5042009-2 Cessna spacer Airframe RFQ
5042012-3 Cessna gimbal Airframe RFQ
5042017-1 Cessna spacer- extend stop Airframe RFQ
0823400-157 Cessna doubler Airframe RFQ
0823411-216 Cessna nose cap assy rh with lens Airframe RFQ
0823413-3 Cessna fairing-front lh tip tank Airframe RFQ
0823413-37 Cessna fairing-lower lh Airframe RFQ
0823413-4 Cessna fairing-front rh tip tank Airframe RFQ
0825000-71 Cessna flap assy-outbd lh Flight-Controls RFQ
0825000-75 Cessna flap assy-inbd lh weu 0825000-97 Flight-Controls RFQ
0826000-30 Cessna hinge half-door Airframe RFQ
0826002-200 Cessna door-lh inbd mlg weu 0826002-211 Airframe RFQ
0826002-201 Cessna door-rh inbd mlg weu 0826002-210 Airframe RFQ
0826002-208 Cessna door assy-lh outbd Airframe RFQ
0826002-209 Cessna door assy-rh outbd Airframe RFQ
0831002-13 Cessna skin-lower rudder lh Airframe RFQ
0831002-205 Cessna fin-vertical stabilizer Flight-Controls RFQ
0831002-5 Cessna trim tab assy-rudder Flight-Controls RFQ
0831002-53 Cessna rudder (see details.) Flight-Controls RFQ
0831018-2 Cessna tip assy-rudder (fiberglass) Airframe RFQ
0831116-1 Cessna tip assy-fin (with antenna-fin tip) Airframe RFQ
0831278-7 Cessna actuator assy-aileron trim weu 0831278-11 Airframe RFQ
0831278-8 Cessna actuator assy-rudder weu 0831278-12 Airframe RFQ
0831326-17 Cessna bracket-hinge lwr Airframe RFQ
0831359-9 Cessna torque tube assy Airframe RFQ
0832141-15 Cessna rod assy-push pull Airframe RFQ
0840125-15 Cessna tube assy-aft Airframe RFQ
0841002-1 Cessna link - torque nose gear strut Airframe RFQ
0841004-1 Cessna washer thickness .063 Airframe RFQ
0841004-6 Cessna spacer Airframe RFQ
0841011-1 Cessna pin-trunnion Airframe RFQ
0841012-1 Cessna fitting assy-lubrication Airframe RFQ
0841104-3 Cessna bellcrank assy-lh Airframe RFQ
0841104-4 Cessna bellcrank assy-rh Airframe RFQ
0841106-5 Cessna bellcrank assy-idler lh Airframe RFQ
0841111-3 Cessna end fitting assy-side brace lock Airframe RFQ
0841112-2 Cessna link assy-side brace Airframe RFQ
0841113-2 Cessna scew-adjusting Airframe RFQ
0841142-1 Cessna uplock assy Airframe RFQ
0841200-15 Cessna ring-pack retainer Airframe RFQ
0841200-19 Cessna ring-lock Airframe RFQ
0841200-25 Cessna ring-lock Airframe RFQ
0841200-31 Cessna shim Airframe RFQ
0841200-60 Cessna bearing Airframe RFQ
0841200-7 Cessna plug-pin base Airframe RFQ
0841211-1 Cessna ring-pack support Airframe RFQ
0842000-35 Cessna spacer-axle weu 5842010-1 Airframe RFQ
0842000-36 Cessna tube-axle Airframe RFQ
0842000-37 Cessna bucket Airframe RFQ
0842007-2 Cessna retainer-bearing Airframe RFQ
0842405-7 Cessna barrel Airframe RFQ
0842410-2 Cessna shimmy damper assy (see details) Airframe RFQ
0842412-1 Cessna piston weu 0842412-2 Airframe RFQ
0842412-2 Cessna piston Airframe RFQ
0843500-13 Cessna tube assy-main gear door weu 5045025-1 Airframe RFQ
0843500-13 Cessna tube assy-main gear door weu 5045025-1 Airframe RFQ
0843500-28 Cessna link-upper connecting Airframe RFQ
0843500-6 Cessna link-lower bellcrank Airframe RFQ
0850475-8 Cessna filter Airframe RFQ
0850716-1 Cessna shield-manifold outbd rh engine Airframe RFQ
0851158-2 Cessna angle assy-hinge inbd lh outbd rh Airframe RFQ
0851164-204 Cessna door-nacelle side lh outboard Airframe RFQ
0851164-207 Cessna door-nacelle side rh used with air conditioning Airframe RFQ
0851738-23 Cessna door assy-baggage Airframe RFQ
0851792-10 Cessna fairing-aft outbd rh Airframe RFQ
0855042-3 Cessna plate-adapter 2 blade & 3 blade Propellers RFQ
0862100-12 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap outbd rh Airframe RFQ
0862100-13 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap outbd lh Airframe RFQ
0862100-14 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap inbd rh Airframe RFQ
0862100-15 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap inbd lh Airframe RFQ
0862100-16 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap outbd Airframe RFQ
0862100-17 Cessna bellcrank assy-flap outbd Airframe RFQ
0862100-51 Cessna rod assy-push Airframe RFQ
0862100-52 Cessna rod assy-push Airframe RFQ
0862100-53 Cessna rod assy-push Airframe RFQ
0862100-57 Cessna rod assy-connect Airframe RFQ
0862100-58 Cessna rod assy-connect Airframe RFQ
0862100-77 Cessna link Airframe RFQ
1 H37-4 Cessna valve-check lh or rh abne Airframe RFQ
0511199-20 Cessna valve-drain Airframe RFQ
2393 Cessna light assy wmac Electrical RFQ
1D1194-3 Cessna switch-pressure gda Electrical RFQ
1E15-6 Cessna solenoid - valve deice 28 v (normally closed) Electrical RFQ
1H43-15 Cessna valve-de-ice Airframe RFQ
1H43-16 Cessna valve-de-ice Airframe RFQ
1K14-8-8-8 Cessna tee lh or rh Airframe RFQ
1SE1-3 Cessna switch-gear down and locked main gear mcs Electrical RFQ
2029-4-6S Cessna tee lh or rh arqp Airframe RFQ
2682214 Cessna bowl paet Airframe RFQ
3D113 Cessna valve-fuel cell drain lh or rh aapr Airframe RFQ
476411 Cessna pump 24v Airframe RFQ
5000008-57 Cessna chain-rudder trim weu 0860175-12 (with aft cables.) Airframe RFQ
5000106-16 Cessna line assy-fuel lh or rh Airframe RFQ
476411 Cessna pump assy-fuel transfer 24v Airframe RFQ
30-28B Cleveland brake assy Airframe RFQ
340300 Commercial Aircraft Product valve-check alt for 367-00 paet Airframe RFQ
0476411 Facet pump-transfer lh or rh 24v Airframe RFQ
476411 Facet pump ecm 24v Airframe RFQ
476 284 Facet pump-heater fuel 476-284 Airframe RFQ
22A667 Globe Industries generator-tachometer lh or rh Electrical RFQ
0823362-4 Goodyear Aerospace Corp fuel cell assy-rh inbd Airframe RFQ
020-924-001 GULL AIRBORNE tank unit-main fuel gaging Airframe RFQ
020-924-002 GULL AIRBORNE tank unit-fuel quantity capacitance lh or rh Airframe RFQ
020-924-003 GULL AIRBORNE tank unit-fuel quantity lh or rh capacitance Airframe RFQ
020-924-004 GULL AIRBORNE tank unit-fuel quantity lh or rh capacitance Airframe RFQ
080-909-001 GULL AIRBORNE cable assy Airframe RFQ
360-926-001 GULL AIRBORNE signal conditioner-lh or rh Electrical RFQ
366-918-001 GULL AIRBORNE bracket-rh mid aux Airframe RFQ
366-919-01 GULL AIRBORNE bracket-lh outbd Airframe RFQ
060-0015-00 King kg-102a directional gyro with mods 1 2 3 4 & 5 Avionics RFQ
047-4298-02 King king-bracket servo Airframe RFQ
047-4301-00R1 King bellcrank-rh actuator-aileron servo Airframe RFQ
230-57-1510 MACLEOD indicator airspeed pitot static Avionics RFQ
1CH1-6 Micro Switch switch-gear safety mcs Electrical RFQ
2680234M1-13 Parker Hannifin valve assy shaw aero sada Airframe RFQ
102-0041-04 RC Allen indicator - gyro horizon Avionics RFQ
400920-1 SABRE cylinder-door operating Airframe RFQ
500900-1 SABRE snubber-forward or aft used without pneumatic extender sbrt Airframe RFQ

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