Aerospace Bearings and Their Market

Bearings are mechanical devices used to assist machinery in linear and rotational movement, friction reduction, and load support. They produce less friction than a sliding surface, and therefore enable the systems to which they are affixed to operate faster and more efficiently. Bearings are in use throughout the aerospace, civil aviation, defense, and marine sectors. Though bearings are simple parts, their importance cannot be overstated. The most commonly found bearings in the aerospace and defense industries are roller bearings, ball bearings, ball thrust bearings, screw bearings, baffle bearings, actuator bearings, and needle bearings.

Bearings of all kinds are found throughout an aircraft. In fixed-wing aircraft, surface control systems including ailerons, trim tabs, and elevators utilize bearings. Bearings are also implemented in areas such as engines, doors, landing gear, stowage bins, and thrust reversers. The most commonly used bearings in fixed-wing aircraft are actuator bearings and ball bearings. Rotary-wing aircraft such as helicopters implement bearings in the main rotor, tail rotor, landing gear, doors, and engines. This type of aircraft uses rotor bearings, pitch link bearings, swashplate slider bearings, journal bearings, as well as self-lubricating bushings.

Bearings are also used in the automotive and marine industries. Automotive systems such as water pumps, wheels, and transmissions all implement bearings. Bearing types including clutch release bearings, gearbox bearings, roller bearings, suspension bearings, strut bearings, and wheel bearings, can be found in an automobile. Marine vessels such as battleships, cruisers, tankers, cargo ships, tugs, etc, all utilize bearings specialized for marine application. These bearings need to be particularly resistant to rusting in order to withstand constant submersion in water.

In the current market, manufacturers such as Enpro Industries, National Precision Bearing, RBC Bearings, New Hampshire Ball Bearings, and Regal Beloit are among the industry leaders. The most commonly traded bearing types are currently roller and ball bearings, and the most common applications for these bearings are in landing gear, engines, flight control systems, and aircraft aerostructures such as the fuselage, wings, etc. Although bearing technology is constantly changing and evolving, one thing is certain - the need for bearings will not be gone any time soon.

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  1. Posted on December 18, 2019
  2. aviation

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