The integrated drive generator system has been around for decades and is the critical component in powering flight instruments and running your plane smoothly. It controls all of the engine hydraulic systems and ensures they operate at their peak efficiency so you can take off quickly with little or no issues. The IDG is an efficient and clean power source. It has an AC generator and constant speed drive (CSD) in one housing, making it very efficient with its energy usage.

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Anybody can appreciate the complexity of an aircraft, especially knowing that thousands of individual components work together to keep the airplane flying. Since modern airline travel is predicated on safety above all else, almost every aircraft system has a backup device in case of failure. One of the most indispensable but overlooked aircraft components is the Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU. In this blog, we will inform you on what an APU does and how it facilitates power and exhaust within jet aircraft.

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Since automobiles have mostly shifted from manual transmissions to automatic transmissions, the mechanical clutch that enabled drive shafts and driven shafts to be connected has since been replaced with more advanced technology. The torque converter is the equipment piece that replaced the clutch, coming in the form of a fluid coupling that directs rotating power from the internal combustion engine to a rotating driven load. With the use of such equipment, automobiles can now stop and speed up on demand with the press of pedals, making complex operations seem fairly simple. To fully understand how the torque converter revolutionized how automobiles and other applications function, we will discuss their design and operations.

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