Aircraft are primarily controlled by moveable surfaces fixed at the edges of their wings, and changing the position of any one of these control surfaces can create an unbalanced force or shift in the aircraft’s center of gravity, causing the aircraft to move accordingly. Generally, there are two important moveable surfaces mounted on the main wings. The pair of surfaces located near the fuselage are called flaps, while the pair situated on the leading edge of the wings are known as ailerons.

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The modern aviation industry is built upon safety and high-reliability principles. These values are supported by several actions, but most importantly, a thorough maintenance program that encompasses every part of the aircraft. With hundreds of unique systems on a standard commercial airliner, performing inspection and upkeep may seem like an overwhelming task. Still, over the years, the industry has created a systematic approach that reflects best practices. In this blog, we will explore the nuances behind aircraft door maintenance, and why these principal components are integral in maintaining passenger and vessel safety, making their preservation a salient priority.

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