Choosing a Clevis Fastener

The fastener market is diverse and ever-expanding, with consistent updates in technology creating solutions for niche applications. As engineers look to create more complex machinery, the need for specialty fasteners increases as well. In this blog, we will discuss the clevis fastener, which features an older pin and hole design merged with a fastening component. With numerous configurations of clevis fasteners and even more applications, it is critical to understand their basic design, operating principle, and several variants.

Clevis fasteners are U-shaped devices that can be manufactured and scaled to fit the needs of both large and small applications. The defining characteristic of a clevis fastener is the pin and hole system, which aids in the securement of the assembly. Although individual designs may vary slightly, it is universal for clevis fasteners to contain two adjacent holes and a pin system with a slot for a safety tang. Since the pin can be designed to fit the exact needs of the application, they are generally considered stronger than bolts based on diameter alone. An additional benefit is that clevis pins may be manufactured using any common construction metal desired, although the majority are hardened steel.

In order to gain a thorough understanding of clevis pin design and functionality, we will now explore the most common configurations available.

Clevis Hitch

Used exclusively for both automotive and marine towing purposes, clevis hitches feature a partially threaded pin to permit the addition of a bolt for extra security. Although most clevis hitches feature lunette rings as the attachment element, some are designed to be compatible with a trailer ball.

Clevis Hook

Commonly employed in commercial lifting applications, clevis hooks are available in both open and snap-lock variants. Because this design features a "U" shaped connection region, implementing them into existing assemblies is much easier than what could be achieved with a bolt. In addition, many hooks feature a nonstatic option which allows for lateral motion of the assembly, helping prevent tangles in the attached chain.

Clevis Shackle

Shackles are used extensively in professional rigging, towing, and lifting applications. Although there are several shackle designs available, none come close in popularity to the clevis shackle. In fact, many in the industry use the terms "shackle" and "clevis" synonymously. Unlike screw and bolt type securement devices, clevis pins retain durability and function even when exposed to twisting mechanisms.

Clevis Hanger

This device features "V" and "U" shaped sections which are explicitly designed to secure pipes. Conveniently placed on the "V" side of the assembly is a hole, which accepts a bolt and nut to facilitate securement.

Clevis Bracket

Common in the aerospace industry, clevis brackets are used to mount hydraulic cylinders for the purpose of actuation.

Choosing a Fastener

When choosing a clevis fastener, it is important to first determine the needs of the application to ensure the configuration is compatible. After settling upon a design, it is then time to choose the grade of steel that will be required. Another consideration is the choice between a threaded and unthreaded pin. Although threaded pins provide more stability, they are much harder to remove than their unthreaded counterparts.


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  1. Posted on June 24, 2022
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