The Responsibilities of the Cabin Crew

When getting ready to take off, most passengers are impatient to get going. They don’t realize how much work goes into preparing them for takeoff. In fact, it’s pretty mind-boggling how much work goes into preparing for a single flight. The cabin crew usually arrive 30-45 minutes before takeoff in order to organize every aspect of the flight: safety, catering, boarding, and announcements.

It’s extremely critical for the cabin crew to follow all security and cabin-crew safety control procedures. After the cleaning crew leaves the airplane, the cabin crew needs to check the toilets, alarms system, oxygen tubes, emergency kits, overhead baggage compartment, and so on. Also, the cabin team must check that all seats have seat belts, life vests, and safety instruction cards. Finally, they have to check that all areas of the airplane are free of trash and contraband items.

Once the cabin crew complete these procedures, the cabin crew will have to be have ready the catering and duty-free products. In order to ensure maximum passenger comfort, the cabin crew will have to check the stock and make sure that all dietary concerns will be properly dealt with when in-flight meals are prepared and served. A final sweep and approval from the captain beings the passenger boarding process. The cabin crew will help passengers get settled and begin the safety demonstration on how to use the oxygen masks and evacuate in the case of an emergency. Once passengers are buckled in and all trays and seats are in their proper positions, the cabin crew will let the pilot know they are ready for takeoff.

And when the plane lands and the last passenger leaves, the cabin crew will perform another safety and security check to make sure that no luggage or personal belongings are left behind and the cabin is as it was when they first boarded. Everything the cabin crew does is exact and precise with no room for error. After all, making sure that passengers fly safely and comfortably is their main priority.

  1. Posted on December 26, 2018
  2. aerospace

September 28, 2021

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