What is an APU?

Anybody can appreciate the complexity of an aircraft, especially knowing that thousands of individual components work together to keep the airplane flying. Since modern airline travel is predicated on safety above all else, almost every aircraft system has a backup device in case of failure. One of the most indispensable but overlooked aircraft components is the Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU. In this blog, we will inform you on what an APU does and how it facilitates power and exhaust within jet aircraft.

The APU is an engine that sits in the back of an aircraft. At face value, it works like any other engine on the fact that it takes in air, compresses it, mixes in fuel, and eventually ignites the mixture. The main difference is that the APU does not generate any thrust. Instead, the output created by the engine is used to power electrical systems and an air compressor. These two systems provide power to different parts of the plane. During the startup sequence, air from the APU is sent to a motor in the main engines to help get them started. Besides helping in the startup sequence, the electrical generator of the APU is used to power the cabin lights and avionic systems.

At first, it may seem counterintuitive to situate a component that lets air into the main engines so far away from such parts. The truth is, there is limited real estate near the main engines, so that space is often used to house more vital components like fuel tanks and lines. Additionally, the compressed air coming from the APU is usually high in pressure and has no problem making its way to the engines. Since the power generated by the APU is mainly used during startup, it typically remains off during the entire flight and is only activated while taxiing. The air intake for the APU is found in the back of the plane as well. When the system is engaged, panels on either end of the fuselage will retract and allow for air intake. After use, the exhaust from the APU exits through a pipe at the rear of the airplane.

Besides helping facilitate startup, APUs serve the extremely critical role of acting as backup power source in the case of generator failure. If one generator were to fail during flight, the pilot could activate the APU to compensate for the loss in power. In fact, during the famous "Miracle on the Hudson" emergency in 2009, investigators found that Captain Sullenberger's early activation of the APU proved vital in maintaining power to all systems.

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  1. Posted on October 4, 2021
  2. aerospace parts

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